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Chapter twenty nine

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Inventions (continued)


Beta reader for this chapter is Hayley


"Friday morning, in bed with two beautiful women, is a dream.' Harry thought This was their last Friday before they got married. Today there were no classes and there was no research to do. They planned to keep it that way. Hermione and Ginny wanted to have breakfast in bed again. Harry was the first one awake, but the two girls were still asleep. One of Hermione's legs lay over his legs, her arm resting on his chest, while one of Ginny's legs rested on his feet, her arm around his throat. Hermione stirred. She always awoke when he was awake.

The strange part of the curse was that while he and Hermione had a very strong connection, his connection with Ginny was weaker. He could feel her moods when he saw her, but he could not feel her as he could Hermione. Harry thought back to the dances he had had with Hermione in July, when their magics were merging. This had not repeated itself, and had never happened with Ginny. Was it going to happen a second time, or would it always be like this? He felt himself much more aroused than ever before, even after just looking at one of the girls his arousal was growing. He had serious problems with his jeans, because when he was aroused, his jeans were much too tight and became even painful. He knew for sure that Hermione and Ginny noticed this, but they never teased him about it.

"Harry, are you alright" Hermione asked worried.

Harry smiled to her. "I am really alright, but I have a morning disease, you know. I got that since I started to sleep with you and later Ginny, and it becomes worse by the day. "

Hermione smiled shrewdly. "What disease are you talking about? Maybe you mean one of your many fingers. "

"Something similar, but it becomes a problem for me. When you walk in front of me wearing jeans, or you bend over, or simply be yourself, I feel terribly aroused. "

"Ah, that means you need to be released, Harry. I don't think that is a problem, shall I wake Ginny and we can do it together? "

"Eh, Hermione, what do you mean? "

"You know, we can make love with you one after the other, or we make love with you at the same time. What ever you prefer? "

"Eh, you ... you know, I'm ... eh ... not sure. We never did it all together. "

Hermione woke Ginny up by kissing her straight on her lips. Ginny woke up with a smile on her face, expecting Harry to be kissing her so softly. She was surprised to find it was Hermione kissing her.

Harry's warm hands were running smoothly across Hermione and Ginny's back. Hermione could not help the goosebumps that sprouted up all over her body. He sent chills through her. He chuckled as he ran his fingers over her prickling flesh, knowing he was the one making her body react that way.

Ginny's hands seemed to have minds of their own as they roamed over the plains of Harry's back, chest, arms and butt. Ginny wanted him more than anything and the feeling was mutual judging from the impressive bulge in his sheets. "You are beautiful, Ginny and Hermione. " His breath was so warm on her ear; she wondered what it would feel like elsewhere on her body. Before she could think that thought any further, he was answering that query. His mouth ... lips ... tongue ... nipple.

Hermione could feel him pressed into her stomach, while he was sucking Ginny's nipples. He was deliciously hot and hard against her. Hermione wanted to touch him, taste him.

"Please, Harry. I want to taste you", Hermione said. She knelt between his legs, running her fingers lightly over his thighs, reveling in the shudders and goosebumps she was eliciting from him. She found herself staring at the gorgeous specimen of manhood standing proudly in front of her. There was no possible way that she could take all of him in her mouth, but who was she not to try? She heard a gasp from him as she ran her tongue over the moist tip, tasting the little droplet there. God, he tasted good.

That one little taste put her into frenzy. She wanted to devour him, make him scream her name. She wanted to taste him fully. She took as much as she could into her mouth and he moaned loudly. She could feel his fingers wrapping themselves in her hair and she smiled inwardly; she knew she was good at this. Harry was calling her name as she brought him closer to the edge. Her mouth and hands worked up and down his erection smoothly. She gently cupped his balls and massaged lightly and his body jerked from the sensation, which almost made her lose the contact her mouth had with him. She gently trailed a finger over his perineum and he tensed, calling her name again. Two more long strokes and she was busily swallowing his seed. Not too salty, rather sweet. She could get used to that very easily.

Harry took an erect nipple from Ginny into his warm mouth. The sensations he was causing were amazing. Ginny's skin was on fire and he was the only thing that could contain that fire. She must have unconsciously spread her legs, because his head was now settled between her thighs, kissing down her chest and stomach. Who would have known how erotic the belly button could be? She never would have thought it. In an instant, his lips were on her center, kissing her most intimate place. When his tongue darted out to tease her clit, she moaned his name and gripped the sheets tightly. After what seemed like hours, her hands were aching from the firm grip she had on the bed sheets, her legs were trembling in arousal, and her voice was raspy from screaming Harry's name into the morning.

Hermione let her hand venture to his penis again and after stroking him lightly, she guided him into her. The heat coming from him was amazing. The energy that was flowing through the two of them was overwhelming. He leaned down and kissed her as he pushed himself slowly into her, burying himself to the hilt. She gasped ... He was big. She felt full, complete. The tempo was slow and sure with long intoxicating strokes. She was in heaven.

"We were definitely made for each other; we fit together perfectly. We can read the other's moves before they are made," she thinks thought to herself.

They rocked together for what seemed like hours. Time seemed to stand still, which was fine with her. She could stay like this for the rest of her life.

Harry was showering her with kisses all over her face, neck, and chest. He started whispering in her ear and she lost all control. "Let it go, Harry. Come for me. Oh Merlin. If she thought the last one was big, it had nothing on this climax. She pulled him closer to her, wrapping her legs around his waist. He could feel her muscles contracting around him and before she knew it, he had joined her in her oblivion. She could feel him throbbing inside her, releasing the product of an intense orgasm of his own. Finally, after a few moments, he collapsed atop her, and she reveled in the peace she felt. She groaned at the loss of him inside her when he rolled to lie beside her. His hands caressed her as he looked deeply into her eyes. She could see the love there, the trust, the yearning, the joy. She hoped he could see the same reflected in hers. He kissed her lightly and whispered against her lips, "You are amazing."

Harry pulled Ginny closer to him and covered her lips with his. She tasted wonderful and felt even better. She was warm and the feel of her naked skin against his shot a surge of arousal to his groin and a rush of love to his heart. His chest was aching with the love he felt right now for the woman in his arms.

Ginny pulled herself up so she was half laying on him. A slight moan escaped from the back of her throat and he was lost. All he could feel was her - Her body, her skin, her lips, her tongue. Hmmmm. He could definitely get used to this. After a few moments, she pulled away from his lips and straddled his waist. Her moist center was rubbing over the length of his erection. Oh damn, she was so hot. Her face was etched with pleasure. Her yes were burning into his with such intensity. He loved her. He honestly, truly, deeply loved these women. He would gladly give her everything her heart desired if she could just look at him this way everyday.

His hands lifted her hips so that he was positioned at her entrance. Before he could help her down, she dropped and he was sheathed in her warmth. They both moaned at the sensation and he decided that this was where he wanted to be all day long. He could not care less about the outside world, as long as he could make love to Ginny and Hermione. His body was tingling everywhere her soft hands touch - his side, his chest, his face, and his arms. It felt like she was touching all those places at once.

He grabbed her hips again and rocked her against his pubic bone. God, he loved the way she sounded. The little mewls and moans were driving him closer to ... Oh ... Oh ... He could feel her orgasm starting as she squeezed him tighter. Her moans were louder and she called his name. It sounded wonderful coming from her lips. "Oh ... Harry!" she screamed as she threw her head back and bucked against him, her body shuddering with her release. The intensity of the beauty before him, and the joy he felt at knowing he did that to her, caused him to follow her into bliss. He breathed her name as his body lets go. He had never had such intense orgasms before. She was a goddess. She was lying on top of him and he wrapped her tightly in his arms. With a light kiss to her forehead he whispered, "I love you. I always have."

The trio lay exhausted on the bed. "How are your urges now, Harry? "


"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said oomph"

"You mean that you don't have them anymore? "

"At them moment I don't have them anymore, no. "

"Good. "

"Pity! ..."

"What about breakfast. I am starving ..."

Hermione waved her hand and breakfast appeared on their bed.

"The house elves are doing their utter absolute best. "

"They are the best, aren't they? "

"What would you like to eat today, Hermione? " Ginny asked.

"I would like to eat eggs, bacon and toast this morning, and of course coffee, thank you."

"And what would you like to eat, Harry? "

"I'd love to eat you both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "

"Do you like us with or without dressing? "

"I like to eat you without dressing, pure and naked. "

"Do you also wave your hand also when you want us to appear in your bed? "

"No need, both of you isalways with me. " Harry smiled.

"The 7th year Gryffindors made some good pranks. " Hermione said, after a moment.

"What did they do? "

"They charmed the Slytherin's food."

"What happened? "

"When the Slytherins started to eat, they had urges to burp the whole day. "

"So what is new? "

"What do you mean with what is new? "

"When they speak, it sounds like burping to me. "

"That, Harry sounds like generalization to me. " Hermione scolded.

"Yes, Hermione, do you know what we are going to do today? "

"Yes, I have a good idea. Let us pack everything, so we are finished tomorrow very fast and we can spend all our time in preparing for the wedding. "

"Oh I forgot. Harry? "

"Yes Ginny? "

"You are not allowed to see us tomorrow. That means that you sleep on the couch tonight. "

"You are joking! "

"No, I am not. Hermione, am I joking? "

"No, you are not joking. He is not allowed to see us. "

For some moments, everyone was quiet.

"What happens when I close my eyes and slip in our bed tonight? "

"Can you see then? "

"No, I can't see anything when I am blindfolded. "

"That sounds like a plan. Tonight we blindfold you before you go to bed. "

"You are also not allowed to see us tomorrow morning. "

"That is OK. You girls are moving all the stuff to Potter's castle then. I will sit with Professor Snape. "

"How about you move the stuff, and we will sit with Professor Snape."

"Well, if you want to have a nice wedding with all of our stuff, I suggest that you girls organize the moving."

"Ha! Ha!"

"Do you have plans for the stag party tonight, Harry? "

"Stag night? ... No I haven't. "

"We do"

"You do? With whom do you have the stag night? "

"We don't have a stag night, but a hen party. "

"With whom do you have the hen party? "

"Mrs. Weasley, Professors McGonagall, Sinistra, Vector, Sprout, Lavender, Parvati, Padma, Katie, Karen and Susan. "

"You have organized a hen's party, while I haven't even thought about my stag party. Are you going somewhere? "

"We can't, because we can't be far from you. So we decided to have the hen party in the room next to you. "

"But Sirius has something organized for you. He arrives at four pm this afternoon. He invited several people for your stag night, the room next to us. "

"Do you know who he has invited? "

"Yes, I know. He invited Professors Flitwick, Snape, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dean, Seamus, Neville, and the rest of the Weasley clan for your stag night. "

"Harry, are you aware that you need to carry us over the doorway of the bedroom after we are married? "

"Oh yes? "

"Yes, we insist. "

"OK. "

"What about your wedding dresses? "

"We have managed. "

"What color? "

"We can't say? "

"Why not? "

"It is the tradition. "


"That associates with fairies and said to foretell a change into clothes of mourning"


"Neither brown. "Not brown, either."

"I am happy I do not need to wear a kilt. "

"But you have nice legs. " Ginny smirked.

"Do you want to let other women look at my legs? "

"No, that is not a good idea. I am so jealous. " Ginny said.

"Mrs. Weasley might look at your legs. " Hermione suggested.

"Girls, stop! You make me crazy. "

"Is Colin taking the pictures "

"Yes, he will, together with a professional photographer. "

"Let's start packing all our stuff. "

"Yeah, let's go. "

At four-thirty, the door from the lab opened. "Sirius! You're here at last. I am being harassed by the girls and they are going to have a hen party tonight, while I have my stag party with only you. "

Sirius laughed. "Well Harry, there were some problems we need to discuss with you. "

"What problems? "

"Well, the first problem is that damn horse. I sent you the wrong photograph or better the horse died on me. "

"What! What happened? "

"Well, we had the right horse, but horses don't like to be levitated around, so she panicked and broke her neck. "

"Are you trying to tell me that you don't have a horse?"

"Yes, I have, but George and Fred helped. When they left, the horse we found as a replacement turned out to be blue and green! "


Harry started to become upset. "We got the horse from Potter Castle's stables, but she is sick, spitting and throwing up. According the Muggle animal doctor, the horse is seasick. "

"How can a horse become seasick, in Merlin's name? "

"By being levitated."

"Is the horse still alive? "

"Well, yes, when I left the stables the horse was still alive. "

"Do you think that the horse will still be alive tomorrow evening? "

"I hope so." Sirius said, in a calculating manner.

"It had better be, because your life depends on the life of the horse." Harry threatened. " What ever; make sure that Hermione sees the horse before it dies. ... you said blue and green? "

"Yes, according Fred the color will go away after a day. "

"Oh shit. How could you let the twins get close to the horse? "

"Well, they were the ones who were helping me. "

"Did they kill the previous horse? "

"Not exactly, but they were levitating the first one. "

"What did they do with it? Did they let it turn around? "

"That is exactly what they did, only twenty feet above the ground in vertical and horizontal circles. "

"When I see them, I will kill them. "

"Her name is still Flash, is it not?"

"No, it is Iliac"

"What a strange name for a horse. Rename her to Flash and tell Hermione tomorrow that the photo had the wrong color. I am not going to tell her. "

"Yes, Harry, I will tell her."

"Are there any more problems? "

"Yes, there is only one problem left. I ordered a striptease for the stag party. But the striptease turned out to be a rebuild man. "

"Rebuild man ... What do you mean - a rebuild man? ..."

"Stripper would work better in this context - a stripper generally performs a strip tease, a nice girl with long black hair, and she was really good. We all went to check up on her. We talked with her manager and hired her for your stag party. She arrived at the Potter's castle this afternoon, and as you know, we have anti-muggle wards around the castle. When they arrived at the castle, the stripper started to scream. Only, she was not screaming like a woman, but like man. She - or he - was cursing like a sailor, and it was disgusting. When we checked on her or him, we discovered that she was one of those men who dress like a womanand was operated to have a body like a woman. We were forced to send him or her away and now we have nothing for tonight. "

"Harry looked at Sirius. " You are joking, aren't you? "

"No, I wish I was, but I am not joking. "

"Well, at least you guys had fun. "

"Fun with a dead horse and a homosexual ... I don't think so, but the twins did. Bill did not have fun, because he was kissing the stripper before they found out! He is a bit depressed and disgusted; he spent the whole afternoon spitting on the ground, wherever he walkedHe is drunk now. Oh yes, Dean is also drunk. "

"What happened with Dean? "

"He kissed the stripper too, a very long and deep kiss, in front of everybody."

"This promises to become a very nice stag party tonight. ... A striptease with all the professors? "

"Well, the last time we did the same, and Dumbledore enjoyed the striptease a lot. "

"He did, did he? Well, this time he has nothing. "

Sirius smiled apologizing. "Well, next time we'll try and do better." Sirius smiled apologetically.

Harry shook his head, mumbling something.

"Did you say something, Harry?"

"You were all drunk when you picked up the stripper? "

"Yes, we were. "

"And you took the students with you? "

"They were drunk after one glass of fire whiskey! "

"Sirius! How could you? "

"We made tookphotos, because Colin went with us as well. "

"I don't want to know any more. You can help me to drag these boxes to the castle. "

Harry was waiting for the closed bedroom door to open. "Hermione, please be fast, because I am cold! "

The door slowly opened and Ginny looked to Harry. She was dressed in very seductive black satin, a pair of tight pants and a black top. She had a piece of black fabric in her hand. "Harry, you know that you need to be blindfolded, right? "

"Yes, I know. "

He turned around and Ginny blindfolded him. They went in to the bedroom and she led him to the bed. He dropped like a stone on the bed and got under the blankets.

"How was your stag party, Harry? "

"Unbelievably strange, but I think it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. "

"What do you mean? "

Harry told them about the striptease, and the girls were doubled over with laughter. "Tell us more"

"Well, Sirius took your horse, Hermione. But there was a small problem with the horse, and she died. So Sirius went back for another horse. I learned at the party, that he got five horses with the deal. One horse he put at the Potter's castle and the other four horses were at the stag party. "


"No, not Sirius; the horse died because of sea sickness. "

"I don't believe a word of what you say. "

"It got better when Snape tried to dance with one of the horses. That was a funny sight. And Remus was trying to sit on a horse and he broke his foot. And Dean was depressed yesterday, because he kissed the stripperwho turned out to be a man, and Bill the same. They sat the whole evening with each other and the only thing that they did was drinking more fire whiskey. At the end, they fell asleep in each other arms, also disgusting but extremely funny. Colin was not drunk and he made took photos of all of them.

Oh yes, Sirius got drunk by not drinking from a glass, but from a basket with beer. He fell in the basket, and Neville closed the cover. When we at last started to look for Sirius, we found him very drunk in the basket. Most of the beer was gone and what was left was spoiled. There was also some music,but Seamus fell in love with the lead singer of the band, and he started to chase her. He fell off his chair, trying to catch her after she climbed the curtains, but he fell and broke his leg. He's in the Hospital Wing now. Justin Dorenbourgh had more fun; he tried to teach Professor Dumbledore the humpapa dance, which is a native dance from Belgium. That was pretty much the whole evening." How was your hen party? "

"Only one word: gossip. "

"But it was fun "

There was a loud knocking on the door. All three of them looked at the door, startled. "Who is knocking on our door? "

Harry walked slowly to the door and opened itand then he saw Batum the house elf waiting. "Harry Potter Sir, Professor Dumbledore wants to speak to you immediately, Sir!"

With a plop, he disappeared from view.


Beta reader for this chapter is Hayley
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