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Give It A Go...

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"What does that actually taste like, Sanji?" Luffy finds out the hard way.

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Disclaimer I do not own One Piece. :)
To save my own ass I do not endorse smoking in anyway. Though I, like many, do enjoy the occasional light up. :P

The sun melted into the horizon as the moon was just visible from the opposite side of the ship. The sails created looming shadows against the orange of the wood, which radiated with warmth.

The few remnants of food and crockery were scattered on the deck. The Straw Hat pirates sat around a large crate of rum, each sporting a bemused look on their faces.

Sanji reached for another cigarette, Luffy watching him. "What does that actually taste like, Sanji?"

Sanji inhaled as he lit the tobacco. "You wouldn't like it," he stated as he blew out a cloud of smoke. "It's got a very distinctive taste."

Luffy pulled a face, the kind of face a child pulls when they're told No more ice cream/, or /We have to go home now.

Nami took another gulp of her rum, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "No, you wouldn't like it, Luffy. It burns your throat, and leaves your tongue feeling fluffy."

Sanji turned to look at Nami, shortly followed by Usopp who stared with disbelief. "You've smoked, Nami-san? A woman with your beautiful appearance shouldn't burden it with cigarettes." She laughed as she finished off the rum.

"I only did it a few times. Nojiko used to steal them from Bellemere and we'd smoke them on the beach. I hated it, but did it so Nojiko wouldn't laugh at me." Luffy looked at her in awe, his mouth curling into a smile.

Usopp looked from Luffy to Nami and puffed out his chest. "Well, before I joined this crew, I used to smoke all the time!" Luffy's eyes widened as his neck rotated to face Usopp.

"REALLY?!" Luffy stared in adoration as Usopp beamed, loving the attention.

"Really? Well," Sanji pulled out another cigarette and handed it to Usopp, "one more wont hurt." Usopp gulped. He kept a brave face in front of his captain, placing the stick between his lips - backwards. Sanji raised an eyebrow, the look of scepticism spread across his face.

"Oops," Usopp turned it around and rooted around in his satchel for a match. "Aww, I'm out. I'll have to do it late-.." Sanji handed him a box of matches.

The sharpshooter raised the match to his lips, holding the flame to the tip. Luffy took a breath. Usopp shut his eyes, tightly.

Nothing happened. Usopp's eyes were still shut, and Luffy was still sparkling at the sight of it all.

"Oi, Usopp. You have to suck in." Zoro perked up from the sidelines, causing a sideways glance from Nami.

"Zoro, you seem to know your stuff." The swordsman shrugged. He swung his legs around to sit up properly, and grabbed another bottle of grog.

"Who hasn't? It's no big deal anyway." He held his head back, looking at the now purple sky.

"I don't believe you, Zoro. You're not cool enough!" Luffy laughed, looking over to the now choking Usopp. He grinned, cigarette tightened between his teeth, his eyes streaming and blood shot.

"Yeah, Marimo. Prove it. Or at least take that one off Usopp, before he chokes on us." Zoro grabbed the cig from Usopp, whose eyes were still streaming, he gasped for air.

Zoro held the cigarette to his lips, and took a long breath. He shut his eyes as he inhaled, savouring the flavour. He pulled the cig away and blew the smoke from his mouth slowly.

Luffy's jaw dropped. "MY TURN, ZOROO~~!" Zoro passed the cigarette to Luffy; taking care he took hold of it properly. Luffy put the orange end in his mouth and sucked in the smoke. Coughing and spluttering, Luffy spat the cigarette into the floor, holding his throat.

Sanji laughed and took another cigarette from the box. "I told you you wouldn't like it." He lit that one and stood up, rolling his sleeves up around his elbows. "The dishes won't wash themselves. Marimo, you can dry for taking up so much of that cigarette."

Zoro used Luffy as a prop to push himself up, mumbling curse words at Sanji as he stomped towards the galley.

Still grabbing at his throat, Luffy ran after them, shouting for water. Usopp followed shortly after; shouting for ice cream instead.

Nami stretched out her legs on the deck, and looked back towards the galley door. Watching it slam shut, she leant forward and picked up the half-used, still lit cigarette from the floor. She put it to her lips and inhaled its tobacco flavour. The smoky sensation flooding her mouth as she took another breath in.

Leaning back on her hands, she blew the smoke into the sky; it mingled with her hair and disappeared into the night. Nami stubbed out the tab on the wood and flicked it into the ocean.

Licking the remaining taste of smoke from her bottom lip, she strolled back inside to solve any probable arguments that had arisen.

She knew where Sanji's secret stash of cigarettes was, anyway.
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