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Damn ebay.

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You scanned through the text not really reading but not wanting to leave the safety that being on the computer offered you. You scrolled down through yet another 'I met Gerard Way and we fell in love straight away' story, shaking your head at the grammar and the plot line. Then you saw the advertisement at the bottom of the page.
Find Gerard Way on ebay.
Buy Gerard Way on ebay.

You grinned to yourself and clicked on it, not expecting to see any search results. And then gasped as it did.
Description of item: THE Gerard Way. Real item. The person.
Price: 1.99
P+P: £0.00

You grinned to yourself. Like hell was it the real Gerard Way. Then you clicked bid now, because hey, it was your parent's account and you were bored. Then came the email seconds later.
Your bid has been accepted.
You have won Gerard Way.
He will be despatched in the next few days

Which left you wondering whether you had just bought Gerard Arthur Way complete with feelings and black hair for £1.99. And what the heck you were going to do...


An: Guys this is just an idea I had so enjoy. Any idea's gratefully accepted.

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