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A moment a memory.

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I stood in my bedroom, leaning against the glass door that led to the little balcony over looking the garden. The night was dark with the exception of the occasional spark of lightening. The rain pounded against the glass, running down in little rivulets. The glass was cold, I could feel it through the think silk of my robe. Thunder boomed loud in the distance, the door vibrated. I pressed my body against the coolness, felt a shiver tingle down my spine, my nipples hardening slightly.

The flowers in the garden below swayed in the wind. It was past two in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I had been dreaming some erotic dream. Being touched by unseen hands. Being brought to climax by someone I couldn't see. I closed my eyes and could still feel the rough texture of those hands on my skin, could feel the fingers entering me. The dream had been very real, I woke up wet, panting.

I stared at the rain and the flowers. Everything so dark. No noise except the rain and the thunder. That's when I saw him, silhouetted in the pale glow of the lightening. He was standing under the big oak tree, leaning casually against the trunk. I jumped back, startled by the site of him. My hand instinctively clutched my robe at my chest. Then all was dark again.

Slowly I leaned back against the glass, staring hard at the tree. I strained to see, but my eyes were having trouble adjusting to the darkness. But yes, there he was, unmoved. My heart pounded. He was staring back at me, a small smile on his lips. I could see he had black hair, falling into his eyes slightly. Those eyes, they were dark. He wore well fitting faded jeans and a black t-shirt. His lips were full and I found myself staring at them.

It seemed as though I knew him, knew him on some intimate level. But at the same time I knew I had never seen him.

I knew I should call the police. There was a strange man standing in my garden! Staring at me with a little boy grin. But I couldn't move, I could only stare back, intrigued. Another flash of lightening lit the sky...I blinked...and he was gone. I pressed closer to the glass, scanned the garden, but he was gone.

Now, my home is completely surrounded by a 6 foot wrought iron fence. And inside this fence is a 130 pound, extremiley proud and visious Airdale Terrier (though he's really sweet, kinda). People can't just come and go that easily. Slowly I opened the door and stepped out on the balcony. The rain was like tiny needles of ice. It took my breath away as it pelted my skin. I walked to the railing and looked down. Jasper was asleep on the porch below. Butterflies didn't make it inside the gate without a warning, much less a full grown man.

Maybe I had imagined it, maybe he had been a trick of the light and my mind, after all I have a great imagination. The rain was coming down harder, the thin silk robe clung to me. I stepped back inside and peeled it off. Locking the door behind me, I went to the bathroom for a towel. Once dry, I climbed back into bed, naked. It wasn't long before I was deep in sleep.

The next morning I woke to bright sunshine streaming in. As I laid there, I decided I had definitely imagined the whole thing.

The day sped on with complete normalcy. Work, grocery shopping, home. I checked my messages. Nothing important. A last minute meeting scheduled for the morning, a quick hello from my mother. I put the groceries away, grabbed a leash and took Jasper for his walk.

The Garden District is beautiful in the Spring. Flowers blooming everywhere, green lawns behind the fences. Jassper and I had walked this path hundreds of times. I knew my neighbors, by face if not by name. Of course there were always tourists, but they were easy to spot.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were on their porch. They had to be the sweetest old couple on Earth. Married 60 years and if you walked by on the second Saturday of the month, you could hear them getting it on. I waved at them and they smiled, waved back.

That's when I saw him. Leaning against the lamp post at the corner of the block. He was watching me, that impish grin on his face. A tourist couple waked right past him, but didn't even glance in his direction, as though they didn't see him. I slowed my pace a bit. Jasper tugged at the leash, impatient with this change in our routine. Surely this was not the same man I had seen in my garden last night. That had been my imagination, right?

As I got closer, I could make out his features a little better. He was definitely handsome in a dangerous sort of way. His eyes were a beautiful warm brown gold color ringed with silver (which was really strange). His skin was a beautifully smooth olive color, and his lips were full and enticing. I had that feeling of familiarity again.

He continued to blatantly stare at me, his eyes casually scanning my body. I suddenly felt self-conscious in my shorts and tank top. As we approached him, Jasper didn't even seem to notice him. I wondered for a moment if I was going crazy. But he was really there. I was almost close enough to touch him.

"Please do." he smiled as he spoke. A full smile that made him appear all the more an imp. His voice was rich and masculine and seemed to vibrate around me.

"Please do what?" I asked.

"Touch me." He answered, never moving from his casual stance against the pole. "After all, I enjoyed touching you last night."

"Look mister, I was alone last night. I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but..." I couldn't think. How had he read my thoughts like that?

"But what?"

"But Jasper is a trained attack dog."

"I'm sure he is." He stepped forward and looked directly at Jasper. Jasper looked at him for the first time, and although his fur stood on end, he actually took a few steps back. Now I was really speechless.

"Now then. Where were we?" He stepped towards me, I found myself staring at his mouth. Full and sensual. I couldn't stop staring at it.

"I've been waiting for you."

"Waiting for me? You don't even know me."

"Oh, but I do. And you've been waiting for me, too."

"You're crazy." I tried to laugh but the sound caught in my throat. I didn't know whether to be afraid or angry. All I could really feel was excited.

"Last night I used my fingers. Shall I use my mouth tonight?" And with that he was gone. I looked wildly around, but the streets were deserted. The light was fading. I hurried home, locked the door behind me and turned on all the lights in the house.

I must be going out of my mind. Some phantom man reading my thoughts. I went upstairs to the bathroom, turned the water on in the shower and undressed. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I stepped into the shower. Long dark curly hair, blue eyes, large breasts.

The water was hot against my skin. I washed my hair with fragrant shampoo, breathing in deep the toxic scent. After rinsing I took the bottle of body wash and squeezed a generous amount into my hand. I rubbed it onto my arms and legs, massaged the rich lather over my tits. I couldn't get the strange man out of my mind. I imagined what his hands would feel like on my skin. I worked the soap down my belly in slow circles, rubbed it between my legs.

I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall. The tile was cool in contrast to the hot water spraying against my chest, my nipples erect. I could see his lips, curled in that dangerous smile. My fingers circled my clit, ran between my smoothly shaven lips. I could feel the warmth of arousal spreading as I imagined him kissing me.

The sound of Jasper barking had my eyes shooting open. I rinsed quickly and wrapped a towel around me. I rushed into the bedroom. The doors to the balcony were wide open, although I know they had been closed before my shower. I stepped out on the balcony into the purple of twilight. The sky was clear and dotted with a thousand stars.

I looked down to see Jasper growling at the oak tree. A cool breeze enveloped me. I could smell the honeysuckle and jasmine from the garden. My hair was wet against my shoulders, a tangle of darks waves, heavy with water.

"Naughty girl getting started without me." His voice was smooth, teasing. Now I could see him standing there. He spoke softly to Jasper, who sat at his feet without a sound.

"I don't know who you are..."

"Yes, you do."

"I'm calling the police." I turned for the phone, stepped back into the bedroom.

"Stop." His voice was low, demanding, and very close. I turned to see him standing on the balcony. I was frozen with fear.

"Don't be afraid."

"Who are you?" I whispered.

"Peter." He answered, amusement in his voice, mischief dancing in his dark eyes. He grinned at me. His once NORMAL pearly white teeth were coated in blood and pointy. Like a vampire's.

I couldn't speak, couldn't move as he came towards me. My heart was pounding, my pulse racing. The fear was subsiding, replaced by undeniable desire. He was close now, close enough for me to feel his breath on my face. He put his hands on my cheeks. They were warm and just a little rough. He looked directly into my eyes, but this time I didn't see amusement or mischief. Those deep brown eyes ringed by silver were full of lust.

My breath was coming fast and shallow. He moved closer, his lips barely brushed mine as he continued to look into my eyes. That simple touch was electric. He ran his tongue slowly over my bottom lip, gently nipped it with his teeth, then repeated with the top. My body was beginning to tremble. My left hand clutched the towel around me, my right limp at my side. My mouth opened as he slid his tongue inside, his eyes closing.

My mind was racing. What was happening to me? Who was this man? Peter, I heard him say. His kiss deepened, wiped all thought from my mind. He tasted amazing, hot and sweet. His lips pressed harder against mine. He took his right hand and gently took the towel out of my grasp, it fell at our feet. The cool night air swirled around me as his left hand slid around and fisted in my hair.

His right hand ran slowly up my side leaving a trail of fire in its wake. The back of his hand brushed my breast, sending a wave of electricity through me. I couldn't breathe. His kiss became more insistent. I could feel him pushing me back. And then I felt the bed against my legs. I pressed myself against him, could feel him hard against my thigh.

"Lay down." I heard him whisper, but he was still kissing me. I listened, felt the quilt beneath me, him above me. Again he bit my lip, pulled back to look down at me. His smile returned as he bent his head and kissed my chin, down my neck. He had my tits in his hands, rolled my left nipple as he kissed the right. I gasped as sensation rippled through me.

His hands were hot against my skin, I arched towards him. His tongue flicked each nipple in turn, then sucked gently. He trailed kisses down my stomach as his hands pressed against my thighs. My legs opened. His hand lightly rubbed my thigh as he got closer and closer. I could feel his hot breath against the skin of my puss. His finger grazed my lips, dipped between. I spread my legs open wider, pushed my hips to him. Then his tongue trailed behind his finger, pushed deeper, found my clit.

My hands fisted in the quilt as he moved his tongue in slow circles. His fingers spread me apart, I felt one slip inside. My hips rocked against him. His tongue never lost the excruciatingly slow rhythm as his finger moved faster in and out. I could hear myself moan as the tension built. His tongue was driving me crazy with that deliberate slowness.

My right hand fisted in his hair as he slid another finger inside. His fingers plunged deeper inside of my wet slit. Hard and fast they moved, my hips riding them.

My whole body was on fire as I felt the first waves of orgasm. I could feel his hands everywhere, on my thighs opening my legs wider, mercilessly pounding deep inside of me, pinching my nipples. I knew this couldn't be, he only had two hands, but the sensations were so intense, every inch of me was on fire. And then I couldn't think at all, just feel.

My muscles tightened on his fingers as I screamed. He drove his fingers in harder as I came, his tongue still slowly circling my clit. As my body went limp he spread my lips wide apart and licked the juices trickling from my hole.

I felt the bed shift as he stood up. I couldn't open my eyes, couldn't move my arms or legs. I could hear nothing but my own heavy breathing.

Finally my eyes fluttered open. He wasn't there. I scanned the room, but I was alone. Little ripples of excitement were still rolling through me as I propped myself up on the bed. I couldn't have imagined something like that. Nobody had ever made feel pleasure so intensely...but I was completely alone.
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