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Chapter 10

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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First day of tour practice- Monday-1 Month until first tour date

Annette stood at the front of the room while the last few stragglers wandered in to the morning meeting. She tapped her finger on the microphone to get everyone's attention and pointed to each section of the room, " crew, please move into your section." She stepped back and watched as the whole group started to sort themselves out into sections, as a company they had learned the hard way from the first tour on how to set up their system to prepare for the first show.

As everyone settled in again a few people attempted to raise their hands, "Excuse me?" A guy from the crew section raised his hand.

Annette waved him off, "For the next hour you do not talk; there will be plenty of time for questions later. Alright there are boxes being handed to the first person in each section, they are in alphabetical order the packet contains a few things you'll need during the tour. There are three vital items inside this packet, first is your paperwork it must be filled out and back in to me today. Second is your schedule, if you are early: you're on time...if you're on time: you're late...and if you're late: don't even bother showing up. Last is your Treo," she held up her Palm Treo cell phone. "This is your life right here, it has numbers from everyone on tour, only the band and singers have Mr. Mulhliem's number and that is how it will stay. This has everything loaded on it down to travel times and costume sizes; you are responsible for this like it is your life. If any information from this is leaked you will be automatically terminated."

Meg started to play with her phone while her Aunt continued to go on about the importance of protecting all information they were given. If there was one thing Meg was good at besides dancing was technology; cell phones, computers you name it she was proficient at it all. She scrolled down to Christine's name and selected text messaging. ~Hey! Woo Hoo free phones! ~ She smiled and hit the send button.

Christine was looking through the paperwork in her packet when she heard a noise in her envelope, she pulled out her phone and tapped the screen, a message popped up on her screen and she started laughing. It was a message from Meg, already abusing her new toy. ~You are terrible! Did you see the schedule? 7am till 9pm! ~ She glanced up at Meg's aunt and sighed this was going to be a long day. Christine pressed the send button then turned the sound off on her phone; Madame Giry kept giving the evil eye in the direction of everyone whose phone made any sound.

Meg smiled as her phone started to vibrate; she had a chuckle at her message. She sat forward and looked at Christine then her eyes went wide, Raoul was sitting behind her. ~Oh my God! Look behind you, that is the guy I've been seeing. ~

Christine's group was getting ready to head to the recording studio; Madame Giry had excused their group first. Christine's phone shook with the reception of a new message, as everyone was getting up she read her message and turned around quickly to get a view of Meg's new squeeze. She stood up and started to follow the other singers and Erik's band members, as she was walking out the door she sent a quick message ~Total hottie! No wonder you've been pullin' late nights! See you tonight! ~

Christine followed the rest of the group towards the recording area at the back of Erik's estate, as they all moved into the room she started to get excited at the prospect of seeing Erik again.

The group settled in just as Nick stormed in the room, "Alright here is the deal Erik's not going to be joining us for a few days." At the groans and moans from his band Nick put up his hand, "I know...but we have plenty of work to do until he returns from his trip so back into the studio, and ladies the voice coach will be here in twenty minutes. Until she gets here my lovely assistant Lara will be taking your measurements so we can prepare your wardrobe for the tour. Thanks everyone!"

Just as quickly as he came into the room he was gone again, leaving the singers with Lara. Christine had to admit she was in a state of shock; everything was so fast paced, it was something she'd never imagined or experienced before. A little part of her was disappointed that Erik wasn't going to be joining them any time soon and with the gruesome schedule planned over the next few weeks she wasn't likely to have any more 'run-ins' with him either. 'Here we go,' she sighed as Nick's assistant started to approach her holding a seamstress measuring tape.

~Later that night~

Meg managed to stumble her way back to her room after almost eleven hours of practice, today had been the most difficult thing she'd ever done as a performer. As she collapsed on the bed the door creaked open again to show an equally exhausted Christine. Meg winced while sliding her dancing shoes off, she giggled as Christine dropped face first onto her bed, "Hey you."

Christine could hardly keep her eyes open let alone make anything vocalize out of her strained vocal cords. The voice coach had been ruthless and unforgiving all day complaining that a month wasn't long enough to prepare them to sing on stage. 'Won't carry past the foot lights,' was practically the only phrase she repeated over and over again. Never one to be put down, Christine attempted to prove her wrong and in the same process overworked her voice and now was paying for it. At Meg's welcome she only raised her hands and waved to her.

Meg chuckled a bit at her tired friend, at the wave she continued, "Long day too huh?" Christine's wave turned into thumbs up and Meg couldn't help but laugh, "Voice hurt as bad as my legs and feet?"

Christine rolled over and sat up a bit looking at Meg and nodding slowly. She touched her throat and swallowed hard trying to squeeze a sound out, but the only thing she could muster was scratchy noises. Christine let out a groan as she rolled her eyes; she lay back down too tired to even worry about getting something to soothe her voice.

"I hear you on that one," Meg nodded in agreement as she rolled over and set her alarm for the morning. "Night!" she called out as she turned her light out willing sleep to come quickly to help her block out the throbbing coming from the lower portion of her body.


Annette headed into the lounge with her cup of tea and sat down on the chair across from Nick, " was the first day?" She asked letting out a quiet groan as she kicked her shoes off.

Nick lifted his bottle of Budweiser and then the six packs on the floor up for her to see.

"That good huh? I have to admit I am exhausted and my legs are so very sore." Annette was never one to complain but with the rush to prepare for the first tour date they were in overdrive.

"I pray to whoever will listen that we can make this work, its Erik's last chance..." Nick lifted his drink and just let the liquid flow freely.

The two sat in comfortable silence, each drinking slowly from their glasses. Annette knew what he meant about Erik's career hanging on this tour. "What happened last night after...well when you went to talk to him?"

Nick rolled his eyes, "Well he never showed up today if that is any indication." Nick set down his empty drink and cracked open another beer. "We're losing him....I mean that man I saw last night wasn't our Erik." He sat back running his free hand through his hair, sighing before he took another sip, "You know I can only keep his name in the papers so much, I keep 'leaking' information on his wedding plans. Not to mention thanks to Photoshop I can keep pictures of a happy Erik and Elizabeth in the tabloids but people are starting to ask questions, it's not going to be enough."

"Nick this isn't something we can fix for him," she patted his arm understanding his frustration. "This has to be the hardest time in his life and all we can do is be there for him. We have no clue what he is going through."

Nick shook his head, his temper getting the best of him, "So we what? Sit around while he drinks himself to death? If he doesn't show up this week what am I supposed to tell the guys?" He asked rather sharply.

Annette shook her head, "He's in pain Nick....he's trying to push everyone away. He succeeded with Elizabeth; though I don't think she actually put up a fight." She turned sad eyes to Nick again, "He's going to keep trying until no one will stand beside him and we can't let that happen."
"Annie I know you are trying to be helpful and to look on the bright side of things, being supportive and all. Sorry but what I saw last night wasn't our Erik...and it was more than a broken man; hell I was even afraid of him." As the last words rolled off his tongue he heard Annette gasp; he turned his head slowly to look at her and wasn't surprised by her horrified look. "I just meant...."

Before he could even finish his sentence a loud crack was heard through the room as her hand contacted his cheek. Out of no where the normally collected Annette had slapped him square across the face. With anger evident on her sweet features she took a few deep breathes as she leaned down to pickup up her shoes and took her leave, leaving a stunned Nick rubbing his bright red cheek. Nick watched her retreat, he hadn't meant for it to come out like it did but everyone was so stressed, and Nick was no different. "I hope we can make this work." He whispered aloud as he just sat back trying to enjoy his beer, "It's going to be a long road back....if we ever make it."
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