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Romance Fic. About Showers.

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Yeah a wee Romantic oneshot. R&R plz. Bex Toots. Implied sex.

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Okay Well You Know The Deal. I Don't Own The Saga Of Darren Shan. I Think The Name Gives It Away.

For Bex Toots.

BleepBleepBleepBeelleeepBleepBleepBleepIThinkYouGetThePoint. Bleep.

Larten sat in the empty food hall staring at his food. He hadn't got much time to himself since becoming a General. He had a packed schedule and was always at meetings and stuff. He sighed for the umpteenth time that night and played around with his food once more. He was lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice someone sit down across from him.
"Is all this General business getting to you already?" Arra Sails asked sitting down at the table. Larten looked up and just sighed again. He hardly got more than a "hi" out of her so he was a bit taken aback when she started up a conversation with him. She looked at him trying to get eye contact but she failed and sighed. "You look really stressed. I think you need to relax."
He looked up at her and noticed she was giving actual friendly advice. "I can not "relax" I am far too busy. It sucks." He said and smiled warmly at her.
She blushed a bit and smiled back.
Arra stood and walked around behind him. She leant down and whispered in his ear. "Showers are relaxing. I'm heading down there just now."
Larten stopped breathing for a second. He smiled. And turned around to accept her invitation. "Arra are you offering-" But when he turned she was already gone.
He decided he had had enough to eat and stood. He left the Hall towards the showers.

Larten was around the corner from the showers and he couldn't be walking any faster but he was stopped by Paris Skyle.
"Paris? What are you doing down this part of the mountain?" Larten asked kind of hoping he would just leave.
"I am looking for you actually. I know you have been working extremely hard but I need to have a chat with you." Paris said not knowing about Larten's other plans that at that moment were way more important than anything the Princes had to say. Paris put his arm around Larten and pulled him in the opposite direction up to the Hall of Princes. Larten sighed again but this time in disappointment.

Larten didn't get out of the Hall of Princes until the next night. He was given the night off though and he walked down to the Hall of Sport looking for Arra. Sure enough she was there. She wasn't fighting but she was sitting at the side watching Vanez and some random vampire fighting. He walked up to her and sat on the bench beside her. She looked up and put on a clearly fake smile.
"Sorry about yester day..." He started.
"It's fine. I enjoyed my shower just fine." She said and looked away.
"I was coming." He said. She looked up and then her gaze fell back to the floor. He could see she had been just as disappointed when he did not show up. "Paris had to talk to me and I just got out the now."
"Oh. Well I was just finishing up here I guess I'll see you around." She stood up and headed out the door.
Larten raced behind her and caught her in the corridor. He grabbed Arra's arm and she turned around. "I really wanted last night to happen."
"Me too." She said quietly before pulling free of his grip and spinning around to walk off. "But it didn't."
Larten grabbed her again but this time he pushed her into the wall. Arra was about to say "ow" but he pressed his lips against hers before she could even get out "o".
He pulled away slowly and smiled. "Shall we go have that shower now?"

BleepBleepBleepBeelleeepBleepBleepBleepIThinkYouGetThePoint. Bleep.

A bit Fluffy. Kinda Short now that I look at it on this =\ Whats the deal with that?! I think. Just a wee oneshot. So tell me what you thought or think. R&R please.
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