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Dying Love

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This is during the Wu Zhang Plain and Liu Bei is the emperor because I hate Liu Chan!

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Liu Bei POV

I was looking the battle from the hill where I was perched.I had tried to convince Zilong to let me go on the battlefield,but when Kongming started to argue against me with Zilong,I already knew that I had lost.I know that I am the emperor,but I also know that when Kongming suggest something that's always the best thing to do,after all he is the greatest mind of our time.But even if he seems trustful,I could nevertheless see that he was nervous.He knew that Sima Yi had himself some tricks under his sleeve.To make him lose his temper,Zhuge send him a dress.But guess what,that didn't work.So after this failure The enemy strategist decided to retort with catapults charged with enormous stones.They tackled especially the unit who led the Hood Ox to the river so that the most close soldiers can profit additional provisions.The general who accompanied them was no other than their own inventor.Yue Ying.I worried a lot about her,because she could be strike by one of those rocks any time.But the most anxious was of course her husband who didn't stop watching her.I even believe that he does not realize that he stare at her... My thoughts were stopped when a messenger addressed himself to me.

"Emperor Bei,he says while kneeling,I have a message from master Zhuge Liang."

"Thank you,you can go now."

The message was saying...

"I have sent Boyue to stop the catapults of Deng Ai,even if their defense is excellent,their unit is small enough to be able to form an ambush around them,but to make the ambush work you will need to sent Zilong to support Boyue.

Zhuge Liang

"Alright",I said to myself. I ordered to a soldier to go inform Zilong of this new strategy.

"If your strategy work Kongming,We will have a big advantage on our enemy."

Yue Ying POV

"My god,there so much soldiers on Wei side.That' as if they were always return to life" I shouted to Wei Yan. " like...killing!"

"Well you and I are very different Yan!"

Suddenly I saw an enormous stone directing itself towards me.Fortunately that Wei Yan have more reflex than me,because if he would not have pushed me just in time,I would have finished 6 feet under grounds with a rock over me.

"Thank Yan!"

"You,say," he say with a little smile at the corners of his mouth. "Alright, I'll keep that in mind.

Sometimes after I saw Jiang Wei,with some soldiers with him,coming towards us. "What are you doing here Wei?"

"Your husband ask me to go attack Deng Ai with Zhao Yun."

"It's about time,I nearly received a rock in the face."

"I am sorry to hear that,however I cannot waste anymore time here.I must go my lady.

"Of course go aid Zhao Yun and stop those catapults."

Wei started to run towards Deng Ai,but he turn around a moment and says to me.. "Ah yes.that's true.Lady Huang,Zhuge Liang wish to speak with you after you finished your task."

"Alright I'II go see him later." He nod,turn over towards Deng Ai and started to run again. The Hood Ox were almost empty and 3/4 of the Wei soldiers was dead.It would be no trouble to handle to few remaining soldiers,so I ask Wei Yan if I could return to the camp.

","he replied.

"Alright,but if you have any problem sent somebody to seek me.

I went up on the horse I had given up a little earlier and undertook the path to go see my husband.Some moment later I had arrived at the camp.While I disembark of my horse,I see Zhuge Liang coming towards me.

"I see that Boyue has given you my message."

"Yes,what did you want to tell me?"

"I would like that we speak of this in private."

He take my hand in his and guided me to his tent.Inside he gently sat on the bed and I do the same.

"Ying do you remember when I observed the stars yesterday?"

"Of course you said you didn't see anything.

"When I said that I was lying."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because this night the only thing I saw in the stars was my death."


"I already knew that she would come sooner or later,but I didn't think she was that close."

"But you can't die.What will become Shu without you...and...and..what will I become?"

Zhuge Liang POV

"But you can't die.What will become Shu without you...and...and..what will I become?"She says with tears in her beautiful hazel eyes.

"You will continue your life and one day you will forget about me."

"How could I ever do that,how could I ever forget my one and only true love?"this time she let her tears roll down her face.By seeing all her sadness,I could not prevent myself from taking her in my arms.I tenderly kiss her forehead and I says to her... "It is not because I will be dead that we will not be together.I know that whatever happens,you will always be in my mind and in my heart.And i'm sure that this is also what you think." She raised her head and look directly into my eyes.I knew that the only thing she was seeing there was my infinite love for her.Without a second thought I lowered my head at the same time where she raised hers and ours lips met in a soft kiss.After at least 20 seconds we separated ourself from one another and she genty murmured against my lips. "And I know that whatever happens I will always love you."

"The feeling is mutual.I love you too,my Sweet Yue Ying.

After this declaration,I kiss her one more time.

The end.

What do you think?I don't want people to tell me my story is crappy.If you think that I made a lot of spelling mistake or if you have some advice then you can tell me.Personnaly I find that all my story are bad anyway.

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