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You Make My Heart Burn & My Mouth Foam

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Poor Bob. He is being rejected by his friends. Ray wont share his makeup, Gerard wont share his iPod, Frank wont share his legos and Mikey wont let him play with Bunny. What's Bob to do? He wanders...

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Bob sat outside the My Chemical Romance tour bus, knees to his chest, and drool running down his chin.

You see, Bob has gone mad.
He's a raging lunatic!!!! Fully mad with rabis, and God-knows what else. You may now, be wondering what happend to our dear old Bob? Well, I say, it was such a tramatic event, that only the bravest of souls can tell you. Mikey Way.

Mikey stand akwardly in front of the crowd as a big searchlight hits his face, permanatly blinding him, but, being the trooper he is, tells the story anway...what a good sport
The story goes a little something like this:

Some time before this, I'm not quite sure, because, well Bob is a quiet man

Gerard danced viciously outside the tour bus to "Please, Mr Postman." by The carpenters.
He was thrashing so intensly, he didn't knotice Ray playing his makeup, and smearing it all over his face, not to mention getting it all in his hair.
Bob sat by Ray, and eyed him curiously, as he watched him smear black eyeshadow on his earlobes.
"Hey Ray, give me a make over!!" Bob said, jumping up from his seat and thrusting his hips in the most absurd way imaginable.

Ray eyed him up and down as if he were a 16 year old blonde girl who had just seen someone eat a worm.
"Oh my God NO!!!! Get away Bob, you're like so totally grossing me out!" Ray continued to smear red eyeshadow in his hair.
Bob sighed dramatically, and stood up to walk away. Completely defeated and hurt by Ray's rejection, he decided to go see what else Gerard was listening to.

"We've only just begun!! TOOO LIIIVEEEEEE! White lace and promises!! A kiss for luck and we're on our way!" Gerard sang with all the passion he had, maybe even more than he put into "Cancer".
Bob watched him sway back and forth to the old song, "Gerard?"

Gerard pulled out one of his earbuds, put his hand on his hip and stared at Bob.
"What Bob? Can't you see I was in the middle of a very funky groove?"

Bob kicked at the dirt with his shoe, "Yeah, but Ray's being mean and won't let me play with your makeup!"
Gerard's eyes grew two sizes, making Bob believe he was in some sort of cartoon world or somthing.
He didn't quite understand why Gerard's hair started growing either, or why the veins in his neck and hands were popping out like Jerry Dandrig in Fright Night.

Bob bit his lip nervously, "Hey Gerard, man, are you ok?"
Gerard rattled his head around violently, "Get out of my sight Bryar!!!"

Bob held up his hand and made his way back into the bus to find Frank playing with Legos on the floor.
Bob's eyes lit up; he loved legos, they were his favorite.

"Hey Frankie!! Can I play???" Bob asked, as he eagerly sat down and began to fiddle with the small blocks.

Frank pulled all the legos towards him and gritted his teeth at Bob!
"No! My mom bought them for me for christmas!! They're special Italian legos!!!"

Bob sighed and shrugged his shoulders; and went off to find Mikey.
Mikey sat in the middle of the floor of the bunk area cradling his cat, Bunny.

"Hey Mikey, can I play with Bunny?" Bob asked, pretty much expecting to hear Mikey say no.
"No, Alicia says I can't let anyone play with him!! Go get your own!" Mikey said, as he pulled a pink ruffly dress over the top of Bunny's head.

Bob hung his head and walked out of the bus and past Gerard who was still dancing; but to Elton John this time.
Bob walked miles and miles away from town and into a rather large patch of woods.
He walked untill he found a stream, which he kneeled in front of and looked at his reflection.

A tear slid down Bob's soft face, as he gazed at the man in the reflection.
"What's wrong Bob?" A small, sqeaky voice said to him.

Bob jumped up from the grass and stared at a raccoon wearing a blue cashmier sweater.
"Did you just say something?" Bob asked the raccoon.

The Raccoon laughed and pulled out a cigarette from his sweater pocket, "Yeah, I did, care for a smoke?" He asked him, holding out a cigarette.

Bob causiously stepped towards the small creature and took the cigarette from his.....paw.
"So, tell me what's troubling you Bob." The Raccoon said, takig a drag from his cigarette.

Bob sighed deeply and began to cry.
"Aw now come one man! Cheer up! My name is Bucky and I want to be your friend!!" Bucky said, with a huge grin across his face.

Bob sniffled and wiped a tear from his cheek, "Really?"

Bucky nodded his head and took Bob by the hand, "Be my friend Bob?"
"OK Bucky!!!!" Bob said, standing up and gripping Bucky's....paw.

Little did Bob know, Bucky would create chaos for My Chemical Romance and the rest of New Jersey.
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