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March 12th, 2007

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Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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Is it just me, or does the incredibly flimsy case of TTTYG drive you nuts, too? 'Cause it's almost killing me. It's so battered. I'm listening to TTTYG for the first time in months, IOH has been in my stereo since February 7th xD

So...what's new with me.
Vodka should NOT be mixed with smoothies.
Ran all the way to Cherise's house and back today at lunch; sick on her birthday. Suck fest.
So I'm writing you a chorus, and here is your veeeerse...sorry. I love this song so much. I'm interesting tonight.
Emailed an old friend, it was her birthday last Friday. Haven't seen the girl in over a year, last time she called me was about six months ago.
Um...Ooh, yes...

His name is Josh.
He is slightly taller than me, and I'm short.
He wears lime green Vans and classic black Converse.
He has thick-framed emo glasses.
He has blonde emo hair. BLONDE. EMO. HAIR. (It makes me hyperventilate)
He is an actor.
He has a sexy little half-smile.
He is hilarious.
He wears girl jeans.

"Eh, nice, Lexi, brag about your new boyfriend..."

Boyfriend? HA. I wish! I've never spoken to him in my entire life. It has to do with my shy-as-hell/anti-social tendancies. He's half-smiled at me before, and once he bumped into me. He is an ah-maaazing actor, though, that boy is going places. He works at Save-on-foods. Several times I have gotten about twenty feet from him, intending on asking where the chocolate aisle is, and I chicken out. (I know where the chocolate aisle is, too)

I want. So bad.
Which is pathetic because I don't GET crushes. Crushes are silly.

I can't slee-ee-ep, in the wake of Saturday. SATURDA-AY!
Ooh, squee ^^
I'm almost done chapter 12 of WFTC.
And I am writing an original short story right now.

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