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It All Comes Down to Fate

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Fate to be together? Frank/Gerard

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way - Published: 2007-03-13 - Updated: 2007-03-13 - 572 words

"TAG! You're it!" Frank giggled as he ran away from his best friend, Gerard.
"No! Not fair! You cheated!" Gerard whined. Frank slowed down.
"How'd I cheat?" he said walking towards Gerard. Before he knew it Gerard was racing towards him. He didn't have time to run away as he was tackled to the ground.
"YOU'RE IT!" Gerard said laughing. Frank couldn't help it he started laughing too. They helped each other up and started walking towards the ball field.
"I bet I can beat you fair and square in baseball." Frank challenged. Gerard raised an eyebrow
"Yea right. Bet I can beat you to the field." Just as they were about to race, Franks older sister, Bella, called them in for dinner.
"You guys better get in here or I'll give your food to the dogs."
"Be quiet, Bella, just because your six doesn't mean you can pick on us." Frank said sticking out his tongue.
"Well, baby Frank, you should start acting five instead of one." She shot back and walked inside.
"Let's go." He said to Gerard who was staring at the spot where Bella was standing. He got out of his daze. "Gerard?"
"Oh what? I mean yea I'm right behind you."
All through lunch Gerard kept staring at Bella. Frank looked pissed at him and Bella and ate with a little pout on his face. He stood up fast.
"Come on Gerard let's go play outside."
"Sure Frank, bye Bella." He said with pure affection. Frank gagged.
"Bye Gerard I'll see you later." She said back.

That's how it went for the next fifteen years. Frank and Gerard were always best friends. Gerard loved Bella. Bella loved every other guy but Gerard. Frank loved Gerard.

They walked into the party close together.
"Hey man, your sister has another boyfriend?" he asked Frank with a whine in his voice.
"Yep, his name is umm I think John or Josh and he's like the quarterback or something. I'll give them a week." Frank replied to Gerard who looked a bit more relaxed then.
"Let's get some drinks" Frank offered. "Yea I need something to distract me a little."
They had about ten shots before they were completely drunk. They walked into a different room and tried to get around the bed. Swaggering in his step Gerard fell dragging Frank down with him. Frank was now below Gerard on the bed and for him, everything seemed to stop. They stared at each other for awhile and Frank got the courage to lean in and kiss Gerard. His lips were so soft. His mouth opened slightly inviting Gerard to do the same which he did. Slipping his tongue into Gerard's mouth sent fireworks throughout his body. Their tongues were on each others and soon Gerard put his hands through Frank's hair pulling him closer. Frank started pulling Gerard's shirt while taking his off too. Just as he was grinding his hips against Gerard's tight jeans, Gerard stopped.
"Frank, I can't. I'm not..." he stopped and looked at him with a confused and sorry look on his face. Frank just looked down completely hurt.
"I love you, Gerard." he said picking up his head.
"I'm sorry." he replied picking up his shirt and walking out of the room. Frank sighed and fell back onto the bed with his head in his hands.
"it's okay Gerard." he whispered to him self. "It's okay.
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