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A Deep Dark Prison, Like The One In My Head

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Yea i refuse to give a summary for this one! Im free writing it but i got the idea when i was talking to Tara on MSN! lol!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror, Romance - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2007-03-13 - Updated: 2007-03-13 - 830 words

A/N I really don't know where this is going or what im going to write so sorry if it sucks!

I opened my eyes but found nothing. It was pitch black. How I had always imagined a dungeon to be. Underneath the large gray castle, in little cells, prisoners. Being starved or torchered. Only this was real. I was in some sort of dungeon. The only problem was i didn't know how i had got there. My memory was refusing to let me know what had happened. The last thing i remembered was dropping Lisa off at her house. She had kissed me. I had had a crush on her since 5th grade and she had told me she felt the same then kissed me. After that it goes blanc then i was here. The only company was the thoughts in my head. Great. Just great! i thought. I'm stuck down here, not knowing how i got here, where here is or who put me down here! Plus i only have my stupid fucked up thoughts for company! Well woopdi fuckadoo! Inside my head two vioces seemed to be having a battle. One stating what a horrible thing it was and how i was a horrible person and the other trying to be optimistic about the whole thing. Well at least you have a happy last memory! The optimistic one said. Oh yay! So when whoever brought me here comes to kill me or whatever i can say ooooh but i have a happy memory! Said the other vioce. Unfortuatly that vioce seemed to be winning.

I think before i go any further i should introduce myself. My name is Gerard Way. I am lead singer of a band called My Chemical Romance, you may have heard of them. We've only produced one CD called "I brought you the bullets, You brought me your love." But apperantly were pretty good even if i do say so myself. I have long black hair and hazel eyes. I drink and have to take anti-depressants. I have tried drugs once but refuse to ever again and don't recommend them! They as bad as all these health people say! It was as though i wasn't me anymore. I was just watching from the sidelines as did all these stupid things. Disgusting things that im not going to mention as it might give you nightmares. Anyways back to the story.

The bad vioce finally triumphed over the optimistic one and i was left trying to convice myself that it could turn out alright. That nothing to bad could happen! I had never had an realy enemies although i have took revenge on some people. Im going to tell you a secret that no body else knows now cause its not like im going to survive to tell anyone! The name of next CD is going to be Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Ever since i heard Black Flag i have been obsessed with revenge. Probally because i want to take it out on so many peole! All those people that called me fat! I know i am. Do they think i don't know? Or all the people that broke my heart. I don't even think i have a heat left the amount of times its been broken. I've tried to be happy but i just became an even bigger freak. I think i should just face the fact that i don't fit in this world. Well thankgod it will end soon. I don't know what or who this person is or what they going to do with me but one thing i do hope is that they kill me. I've tried to do that myself a few times. All failed attempts as you can see. Well you can't see but you can read. So i'll rephrase that. All failed attempts as you can read. You might ask why. Well i dont know why. I only know i want outta this world! Thats all.

I suddenly heard footsteps above my hed. Dust feel from the cieling as though nobody had been down here for years. Vioces carried down. None were familliar.
"Yes. Yes. Of Course i would pay!" One said.
"Good! Otherwise i'd just seel him on to someone else." Said the second. Him? Surely that wasn't me! Sell him? No definatly not me!
"Well i have the money so show me he's here then i'll give it to you." Said the firt sounding exasparated. Light suddenly shone in my eyes and it was as though i was blind! I heard steps coming down what must have been stairs towards me. I put my hand to my face. Trying to shield my eyes from this bright light. But it wouldn't go out. I moved to back of my "cell" not knowing what was happening.

A/N so what do you guys think? like i say its free writing so ideas would be good aswell! Thanks!
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