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The Loss Of My Syblings Of Sithis

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It's a short story I guess on how I think my character felt when she recieved her contract to kill her brothers and sisters of Sithis.

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The Loss Of My Syblings Of Sithis

How could Lucien Lachance give me this mission to kill my beloved brothers and sisters of Darkness. And if I don't do as Sithis Wants. He may just Destroy me. So as my duty I must go through with the purification. But which of my syblings should I start with. Maybe M'raaj-Dar. For some odd reason he has always disliked me. Yes he will be my first to purify. I wish it were just him I had to get rid of.

/Later on in the sanctuary.../

For some odd reason, now when I talk to M'raaj-Dar he seems to be much nicer to me. Which now makes me feel even guilter to know I have to go on with the purification. M'raaj-Dar finally accepts me as part of the family and now I have to stab him in the back. Although it also does make him seem a little suspicious too. Maybe he knows what I'm about to do.

I talked to the other members. Alot of them were congraduating me on my secret contract. Valtieri tells me that whatever my contract is I should go through with it. As I was in Valtieri's chamber I rumaged through his desk and red a note between him and Ocheeva. In the note it says that Valtieri is Highly alergic to garlic and that Antoinetta Marie keeps on disregarding the fact that he is. And that if someone doesn't do something about it he might just take the matter into his own hands.

/ Thoughts and regrets.../

Poor poor Antionetta Marie. She doesn't realize that she'll never even have the chance to take over Ocheeva's job. Because pretty soon I'll have to kill her, and everyone else. Gogron gro-Bolmog and Talaendril will never see eachother again. And I was hoping that eventually I would learn more about Teinaave and Ocheeva's childhood and how they came to actually be in the Dark Brotherhood. But this will probably be the last time I see the glow of Darkness in any of their eyes.

I decided to lay down for about an hour. I didn't manage to fall asleep though. M'raaj-Dar fell asleep though. So I decide to sneek up behind him. I pull out my dagger and poor a damge health potion on my dagger. Then I pray to Sithis that my blade kills my brother sift and quick so that he doesn't have to suffer like may of my victims have. I finally stab my brother of Sithis. I don't think he even realized what happened and neither does anyone else.

I decide to try and lay down for another hour. Thankfully Sithis has blessed me and I feel no burden of sorrow or loss comb over me. But I know later I will. I get up I look at M'raaj-Dar's dead body and appoligize for killin him but it's my duty and I pray that our Dread father take care of M'raaj-Dar. I walk over to the tables and I pick up all the food. I found some garlic while picking up all the food. I place down the poisoned apples that Lucien Lachance had given me earlier. I go up stairs and through the chamber doors.

I decide that Valtiere is next sense I have garlic to weaken him. And then I'll have to cast fire ball spell on him so he dies quicker. Sense Vampires have a weakness to fire. No one seems to be around so I guess i'll sneak there just to make sure he doesn't see me. He's reading a book which is nothing new, he usually is. I sneak up behind him and place the garlic on his body. I slash him with my dagger and quickly cast fire ball on him. Immediatly after Valtieri falls to the floor dead and bruning I smother the flame that is left. I appoligize to my brother. I pray that the night mother wraps him ih her cold loveing embrace, and that her and Sithis be as good to Valtieri as he was to me. I go back to the main hall.

Gogron gro-Bolmog heads down stairs. I silently pray to Sithis that he eats the poisoned apple so that I don't have to kill him with my own hands. Just now I start to feel part of my burden of what I've done. A singler tear runs down my cold cheek. I quickly whipe it away. I have to refocus. If I cry now i'll loos control and will not be able to fish the purification.

..... to be continued. i promise ill re edit and finish some time this week but im tired and have to take another test for another 4 hours. so sorry for the drawing you in and not finishing right away.
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