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My silver Angel

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Sora is the rich kid who need love, Riku is the poor kid ho needs rescuing. When the two meet after Riku (literally) runs into Roxas, will love blossom, or is Riku to far gone?

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Humor, Romance - Characters: Leon, Riku, Roxas, Sephiroth, Sora - Warnings: [R] - Published: 2007-03-13 - Updated: 2007-03-14 - 1072 words

Two Hearts, One world.
We are all connected,
connected by the heart.
In the darkest of hour,
will the light of love shine through?
- by me. (please get my permission before using it)

Sora looked out the window. It was a bright knew day, the new day of school and for once he was happy. He was happy becouse that since school started today, new kids where going to be starting school at Destiny High School. Becouse Sora was rich, he could never get someone who loved him for him, so he wanted someone who didnt know he was rich. The only way to acomplish this? Get a newbie. This could be difficult sometimes, and usually, it ended poorly, like with Kairi, but he didnt care. He was going to keep trying. He streatched then began to get ready for school. He griminced at having to wear the school uniform, but had to admit it looked kinda nice though. He looked in the full sized mirror after getting dressed. The uniform was a loose fitting outfit, consisting of a cream colored shirt and pants and vest that were white with a blueish hue to them. A white tie went with the uniform, but since it was so stuffy to wear, they didnt enforce the rule to wear them at the school. Sora grabbed his bag and ran down the stairs. He liked being at the school early. Sora ran into the kitchen, grabed some toast, and was held by the coller before he could leave. He turned, a mouth full of toast, to see that the person was his butler/personal advisor Jake.
"Master Sora, although I know how very important it is for you to get to school, I would like to tell you that master Squall will be joining us for dinner today." Jake said, releasing Sora and walking off to do god knows what. Sora gulped. His father was coming home? He wasnt sure if he should be happy or not. He remembered about geting to school and darted off to his car, a viper, and took off.


"RIKU GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED! IT'S TIME TO GO TO THAT GOD FORSAKEN SCHOOL YOU BEGGED ME TO LET YOU GO TO!" Sepheroth screamed from the other side of a door. Riku groggly rose his head out of the pillo it had implanted itself in. He looked at the clock on the desk next to him and noticed he still had half an hour to get ready. He still got out of bed and got into the uniform. He was glad the uniforms where natrually loose, otherwise he would have had to get a size biger. He liked how the sleeee came up to cover half of his hands, making it almost imposible to see the scars on his wrists. Scars from whne his father handcuffed him to the bed and raped him. He shook the thoughts away as he packed his school bag, another thing he was thankfull for. The school bags where issued by the school and were like briefcases. Riku remembered that his mother had called them 'book bags from Japan', wherever that was. He looked at the clock, he had 15 minutes untill the bus came. He walked to school, arriving there 5 minutes before the bus. He took the extra time to walk around. As he was walking through the parking lot he noticed a silver viper among the cars. Someone must be rich. Riku took a mental note to find out who the car belonged to, and avoid them. Despite him being 16, people oftem mistook him for 18 or 19. He didnt have a problem with that though. He looked at his schedual and noticed tat his first class was on the other side of the school. It didnt help that the bell rang at that exact moment. He sprinted to his class, and despite not running into anyone at first, he ran into a blonde boy right outside of his class.
"I-I'm sorry." Riku said, gasping for air as he helped the boy up.
"Not a problem. Name's Roxas, what's your's?" Roxas asked Riku. Riku looked at the boy funny for a secound.
"My name's Riku. Why?"
"Ok Riku. To pay me back for piledriving me into the ground, I want you to meet me after school at the flagpole infront of the school. Dont give me that look, I jsut have someone i want you to meet." Roxas said. He took of before Riku could reply. 'I guess I better go. Wonder who he wnts me to meet.' Riku thought.


Roxas ran down the hall and intot he boys bathroom. He instantly took out his cellphone as he locked himself in a stall. He sat down on the toilet and began texting.
(due to me unable to understand 'text talk' i will type it normaly, but please, by all means, picture it as it would on a cellphone screan. and roxas has a flip phone btw)
Roxas - Sora?
Sora - why are you not in class?
Roxas - how do you know im not in class?
Sora - cause if you where in class, you wouldnt be texting me.
Roxas - dont get testy with me. you wont beleive who i just ran into
Sora- who? Axel?
Roxas - nope. Guy named Riku. I'm sure you're going to like him. He's hot, he's new, and i got him to go to the flagpole after school. I'm going to tell everyone to meet me there.
Sora - .....he really my type?
Roxas - despite how picky you are, yes. Light hair, Silver acutally, light eyes, Aqua, and nice bod. He's perfect. Looks like a senior though.
Sora - so? Cant wait to meet him. If Axel comes, tell him to keep his hands off of you.
Roxas - i am makin no promises.
Roxas hung up the phone and smiled. Maybe Riku was the one Sora could fall for. would defenanently help the poor kid. Roxas opened the phone agian and told everyone else about the meeting they were to have at the flag pole. Everyone agreed to come.


took me a while to write this. i have no idea where i am going with this. I got the idea from a cool fanfic i read. kinda like this one except riku is the rich kid needing love and sora is the poor kid getting raped and abused by his father.
comments? questins? just review
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