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Starts With One

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Sometimes people just need little reminders that friends are forever... And best friends are for forever and a lifetime. Excuse the terrible title. Rated for language.

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The tapping began on the walls of the bus. It was Pete, tapping some warped semblance of a rhythm on the outside of the bus. Now the tapping grew louder. Pete had obviously entered the bus and by the sounds of it he was tapping his way towards the bunks, where Patrick was.

Patrick threw himself back onto the bed and pressed a pillow over his head, trying to block out the noise.

It wasn't half obvious that Pete was bored. He only drummed on things when he was bored (..or purposely trying to be annoying).

Patrick threw off the pillow as the drumming grew closer.

"Oh, for Pete's sake..." he started yelling.

Pete stuck his head around the door to the bunks.

"What's for my sake?" he said, wide-eyed. "That better have been 'Oh, for Pete's sake Trohman get off the computer before he drives us all nuts'." he said the last bit slightly louder and in Joe's general direction.

That only elicited the finger from Joe.

Well fuck you too. Pete mimed in Joe's direction. Joe hardly noticed.

Pete turned back to face Patrick and noticed his intently angry gaze.

He ran and bounced onto Patrick's bunk. "What's wrong Patty Cakes?" he asked, drumming his hands on the mattress.

"Fuck off." Patrick replied angrily. He didn't want to talk to Pete right at this moment but all afternoon Pete had been busy making his prescence known to what seemed like every entity on earth, and that was only making it harder for Patrick to ignore him.

Pete didn't leave though. He jutted out his bottom lip, widened his eyes and even brought on a few fake tears for good measure. This was Pete's puppy dog face. He'd probably learnt it off Hemingway because this was almost the exact face Pete's dog made when he wanted food.

"Fuck off Peter." Patrick said again through clenched teeth. He wanted to just go back to ignoring him, in some semblance of peace.

Pete's puppy dog face diminished right there and then.

"No." he said.

Patrick sighed and pulled a pillow over his head. He even had the urge to start singing 'La, la, la. Not listening.' But he knew that would be childish.

"Pa-atrick." He heard Pete croon before hands began grasping at his sides.

Shit! Pete knew Patrick was desperately ticklish. He bit his lip and buried his head further into the pillow to try and smother the laughter that he didn't want to let out. Finally he couldn't take it any longer.

He threw off the pillow and screamed, "Fucking hell, just bloody fucking piss off Wentz!"

That was when he was sure he heard Joe dash off the bus. Good thing Andy wasn't here to begin with or Patrick was sure he would be running for the door too.

"No need to paint a fucking rainbow." Pete huffed, retracting his hands from Patrick's sides.

"What else did you want me to fucking do? You weren't leaving me alone." Patrick replied.

"I was just trying to cheer you up Trick."

That grabbed at Patrick's heart. Pete was just trying to cheer him up and he had snapped. That must mean that everyone else had noticed Patrick's 'moods' as of late too. That would explain the way they had been acting around him, he'd really just been too withdrawn to notice for true.

Pete was now sitting on the end of the bed like a sullen child, his head was bowed and he was fidgeting furiously with his fingers. But he hadn't left. Yet.

"Pete.." Patrick started cautiously.

"Don't yell at me." Pete replied quietly.

Patrick was taken aback by the tone of Pete's voice.

"I --I wasn't going to." he said, stumbling over his words.

Pete looked up at Patrick. His smile was blindingly bright.

"Patrick's back!" He half-yelled, enveloping Patrick in a tight hug. "When she broke your heart for a second there I thought she'd broke your spirit too." he spoke softly in Patrick's ear.

Patrick pulled out of the hug and was about to utter an apology when Pete spoke.

"Don't. All is forgiven as long as I know I've got my best friend back."

"You do." Patrick replied.

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[A/N] Cutesy little one shot for you all. Little idea slipped into my mind when I was relaxing the other night and since I've had a fair bit of time off sick I've had time to write. Hope you enjoyed it. It's my first Fall Out Boy one-shot, I just realised too.
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