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This Is For Us

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"So we carry on, night after night, stuffing them in our trunk, beside all the empty vodka bottles and plastic bags coated with white, illegal substances." ONE-SHOT

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I decided to try another one-shot. I hope you guys like it. It's a result of me listening to Demolition Lovers wayyy too many times. Lol, enjoy, please rate!!

I watched him, carefully remove his bloodstained shirt, and carelessly toss it on the floor, leaving a red stain on the dingy shag carpet. He stared out the window, the moonlight illuminating his pale skin, making him apear almost ghostly.
The old, worn out motel curtains, gently touching the side of his arm, faintly stained with the blood that was once on him.
This was our existance, bloodstained in the moonlight of another dingy motel room running for our lives. For what? Each other. To live each moment, with each other, to spend every last breath, on each other.

He told me so many times, "There's no other way Amy , we have to do as he says, don't you understand?"
So many nights, he would carry my bloodsoaked body into the shower, and wash it off of me, before he washed off his own sin. Our sin. The sin we created together, for our own selfishness.
He always told me, another shot of vodka will take it all away, another snort of cocaine, will make all the hurt, all the screams, all the blood and all the tainted innocense, disapear.
It wasn't our problem, he would say; "We're just trying to survive."

We're just trying to survive. I would tell myself that so many times, it would make me sick. I never could believe it, when all those images in my head remained.
Everyone we killed, was the last one. One more baby, he would tell us. One more teenager with such a beautiful, bright future has to die again tonight.
He would laugh at us when we brought him the bodies, telling us it wasn't good enough, he wanted more. He would sit us down, and tell us over and over again, his lust for blood, his need for souls.
His great army, that we were to supply. All the evil and all the innocent, must go to him.

So we carry on, night after night, stuffing them in our trunk, beside all the empty vodka bottles and plastic bags coated with white, illegal substances.

He looked back at me and smiled, his jet black hair framing his blood streaked face.
I tried to smile, the upturned corners of his mouth usually won over me and forced my lips to mimick; but not tonight, tonight, I had died. I died right along with that bride.

I watched him do it, stand over her, with tears in his eyes. She looked at him and closed her eyes, savoring what she knew was going to be her last breathe.
My veiw was blocked, the murder wasn't mine tonight, it was his, all his.
He stepped away, to reveal her now scarlette stained dress, warm liquid spewing from her beautiful, long throat, a single tear, streaming down her face, taking a streak of her mascara with it.

"This is for us." he says, as he gently places her body in our trunk; and chugs the liquor bottle in the front seat.
We drive down another long, empty highway, and his words echo in my head: "This is for us."
This is for us.

He's still staring at me, with the same blood on his face, the same moon lighting up his skin, and the same smile, that reminds me why we're doing this.

"Gerard?" I asked him, begging him with my voice, to move closer to me, so I could feel the reason I am killing to live.
He knelt down in front of me, lifting my dropped chin and cupping my entire face with his crimson hands.
Stroking the tears away from my eyes, he sings. Deep and smooth, warm and soft. A Melody I'll always remember, the reason we live, the reason we kill, cry, destroy.
The reason we can't look back, not now, not ever.

Just sing Gerard, just sing.

Hand in mine into your icy blues
and then I'd say to you
we could take to the highway
with this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you
in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying
to let you know just how much you mean to me
and after all the things we put each other through

And I would drive on to the end with you
a liquor store or two
keeps the gas tank full
and I feel like there's nothing else to do
but prove myself to you
and we'll keep it runnin'

But this time, I mean it
I'll let you know just how much you mean to me
as snow falls on desert sky
untill the end of everything

I'm trying, I'm trying
to let you know
how much you mean
as days faid and nights grow
as we grow cold

Untill the end
Untill this pool of blood
Untill this, I mean this, I mean this
Untill the end of

I'm trying, I'm trying
to let you know how much you mean
as days faid and nights grow
and we go cold
but this time we'll show them
we'll show them all
how much we mean
as snow falls on desert sky

Untill the end of every

All we are, all we are, is bullets, I mean this
All we are, all we are, is bullets, I mean this
All we are, all we are, is bullets, I mean this
All we are, all we are, is bullets, I mean this

As lead rains pass on through
Our Phantoms, forever and ever
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame
We're burning, forever and ever

Know how much I want to show you
that you're the only one
Like a bed of roses
there's a dozen reasons in this gun
and we're falling down
and in this pool of blood
and as we're touching hands
I'll see your eyes
I'll meet your eyes

I mean this, Forever

Gerard smiled through his tears, as his voice faided into a hum and lulled into my ear.
He chuckled and pushed a strand of hair that looked like it had been dipped in red paint, out of my face.
"Come on, let's get you into the shower and wash all this off, hmm?" His words floating off his tongue in the most beautiful way one could dream of.

I nodded weakly and wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying the floating sensation I always got when he carried me.
Gerard sat me down on the toilet, while he turned on the shower, randomly sticking his hand in, testing the tempature.

My head felt incredibly heavy, but light at the same time, like I was floating on my back in water.
I couldn't control anything on my body, and just as I was about to fall over, Gerard caught me in his arms.
"Hey, there we go," he said, sitting on the floor and placing me in his lap, "Let's get all these clothes off you hmm?"

Gerard gently pulled off my blood soaked clothes and helped me into the warm shower.
Standing with one barefoot inside with me and the other steadying himself outside on the dry carpet, he braced my weak body with his hand.
He squeezed water out of a washcloth and onto my back, washing everything away, leaving a red ring around the bottom of the shower; and another mystery for the motel maid to clean.

I let my head fall to look at the floor of the shower, seeing all the blood being washed away by his hands.
Gerard turned the shower off, and left me for a minute to grab the towel he wrapped me in.
Taking me back into his arms, he carried me to the full sized bed a few feet away, and sat me down.
He rummaged through one of our beat up suitcases and grabbed a pair of my underwear, along with one of his old t-shirts; and gently put them on me.

Gerard pulled back the covers and placed me inside them, covering me back up, he rested his head on my chest, as I sank deep into the pale yellow sheets.
Before I drifted off to sleep he hummed the tune in my ear and whispered, "I mean this, forever."
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