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Get busy living or Get busy dying.

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Molly and Patrick bond. :)

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Chapter 6

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying.

Patrick's POV:

Molly and Pete show up about 30 minutes late.

"Hey guys, sorry were late. We had to go to the police station." He says picking up his bass and giving a confused look when he sees Emilee sitting on the couch.

"No problem. Oh and this is Emilee. I invited her to watch us practice. I hope that's ok." I said pointing to her.

"Yeah, that's fine. Now Molly can have someone to talk with while we practice." He said smiling towards Molly. She doesn't look very happy. I hope this whole deal with what happened last night blows over soon. I'm starting to miss the sarcastic Molly. The depressed one is making me depressed.

Molly didn't do anything while we practiced. She didn't even say hi to Emilee. I hope they can be friends, I actually like Emilee.

"So do you guys want to have a movie night again?" Pete asked after we finish practicing. Everyone agrees and starts to get situated on the couches upstairs.

"I think I'm just going to go to bed." Molly said.

"Come on Mol. It'll be fun! I'll make sure of it!" Joe said pulling her into a hug. I feel myself getting angry as he holds her close. What the hell, I have a girlfriend. I can't get jealous like this.

"Fine Joey, I guess I could." She said smiling but I can tell it's forced. I sat on the end of the couch with Emilee next to me, Pete next to her, Joe next to him, and Molly in Joe's lap. With Andy on the floor beneath all of us. We watch the breakfast club much to Emilee's dismay. Apparently she thinks it's the stupidest movie ever, which sparks an argument with Molly.

"I hate this movie!" Emilee whines.

"Well we love this movie, so get over it." Molly says annoyed.

"It's the stupidest movie ever made! It's about getting a freaking detention. How boring is that!" She says flipping her hair.

"Well if you don't like it then why don't you just leave? We were perfectly fine without you here!" Molly spat standing up.

"Maybe I will! This was a stupid idea anyways! Matt probably didn't do anything to you last night. You just wanted the attention! Whore!"

"Oh I'm the one that wants attention, when you're the one that has sex with guys that have girlfriends! I'm pretty sure you're the whore!" Molly yells and dives for Emilee. She gets in a few punches before we have time to pull her off.

"Emilee I think its time for you to go home." I say pointing towards the door.

"I liked you Patrick, I really did. But I can't handle your baggage. Later." She says stomping her way to the door and slamming it on her way out.

"Well that went well." Pete said sarcastically

"Wait a minute, is that the Emilee that Tyler cheated on you with?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, that would be her. I didn't say anything because she was with Patrick. I figured I would try and be civil. But I just couldn't help it." Molly said.

"I'm sorry Molly, I didn't know. And nobody cared to tell me." I said glaring at Pete.

"Hey, I didn't know either!" Pete said throwing his hands in the air.

"It's ok Patrick, I didn't tell him. Well I'm not really in the mood for watching a movie now. Sorry guys. I just want to hit the hay." Molly said standing up and stretching.

"Yeah, that kind of killed the mood." Pete said standing up. "You guys' still staying the night?" Everyone nodded their head.

"Spare room!" Joe and Andy called at the same time. There was only two meaning I had the couch. Joy.

"Damn it." I said. Everyone went to their respectable rooms but I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Molly. Emilee was a complete bitch to her and I feel like its all my fault since she came with me.

I got up and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. I poured myself a glass of milk and sat down at the kitchen table. After a few minutes Molly walked in, in just a tank top and really short shorts.

"Can't sleep either?" She asked pouring herself a glass of water.

"Nope. I've got too much on my mind." I said. She took a seat next to me and we just sat in silence for a few minutes.

"What have you got on your mind?" She asked breaking the silence.

"Just everything that's happened in the past few days. I got 4 new friends. One of my new friends got really hurt. I got a girlfriend and got dumped. And I've got these new feelings I just can't seem to keep under control." I said looking at her once I had finished.

"Wow. That's a lot to take in." She chuckled. "In these past few days, I got a great new friend. I got a boyfriend who tried to rape me. Got in a fight with an old rival of mine. And I've got these new feelings I can't seem to keep under control either."

"Wow. Sounds like we've both had it pretty rough." I said nodding my head. "What are the new feelings that you can't seem to keep under control?"

"Well there's this boy I like. But I don't think he likes me back. And I don't know if I could be with him because it could mess up a lot of things in my life if anything ever went bad in the relationship." She said. That sucks. She likes yet another guy. My chances with her just keep getting slimmer and slimmer.

"I see." I said simply.

"What are the new feelings that you can't seem to keep under control?" She asked. Hmm what should I tell her?

"Well there's this girl. I haven't known her for very long, but I can't seem to keep my mind off of her." I say smiling. Her face falters and I see disappointment in her eyes? No, that can't be. She doesn't like me like that.

"Well it seems like were both in a predicament." She says matter-of-factly. I just nodded my head, deep in thought again.

We sit there for a few more minutes before I get up and put my glass in the sink.

"Well I think I'm going to go to bed now. Or at least try." I say with a chuckle.

"Do you want to watch The Breakfast Club? I don't think I'm going to be able to fall asleep anytime soon." She asks looking at me.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun." I say grabbing her hand and leading her into the living room. I pop the movie in and we get comfortable on the couch. I'm leaning on the arm of the chair with my feet pulled up under me and she's snuggled onto my side.

She passes out about half way through the movie and I too let sleep overcome me.

I wake up the next morning to people snickering and a camera flashing.

"Hehe. Shh, they might here you." I hear Pete giggle. Sometimes I think that man is gay.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" I ask not even opening my eyes to look at them.

"Oh nothing. You and Molly look pretty comfortable though." Joe said stifling a laugh.

"Go away before you wake her up. I'm comfortable." I say trying to get back to sleep.

"Nope, it's already noon and we need to practice sometime today." Pete says rather loudly making Molly stir.

"Peter shut the hell up! I'm trying to sleep!" she says throwing a shoe she found on the floor at Pete. Here we go with the shoe thing again.

"No throwing the shoe today." Andy says grabbing the shoe in mid-air.

"Aw you're no fun Andy!" She says sitting up.

"Alright since she's up lets get practicing." Pete says clapping his hand.

"How about some breakfast first." Joe says and we all head into the kitchen. And I just sit on the couch for a few minutes thinking again.

"You coming Hat Rack?" Molly asked walking back into the living room. I shake my head and break out of my daydream. I stand up and walk towards Molly and she grabs my hand and leads me into the kitchen. I feel and electric shock go through me every time she touches me and I can't help but smile. Too bad she'll never know that the girl I was talking about last night was her...

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