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Chapter Ten

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showers!? yes!

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"So how did it go?"
"Go away Whitey."
"Tell us!"
"Shut up Rocko"
"Get out of my face Snake!"
"Come on!" They all yelled in union.
"It was fine."
"Did you tell him it was you?"
"Do you think you ever will?" I began changing in front of my bunk as the boys sat around the floor and listened to me talk. I realized I had no clean pajama pants. Then I saw the batman ones. It caused me to smile and I put them on.
"I don't know."
"Well you're wearing his pants. Maybe you should tell him who you really are." I laughed.
"If for some odd reason I have this epiphany about life and decide I want to tell him, I will. Good enough for you guys?"
"Now get out. I'm going to bed."
"Goodnight!" They all yelled and kissed my on the cheek one after another. I slipped under my covers after setting my alarm and fell asleep quickly.

The next morning I woke up and threw on a random not matching outfit. I put my hair in a messed up ponytail type thing and smeared on different shades of makeup. After my morning coffee I went outside for my morning smoke. Right as I blew out the first puff of smoke Mikey came walking up to me.
"Good morning, Way."
"Morning Porcelain."
"What do you need?"
"Come to my bus. I want you to meet the rest of the band." My eyes widened.
"I don't think I should."
"W-well you see, I'll become such good friends with all of you that it will hurt to leave you at the end of tour!"
"You wont have to leave us. We live in L.A. too in case you didn't know." I was not going to win this fight.
"Good point. Lets go then." I blew smoke in his face and he had a coughing fit bringing out his inhaler. I then remembered he had asthma.
"I'm sorry I had no idea-"
"Its fine." He laughed and grabbed my arm dragging me along. We finally reached the oh so familiar bus of My Chemical Romance. Inside four foul smelling beasts lurked around the jungle of clothes, video game wires, and comic books. Those beasts were formerly my best friends names Bob Ray Gerard and Frank. I entered the surprisingly semi clean bus. Mikey cleared his throat and everyone looked up from whatever they were fidgeting with.
"This is Porcelain, guys. Porcelain, this is-"
"Frank Iero, Bob Bryar, Ray Toro and Gerard Way." They all looked at me shocked. "What? I did my research." I sat next to Frank who put his arm around me.
"Hey there sexy lady."
"Don't force me to rip out your eyeballs."
"I like them feisty."
"You wont like them feisty when your testicles are missing." He removed his hand and Ray hugged me. Boy did I miss his hugs.
"You are my favourite person now."
"I know. And Gee, I still have your pajama pants."
"Keep 'em." He smiled at me in a weird way. Bob looked confused.
"But Gee those are your favourite pants aren't they?"
"Well now they're Porcelain's." I smiled at him. Frank smirked.
"Oooo. Why do you have his pants?"
"Wipe the dirty thoughts from your mind unless you want me to."
"That doesn't sound too bad." He winked at me.
"Ew!" Frank hadn't changed a bit. He was always gross and aggressive. I missed him.
"Who wants to play Halo!?" ray turned on the xbox.
"Me!" I jumped next to him and grabbed the control. After twenty minutes I totally pwned him at the game.
"You're too good."
"I know I am." He high fived me. I was forced to stay and make nice with the boys or Mikey would eat me. He said he wanted me to be friends with them. I didn't quite understand why.
"Hey we're all staying at a hotel tonight. You should join. You look like you're dying for a shower." Bob brought up the offer as he handed me a Coke can. I looked to all the others for approval and they nodded and agreed.
"I guess that means yes." I sipped my Coke happily now that I realized I would be taking a shower that night.
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