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On a journey for safety and shelter, they are captured by a fierce storm and separated. With two of them missing and one unconscious, the one left must find a way to reunite with his friends. But h...

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I know this is short. But the actual chapters are much, much longer. Just be patient.
He heard his own footsteps clicking on the stone as he briskly walked to an internal beat. They started far off, but they resounded sharply. First the click, then the visible breath, both parting the cold of the night. The tattered end of his long, worn coat swayed with each step he took. He looked at the equally worn gloves on his hands, wishing they were warmer. He knew he would be warm, but could only hope it would be enough. He approached the other three already standing by the large, ice-clad tree. They came, they had come in time. With a single nod, he led them into the forest.

He knew the journey would be treacherous; he only hoped they were prepared for it.
I warned you.
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