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Green Room

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interracial So Tatiana is working at the Green Room the most popular shoe store. She works there with her boyfriend Mike. Yet something is awky about the relationship. Will a new love make or break...

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Green Room

So a beautiful day it was. Outside it was 85 degrees sunny and little light breeze now and again. They were children playing in the streets practicing some day to be in the NBA or NFL. Cute guys with no shirts on showing off their chiseled stomachs. The stupid chicks who think they can compete with me flirting with those gods. To bad I wasn't enjoying it. To bad I wasn't on of those kids playing around or one of those girls flirting with gods.

Instead I was inside the Green Room. I was in the stock room twenty-five minutes ago looking for size 10 Vans in mens for some random skateboard guy. Now twenty-five minutes in the stock room I haven't given him his size ten Vans in mens. Instead I was wandering about life.

Ten minutes ago I heard the yelling of CJ and the customers I was supposed to give shoes to. I heard the loud knocking on the door.

"Tatiana!," he yelled. He was doing this on purpose to make me look bad. I knew Loretta was outside the door. Probably thinking what a horrible worker I was. I know CJ was putting all this crap into her ear and telling her lies about me. That's what I would do.

The door was unlocked he could have came in anytime and called me.

"Sneaky bastard," I sighed. I smirked to myself.

I got up and picked up the box of Vans. I open the door.

Loretta gave me this disapproving look. " See you in my office during break," she walked away apologizing to all the customers for all inexcusable behavior. I knew the drill. I said sorry to all of them too and told them my behavior didn't reflect all the other Green Room employees. I gave the size ten Vans to the customer and apologized again. I rung up his shoes and took off 15 dollars which I knew was coming out of my pay check.

An hour passed before the bug annoyed me again

" So I'm surprised you fucked up again," he smirked. " It's been only two weeks and you hate this job."

I turned to him and gave him my back off stare. Which scared people half to death. He just smirked.

" I'm surprised Loretta didn't fire you," he said.

" Shut up."

We were in the stock room and were doing inventory. The other employees Greg and Sandra came so they took care of the customers. I usually do stock during this time of the day alone. But today CJ wanted to annoy me.

" You know I should watch over you, don't want you looked up in here again."

" Shut up!" I whispered angrily.

I moved to the other side of the room and checked how many size 6 Reebok's in silver and red women we had left. I counted 22 and wrote in on my clipboard. It usually took forty-five minutes to check inventory. It was like the average shoe store small but the Green Room had a stock room the size of a house. There were skateboard shoes, Reebok's, Vans, Nike's, every single converse imagined and all these high end high heels. It was like shoe heaven. Just recently Loretta ordered some freaky looking goth shoes and all these crazy head bangers and emo kids came into the store.

" Hey," whispered a sultry voice. I turned around. It was Mike.

"What are you doing?" I couldn't help but smile. He cut his little afro and had a buzz cut. Which I think showed off his wonderful features better. He had a his uniform a puke green shirt and khakis just like all the Green Room employees. I think he was the only one who could pull the look off, beside me.

" Missed you." He was gone for a few days to go check on his brother. He was really sick. He took off and I did some of his shifts. A good girlfriend would do that. Which is what i did.

" How come you didn't tell me you were coming today?"

I wrapped my arm under his shirt to touch his back. He pulled me in closer. " I wanted to surprise to you. I got a gift for you."

" Really," I spoke in a softer voice. I didn't want CJ ruining my moment. There was a huge self of shoes that separated most side of the room. So he couldn't see us.

" Yeah" we were really close now our lips were only a few centimeters apart.

" How did you sneak in here without the bug seeing you,"

"I'm slick like a...tiger."

" Wow a tiger"

"This is a place for work not making babies."CJ said.

Mike pulled away much to my dismay. " You have a lot nerve," he said. He was over looking CJ. Not by much though.

CJ scoffed. " Me. You have a lot a nerve. You should be fired. And don't think your whole I'm black and I'm ghetto from the hood shit is going to scare me."

I admire CJ for his courage. Though I feel sorry for him this time because he was going to get his ass handed to him.

" Bitch, I'm not acting I'm going to kick your ASS!!!."

" Fine do it," CJ said. By now a reasonable person would have left. But CJ was out of his mind.

I quickly went between the two facing Mike. " Come one lets be reasonable here. I mean were going to get fired over a stupid argument." I batted my eyes doing my sweetest face. I may dislike CJ but that doesn't mean I hated him enough for him to get manhandled by Mike.

" Fine," Mike walked away holding my hand.

" Don't be such a pussy!," CJ laughed. He was pushing it. I never seen CJ fight ,but I have seen Mike fight and I think CJ a wasn't gonna win.

"What!"Mike was pissed he let go of my hand and rushed over to CJ.

" I said don't be such a pussy," CJ said slower and annunciated his words. " Do you want me to spell it out for you."

Then the fight broke lose. Mike and CJ where equally matched. But CJ was somehow beginning to win. Then Mike was winning. I was trying to pull them off while trying to not hurt myself. Loretta came and heard the commotion. We were trying to pry them off each other. CJ was really losing now. The stockroom door was open so all the customers were watching this paper view worthy moment for free. Greg came in and tried to pull CJ off of Mike who was now winning. They were equally matched again. Sandra had closed the stockroom door already. After what felt like forever they were off each other and exchanging profanities. Loretta looked stressed. I her caramel skin had more wrinkles than usual. Her hair seem to turn gray instantly.

She looked at me. Her face was expressionless. She looked down and breathed in heavily. It was hard work pulling CJ and Mike off each other. CJ and Mike were escorted outside.
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