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Reasons Why Richter Didn't Have Those Features

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Richter's having trouble the Form of Mist relic. Pointless screaming and freaking out is going to be common here.

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In 1997, Castlevania fans were saddened after finally entering the Richter cheatcode, playing as Richter wasn't as bad ass as they thought it was going to be.

...Don't get me wrong, it was still very cool, but Richter's gameplay, along with Richter himself, was constricted to Belmont tradition. No ability to use anything else but your Vampire Killer and subweapons.

When Konami was questioned by die-hard fans, they released footages showing why they did not allow Richter's game to have the new features and abilities that made 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night' 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night'.

These are those footages.

In a dark day, the sun is fully blocked by the storm clouds. Lightning cracks the sky as people use whatever they can, newspapers, suitcases, umbrellas, to even a hobo that was sleeping comfortably, and run to a shopping mall. This is where Konami is holding their press conference.

Lightning strikes.

As we zoom in, organ music begins to play, and we start to see human forms through the plexiglass walls that shopping malls usually have. Konami has set up a giant projector screen in front of the mall's water fountain. A whole bunch of fold-up aluminum chairs have been placed in rows in front of it. The Konami speakerman is pacing left and right before finally addressing some intern.

"Hey! Cut the opening music to Final Fantasy Six already! We don't need to the creepy organ music anymore and any longer, and Squaresoft will sue our asses!"

The intern sighs. "It's called SquareEnix now."


The organ music stops. The speakerman walks up to the podium.

"Good afternoon, everybody!"

Lightning strikes.

After all the gasps, screams, and 'We're all gonna die!'s are done, the speakerman clears his throat.

"Bad afternoon, everybody!" He rushes his arms over his head in case lightning was going to strike again. It doesn't.

"Very well then." He composes himself. "Konami has heard your problems and questions, we have received so much of it that we decided to hold this public press conference at a shopping in Passadeena, Texas. We would like to answer your questions by saying that we DID NOT have sexual affairs with that lady. Anything else?"

Someone coughs while everybody says nothing.

"Really? Nothing?"

Yes, nothing.

One, meek Castlevania raises his hand.

"Ah, yes! You, in the Richter Belmont T-shirt!"

"Wasn't this where you were supposed to show a video of why bad ass Richter Belmont got stuck with the traditional Castlevania gameplay while Alucard got the most awesome things of the game?"

The speakerman's face pales. He puts his finger to his ear clip walkie-talkie. Nobody knows what exactly he said but the way he moved his mouth showed that he messed up somehow. The speakerman has to compose himself again.

"R-right!" He smiles widely. "That's what this whole thing is all about! Right! I knew that! ...Right!" He gets his remote control ready for the movie projector. "We thank you fans of the series,"

Someone yells 'I came for the free food!'

The speakerman still smiles. "and yes, fans of the free food, for coming today. Video game scientists at Konami have developed this video of why Richter couldn't have the gameplay mechanics as the main character, Alucard. Please... Enjoy." The lights darken and the projector turns on.

KONAMI presents... "WHAT IF?"

A nerdy looking, fake german scientist looks to the camera. "Guuden tag, gentleman. I vould like to vresent to you a series of 'vhat ifs' that vill definatively explain your dire und inquisitive questions. Virst 'Vhat if', Mist...


After being in so many places that Alucard couldn't have gone in so early, Richter's nearly beaten to death by all the tough monsters and baddies.

"Damn inability to use potions!"

A bat comes in from seemingly nowhere. Richter is about to die. "No! Not after I worked so hard to get this blue, misty, orb-thing!" He forgets to add that dieing by a single, slow moving bat would be pretty embarassing.

In his fear, he tries to shield himself with the blue, misty, orb-thing. The blue, misty, orb-thing is the Form of Mist relic. It starts to glow, but Richter has his eyes closed in fear of the bat.

The bat's squeaks get dimmer and fainter. Richter wonders what's going on. He opens his eyes. The bat had passed right through his misty, foggy body.

Richter's initial thought about his fortune?

"...OHMIGAWD! I'M DEAD!" He begins to sob about being a ghost. "I-I-I don't wanna spend the rest of eternity going 'Boo!' to everybody! Such cruel fate! Is this the end of the Belmont line?! ....I wonder where my body's at?" At first, he had trouble moving his new form around but once he got the hang of it...

"Wheeeeeeeee!" He kept circling in the air. But then he remembered. "Oh yeah, must find body and have Out-of-Body-Experience episode in front of it. Right."

Richter searched everywhere within a five mile radius of where he 'died'. He just couldn't find his bloody body. Maybe why he couldn't find it had something to do with the Form of Mist relic?

"Of course!" His blobby self expanded at the revelation. "It must be that blue, misty, orb-thing that I found!"

Go on, Sherlock, go on...

"It must have..."






"...It must have turned my physical self invisible! It was supposed to make the finder invisible!"

And that's why Richter wasn't allowed to have the Form of Mist option. He just plain didn't get how it worked. Richter was stuck looking for his invisible body just like how Yorick kept looking for his head. For all of eternity. No, not really. But it was still a good twelve hours.
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