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I'm in a hospital bed. Talk about Irony.

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I woke up in a white room and sighed loudly. I then felt someone's hand grab mine. I looked over and saw Frank, his eyes were red, as if he'd been crying, leaned over and gently kissed me.
'You Ok? How do you feel? Need Anything?', he asked, kind of fast.
'Nah babe, I'm just dandy. How long have I been out?'
'Two hours'.
'Ah well, better than nothing, how about you, are you ok?', I was really worried, he looked so......out of it.
'Yeah I'm fine, Mary, I am really sorry, I'm sorry for everything, the crazy fan girls, the tour in two weeks-'
'The tours in two weeks?!' I asked, shocked.
'Yeah, and I love you so much, this is all my fault, if I didn't let you go home by yourself then-'
'Frankie, no stop it now. None of this is your fault. I love you too baby and we need to spend more time together because the tour's in two weeks and-'
'Mary, shh, it IS my fault and I AM going to make it up to you. And anyway, I have a surprise for you...' He pulled out a set of keys.
'Will you accompany us on the tour?' He asked.
'Wait, I thought Brian said..'
'Yes, Brain said yes so therefore Mary says.....'
'YES!' He kissed me gently and went to the doctor to tell him I wasup. He was so cute. The only problem is, what if he finds someone else? Someone better than me on tour?
'I wouldn't swap you for any other girl I meet on tour, you know that right?' I heard from the doorway.
'Frankie, stop doing that fucking mind reading shit, it scares me! And thank you by the way, I love you', He winked and went back out again.


Eeeeewwww you've gone all sappy [Me: I know, how sad..] Very... btw..when is valentines day? [Me: sigh this chapter] OMG [Me: here we go.] PLEAAASSEEEE [Me: maybe.] awwwww [Me: wehehe.]


I woke up is bed. It was the day before we went on tour. I screamed.
'Mary, who's there?!' Asked a very shocked Frank, who had been lying next to me.
'Nothing, I'm just so excited! I love you so much! Go drink coffee and eat cookies!' I said smiling.
'Oh My Gosh, are you serious?' He asked, awe in his eyes.
'YES!' I said and kissed him, but not a second after pulling back a flash of spongebob squarepants boxers flashed past. I just laughed and lied back in bed.

--------------------------------------DANNY'S POV----------------------------------------------
I woke up to a pair of hazel eyes staring at me. I screamed and fell out of bed, hitting my head in the process, I heard laughing from the bed.
'Not Funny!' I pouted.
'Aww come here, tour tomorrow!' said Mikey. I had woken p in hospital after the teenie incident and saw Mikes crying. He then told me that If I still wanted to be with him after what happenedI could go with him on tour!
'You hurted my feelingsh!!' I aid and pouted again. Mikey crawled over and kissed me on the head, then held me in his arms. Tomorrow was going to be great.

-------------------------------------NORMAL POV---------------------------------------------------
I heard Frank yelling on the phone, to who? I have no clue. Why? I have no idea whatsoever, so I just sat on the couch and watched channel [v].
After about 10 minutes Frank hung up.
'And that was....?'
'Ah, and he said....?' Before I could get an answer out of him he walked to Mikey and Danielle's room and knocked loudly. They all came downstairs and sat down, Frank pacing the room.
'Brain heard about what happened at the station'. Said Frank.
'Ohk, well, that's good to know I suppose..'
'No, not good, Brian now has this idea in his head that when we go on tour, the same thing, or similar is going to happen.'
We must have looked like complete idiots sitting there, because in our heads I know we were all thinking, So your point is..? You woke me up for what exactly....?
He must have seen it.
'The girls can't come on tour!' He said.
'What!?' I yelled, the he ran upstairs and shut the door to our room, locking it, and I was surprised when Mikey did the same.

20 minutes, 4 video clips later........
Mikey came running down the stairs, and I laughed when he tripped and landed on Danny.
'Get off!' said Dannielle.
'Come with me', said Mikey. Danielle just gave me a, 'What-the-fuck-am-I-supposed-to-do-now-wait------isn't-mikey-angry?' looks, and I waved her goodbye. She sighed and followed Mikey.

10 minutes, a phone call and a box of cookies later.....
I frowned and walked upstairs, I knocked on my door and it opened, I gasped.
'What in the name of all that is holy?' I asked, shocked.
'Maybe we should value our time together, instead of moping around, and by the way, aren't you glad the at least one of us remembered?' I looked around. Rose petals were everywhere, chocolates were all over my desk and a posted note on the doorframe read:
Happy Valentines

I laughed and nodded, then kissed him hard on the lips. He picked me up.


Note: Ok dudes, here's the thing, I don't do 'scenes' so for now...

[Place Imagination Here]



I woke up and kissed Frank gently on the cheek. He opened his eyes and smiled. I smiled back, and felt something lick my foot. I looked down and saw buddy! Aww he was so adorable.
Then we heard a bus pull up outside.
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