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Episode Four: Doctor

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Canth's first encounter with an Empirial Elite and it's not a pretty one. His opponent can block all of his attacks and heal any damage done to him! How can Canth defeat such a monstrous opponent?

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Episode Four: Doctor

"What the hell was that? I remember being promised more energy for both of us!" Alec yelled at a man covered in white robes.

"You were careless is all. The legendary Jager was behind this plan apparently. He gave you enough energy to deal with #2012 but you two used it recklessly." The main spoke softly.

"You're insane, we didn't have any chance!" Sylvia yelled.

"That was a test really, I've received a letter saying you're to go to the Imperial academy for 'special' training." He said with a smirk. "You were given a quarter of your full energy capacity to see if you were capable of using it to its fullest extent. You should prepare yourself, the academy is a hellish experience." He laughed. "Get going, there will be an escort at oak station."

"And just what the hell will you be doing?!?" Alec yelled.

"Lower your voice. I'm going on assignment to finish #2012. It shouldn't be too difficult." The man in white said before taking off.

Canth was resting on a hill overlooking a vast plain. A mile or so of open plains and at the far ends of the plain were thin amounts of trees. The vastness of the plain was only enhanced by the broad blue sky. Had he not been on a mission of revenge, he would have been able to enjoy such a scene. This was not the case however, and he soon got up and climbed down the large hill he was on.

"This game of yours ends now." He said aware of the persistent presence of Lucia. "The Empire's border is just beyond the trees at the far side of the plain. If you go with me into the Empire." He said, pausing for effect. "You will die!" he said looking at her. "I hope you've learned as much as you can by watching the last three fights... now leave unless you want to die." He said turning his back and walking away.

"I must say this is an interesting little plan, Doctor should be able to deal with him." Jukan smiled, though you wouldn't think that crazed grin was a smile.

"You're both foolish if you think doctor can defeat him." A man told them, walking into the room the two of them were in. The man wore silver armor which covered his whole body; he had long white hair and blood red eyes. Right now his eyes looked soft, somewhat welcoming; despite the fact that the man standing before them was one of the strongest people in the world, and one of the most brutal murderers. "I've read up on some things, I hear he's the most active enemy on the Empire's hit list. So even though there are two thousand and eleven members on the hit list that are stronger than him he's got some of the strongest people going after him?" The man paused. "I'm going to kill him myself."

"What?!?" Jukan said. "The Emperor..."

"The Emperor has given me special permission to kill him. You see, due to the large amount of attention this person has gotten we've gotten appearance details on him, an honor only people on the 1000's list usually receive. He was said to have red eyes." The man said turning to leave.

"Why does that matter?" Jukan asked.

"Because I should be the only one left with red eyes." The man said before departing, his eyes now reflecting the violence and hate within, leaving Jukan and Jager stunned.

Canth was in the middle of the plain, still walking. The grass was surprisingly short and not a single animal in sight. This confused him. It was quite yet the field should have been full of small animals. Canth's eyes widened as he heard a loud noise. "I knew it." was all he said. The sound was getting closer, it sounded like rushing water. Suddenly Canth jumped to the left, his body turned. His hand hit the ground, his body flipped to in a cartwheel like direction. He landed on his feet as water violently erupted from the ground sending small ripples of water through the ground. The soon a man emerged, going up the gushing water. He stood on top of the water, his shining blue eyes full of joy. He was dressed head to toe in white cloth, the traditional garments from the past of a healer. He had fair, bordering pale, skin due to the lack of sunlight on his skin.

"I'm glad it wasn't too easy to kill you, studying the breaks and destruction of a human in a battle is the only excitement I get anymore." He said with glee. The water beneath him fell and splattered against the ground. The healer's feet touched the ground. He stood tall, about six foot. Canth was only five foot nine, conversely Lucia was five foot two.

"State your name." Canth said materializing the glowing blue blade from the sword sheath he carried.

"My name? I guess it's the first time you've actually fought an elite of the Empire. Elites don't have names, you can call me Doctor, take the name with you to the grave." He said with a smirk that wasn't visible because of the cloth over his mouth. He slipped his hand into his robe and revealed eight small jars. He opened the jars and out of them came water, manipulated by his will. "That's not all." He said, turning his back to Canth to show a much larger jar. He grabbed the jar and placed it on the ground. "Now let's begin this fight, that jar's contents aren't completely used up." He said pointing at that jar. "Let's see what you're made of." The water from the smaller jars shot towards Canth. They formed together to form a giant pillar that fell on Canth. Canth jumped at the pillar, holding his sword away from his sword parallel to the ground. The pillar fell on him, but the sword cut it in half, dispelling the effects of the water. Canth landed, and charged at Doctor. His sword's tip was pointing towards the ground. He brought his sword up and slashed Doctor's left arm. A barrier of water rose in front of Canth. He slashed at it, but it froze before he could pierce it.

"So you're already retreating?" Canth asked.

"Heh, you're smarter than that aren't you? I was testing you; I made myself vulnerable on purpose. I always love feeling a large shock of pain before I kill my opponents. Now I'll show you why they call me Doctor." He said with the same smirk on his face. The water from earlier shot out of the ground and formed a round puddle behind him. The water was different in that it didn't absorb into the soil. The water started glowing blue and washed over the large wound on his left arm. The wound made a sizzling noise and the blood dried up and washed away into the water. "Now I'm completely healed. It's time for me to finish this off." Doctor said. Canth jumped back, putting distance between them.

"Let's see you try it." Canth said, with a smirk of his own, pointing the tip of the sword at Doctor.

"Gladly." Doctor laughed a little as he said that. Doctor held his hands up and manipulated the water. The water pillar formed in front of him in the form of two separate pillars. One of the spread in front of him and then fell into the ground while the other shot at Canth. "Water Shot: Great Serpent!" Doctor yelled. The water shot at Canth like a giant snake. Canth dodged it, but it wrapped around him. He cut down through it, and the water fell upon him. Canth was surprised on how highly pressurized it was, his head felt like it was splitting in half. He moved as best he could out of the tide. As soon as he got out he collapsed on the ground. "Water Burst: Water Pillar!" Doctor yelled. The water rose into the air and fell on Canth. He was ready this time; however, he rolled out of the way and managed to get to his feet. The water harmlessly hit the ground. Canth knew it was his turn to attack; he closed the space between them, dodging a few miniature water snakes and cutting others. When he was close enough he leapt into the air and swung his sword downward. The other half of the water rose from the ground and made a half dome around Doctor. "Frozen Water: Dome of Ice!" Doctor yelled. The water froze and the sword hit a large solid block of ice. "Your sword is stronger than an average sword, however my ice is reinforced with a lot of my mana, and it's virtually impenetrable with such a barbaric attack." Canth placed his feet on the ice and pushed off, doing a flip and landing several feet away, once again putting distance between them.

"Damn now what can I do?" Canth said to himself.

"You can't do anything." Doctor said, hearing Canth "There are three kinds of battle movements: Offensive, defensive, and supporting. The elites use all three of them. You seem to be using only one of them. Without a clear defense or supporting mana you'll never beat me. I shall enjoy separating your arms and breaking your legs." Doctor said in a joyous and light voice that masked the sadistic intent behind it. Doctor raised his arms again, the water shot towards Canth. He readied his sword for the coming attack. The water was getting closer when suddenly it arched up at a 90 degree angle and pooled into a sphere above him. Doctor smiled behind the cloth covering his mouth. He clenched his fist and the water began shooting randomly in Canth's direction. In mid-air Doctor froze the water. Canth dodged many of the shots. Jumping left, doing a slight back flip, and then moving right. He knew he couldn't keep dodging, and that soon he would screw up and it would be all over. However the sphere ran out of water. The place where he started out standing was covered in ten foot tall ice needles. Canth charged at Doctor once again.
There's got to be a weakness in that defense of his. Canth thought.

"So that's what you're doing, suicide. Let me assist you." Doctor said. The large ice needles melted and formed a new sphere above them. Canth was close to Doctor now when smaller needles rained down on him. Hundreds of much smaller needles hit Canth. Canth fell, face first into the ground with at least two hundred needles in his back. "What a shame." Doctor said walking over to Canth's body. "You were supposed to last longer, now what will I do for entertainment?" he asked to no one.

"How about dieing!" Canth yelled, getting up suddenly. He stabbed at Doctor. Doctor clapped his hands together and water formed around the sword but it was too late. The sword went almost completely through Doctor's shoulder. The water froze the sword in place and created a barrier. The water in Canth's back melted and went to form another sphere. Canth was going to wait, he jumped, hit his foot on the hilt of his sword and used it to launch himself over the barrier. He emerged behind Doctor who was attempting to heal himself.

"What the hell!?!?" Doctor yelled confused.

"That's its weakness." Canth said punching Doctor. Doctor's body flew less than a food away, however Doctor put water underneath him and froze it. Damnit, he lowered the friction of the ground so he could put more distance between us, that guy's smart. Doctor finally stopped and melted the path of ice he had created.

"Interesting, I didn't think you'd do that much damage with just one stab, that sword is really something else." He said cringing in pain. The water around the barrier melted and shot towards Doctor.

"Oh no you don't!" Canth yelled grabbing his now unfrozen sword and charging Doctor. He would've made it too had he not forgotten about the sphere. He was stooped because of the thousands of needles he had to avoid. He took a step back giving the barrier water time to reach Doctor and produce a barrier. Doctor then began to heal his shoulder.

"Nothing that can't be fixed." Doctor said with a smirk.

"Heh, I'll find another way through that barrier, and then I'll cut you in half. Your weakness is the barrier only protects against frontal assaults, your back is completely exposed." Canth bragged.

"Not a lot of people know that." Doctor said closing his eyes for a moment. "Then again not a lot of people ever go this long uninjured." Doctor said opening his eyes.

"How about I make this easy on you, you tell me all you know on a man named Siln. In exchange I'll spare your worthless life." Canth said with a cold expression on his face. This shocked Doctor.

"Did you say Siln? How do you know of Siln?!?" Doctor said in shock.

"He's my brother." Canth said. His eyes flared with intensity and hatred.

"Those eyes..." Doctor said shaking a bit. "Those are defiantly his..." Doctor collected himself. "No matter, you and he are nothing alike; if I were fighting Siln I wouldn't be alive anymore." Doctor said with a strangely happy chuckle. "Well, since you're 'his' brother, I'll give you a special death. I'm going to break every bone in your body, all at once. An attack I only use once every year, you should feel proud." Doctor said raising his hands to the sky. The water rushed into his hands, all the water too not just his offensive water. His defensive barrier and his medical water all went into his hands. This attack is very risky; I'm using my barrier and my healing water. I have to make absolutely sure he dies in this attack. Doctor thought to himself, clenching all of his muscles in preparation. The water was in a giant sphere, at least three times the size of the regular attack sphere. The water floated into the sky. Damnit the strain on my mana to lift this water in the air and still maintain its shape is extraordinary. Doctor said in his mind. Shit that thing is massive. I have to avoid that attack, if I can do that, I can kill Doctor.

"Here I come." Canth yelled charging at Doctor.

"Good, come to me, come to your death!." He said, swing his arms at Canth. The water sphere ruptured at the bottom in and water poured towards Canth. "Water Blast: Lake Crasher" Doctor yelled as the water shot towards Canth. The water was spread out; it looked like an ocean except it was in the sky and falling rapidly at Canth. He knew if the attack hit him it was over. He moved to get out of the way as the water came down on him with a large enough force to impact the ground. A few moments later the water was all used up. There was a part of the earth that sank due to the large force of the attack. Doctor walked up to the miniature lake, panting. "Finally..." he said. "Let's see that nice broken corpse he produced." He said out loud. He started pulling strands of water out, lacking the power to pull it all at once. When he got to the end he found no hint of a body. "What... I could've sworn I got him, there wasn't anyway he could've escaped.... So what happened...?" he asked. His eyes darted around looking for anyone but finding no one. He looked left, observing the landscape when a sword went through his chest. "How...?" he asked in disbelief.

"That hole you came out of at the beginning of this fight. I jumped in there when the wave obscured your vision. Then I waited until you turned your back." Canth said victorious. He removed the blade from Doctor, who slumped and fell to the ground. He turned around so that he lay on his back with Canth's sword pointed at his neck. "No more games, tell me about Siln." He demanded. Doctor's arms were spread from his body, unable to do anything.

"I never would've dreamed this was the way I was to be defeated. You're more like him then I thought." He said taking deep wheezing breaths.

"What did you say?" Canth said with great intensity. His eyes had a burning flame of hate in them that Doctor noticed.

"My apologies. However, I won't betray the Empire. He said.

"So be it." Canth said, raising his sword to finish it. Canth swung but a small bit of water shot in the way and froze, stopping him. Doctor kicked Canth's unguarded chest, sending him flying backwards. Canth managed to get his feet on the ground and keep close to Doctor who was now getting up. He put water on his arm and froze it. Shit, I hardly have any mana left. I can't keep this up, my lake crasher wasted almost all my mana. Doctor thought to himself. What little water he controlled floated over to him and flowed around his arm.

"One last time, Ice Shot: Frozen Arm!" he proclaimed as the water froze. Why the hell did he do that? It doesn't matter, this is over. Canth thought as he closed in for the kill. What happened next was a complete surprise. Canth swung down and Doctor actually used his now frozen limb to block his attack! "That fucking right arm of yours, the one that holds the sword. I've lost my patience, I'm going to tear it off and kill you afterwards." He said angrily. Canth tried to punch Doctor in the face with his left hand but Doctor grabbed it. Doctor angled his arm at Canth while still holding the sword and in one motion, slid his whole arm and hit Canth in the head with it. Canth lost his footing and almost flew off but managed to get his hand on the ground and do a flip, landing on his feet. Canth's face was bleeding more than ever now, it wasn't too bad but it was very noticeable.

"Reinforcements?" Canth said looking past Doctor. Doctor turned around to see Alec and Sylvia.

"And just what are you two doing here? I've got this under control. Why haven't you gone to training yet?!?" He asked annoyed and confused.

"We're not going to training." Alec said defiantly.

"What...?" Was all Doctor got out. Alec opened the mouth in his hand and started sucking in Doctor's energy. "Traitorous bastard!" he yelled out. The air and all of Doctor's energy were being sucked into Alec's arm. Doctor made a quick motion; a small bit of water got over the mouth and froze, sealing the mouth. Doctor shot more water at his shoulder and froze it, then he kicked it, breaking his whole arm off. Sylvia opened her mouth but it was too late, Doctor had fled. He made a ball of water, as small as he could and flew into the air. Then he dropped into the hole he originally came from and disappeared.

"Let's get out of here too." Alec said. Sylvia acknowledged him with a nod and took off, taking Alec's severed arm with him.

"Damnit!" Canth yelled out. "Oh well." He said quickly calming down. "I guess I'll just go into the Empire and find him." Canth said, taking off again. The once beautiful field was now tore up from their battle. He finally got to the far end of the field. He noticed that the trees in front of him were thin, so thin that he could see clear to the other side. He walked through them for about five minutes and emerged outside. He saw less than a mile away a watch tower, as he approached it he heard a familiar voice.

"It's been a long time, brother."

"You..." Canth said turning around and preparing his weapon.


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