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Good Morning, Mr. Stump.

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Patrick meets a girl, and her cup of coffee

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The glowing numbers on her digital bedside clock were the only source of light in her pitch-black room. She slept soundly in complete darkness until that glowing red hit 8:30am- her alarm clock sounded. Tyler grunted as her hand reached around for the snooze button. After a few minutes of failure, she decided to just get up. Groaning in disapproval as she kicked off her sheets and allowed the cool air to attack her body, Tyler began her day.
She took a sip from her morning cup of coffee and cringed as the hot substance burned its way down her throat. She silently gave thanks to the inventor of the automatic coffee machine. Taking one final sip to rid her morning sleepiness, she dragged herself into the bathroom and then into the shower.
Tyler wiped off the steam that clung onto the bathroom mirror with a corner of the towel that was draped over her as well. She scrunched up her nose at the sight of her makeup-less face.
"Time to put the face on" her voice dripped with sarcasm and she headed for her bedroom. On the table sat only a few items of makeup: eyeliner, mascara and Chap Stick. She noted to herself that she knew more than a couple friends who wore much more make-up then she did. After a quick blow-dry and an even quicker straightening job on her hair, she smiled approvingly at her reflection. Her brown hair hung just slightly over her shoulder and her bangs covered her left eye only allowing a little bit of her hazel eyes to peak through.
Scrounging through her closet and a pile of shoes, Tyler finally decided on a pair of Chucks and some straight leg jeans, accompanied by a striped green and gray shirt. With one last glance in the mirror, she grabbed her over sized purse and headed for the record store she called her job.
As Tyler walked down the sidewalk, she realized she had forgotten to finish her coffee. When she glanced upwards, she saw a green sign. Starbucks.
"Excellent" and she entered the coffee house.
Extra large coffee in hand, Tyler began her mission once more. She looked down for a brief second to find a pocket she could stash the change in. Suddenly, she felt a larger person crash into her head on. Spilling her freshly brewed cup of heaven everywhere.
"Shit" she mumbled angrily. Tyler attempted to wipe off the scalding coffee from her arms and hands. Frustrated and mildly in pain she looked up only to be greeted by a slightly taller man peaking out from under a ridiculous looking hat that stated his love for bingo.
"I'm sorry about that" he began apologizing.
"No, no, my fault. I should have been paying attention. Oh god, it's all over you. I think I have some tissues somewhere in here. Hold my purse." Tyler handed the man her purse. Sensing in was more of a demand rather than a question he took it hesitantly. He looked around nervously to make sure nobody was watching him, after all he was carrying a purse.
"Ah, here it is" Tyler held the tissue up triumphantly. "Thanks, so, do you think it will stain?" he asked, a little dumbfounded after it came out more feminine than he had planned it to be.
"Not sure, I hate laundry" Tyler grinned at him. "Anyways, I gotta jet." With that, she began walking away. Stopping abruptly she turned around. "I'll see you tonight" she stated with a hint of laughter in her voice.
Patrick stopped in his tracks. Does she know who I am? Why didn\'t she mention it before? Not to be bigheaded or anything, but when people see me she usually start with how much they love the band. Turning around and following suit Patrick shouted
"HEY" suddenly feeling stupid for doing this he turned a light shade of red "Um, where ya' off to?" Grinning to herself, Tyler thought about her answer for a brief second.
"To get some more coffee," she shouted back.
"Can I get your name?" Patrick asked desperately afraid she would walk away.
"It's Tyler. I'll see you tonight." And she walked away. She tried hard to contain her excitement so her inner 'teenie' would not show. She has just doused ¼ of Fall Out Boy with hot coffee and he was still interested enough to ask her name.
"Whoa man, what the hell happened to you?" Pete asked a little shocked that his best friend has walked in covered in something dark brown.
"Um, some girl spilled coffee on me" Patrick began telling his story.
"Damn, she seems mysterious" Andy stated in awe.
"Yeah, totally. It suited her." Patrick sighed. "Think I'll ever see her again?" he asked his best friends.
"Well," Pete began "she said she would be at the concert tonight but it\'s not like you can call her name on stage. And looking for her in the crowd is completely out of the question because it would be impossible. So I'd say no, you probably won't."
"Thanks for your optimism, Pete" Patrick sighed again.
"Plus you don't know what section she would be in so that makes it even more impossible" Joe added evidently at the wrong time.
"5:00pm, punch out time" Tyler muttered relieved. She gathered her things and headed out of the record store. Heading towards the Molson Amphitheatre, Tyler got her eye caught on a piece of bristol board in Grand and Toy. She went inside and grabbed the board along with a black and silver Sharpie then paid for them. She wrote on the board in dark letters. Stepping back, she admired her work. It was messy and it definitely looked like a last minute job, but it was readable. It read:
She thanked the clerk and headed out the door and toward the amphitheatre.
Floor tickets. It's unfortunate her friend caught the flu. Suddenly everyone went wild. She looked up and saw Andy come onto stage followed by Pete, Joe and Patrick. Tyler let a few whistles and yells out before she decided now would be a good time to hold up the sign.
Walking onto the stage, Patrick couldn't help but smile at the turn out. Who knew Toronto had so many fans. Then, he remembered./ There's absolutely no way I'd find her in all of this./ Pete looked at Patrick and noticed the look on his face. Waving and flashing his signature Pete Wentz smile, he walked over to Patrick. Nudging him, he leaned in close and whispered into his ear loud enough so only he could hear.
"I spy with my little eye, Patty." And nodded towards the neon yellow sign that had black letters splashed across it. He let his eyes focus on it and read it. He let a grin play along his lips.
"How you doin' TORONTO?!" he yelled into the microphone. It\'s going to be a good night.
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