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Where's Randy?

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Patrick meets a girl, and her cup of coffee.

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A table at Tim Hortons is where the 5 ended up. Well 4, if you count Andy's brief absence. He went to get some 'wholesome better' food. By this, he meant something that came from the ground, somthing vegan. The four sat around a table eying the 2 dozen doughnuts sitting in the middle, calling each of their names. Alright, only 3 were pesently at the table. Tyler made a stop in the bathroom.
"Dude, she's going to take forever, just let me have one" Pete whined through clenched teeth, he had hunger pains.
"Seriously, who knows what she's doing in there. let's just start" Joe said with his hopes almost as high ah his hunger level.
"Stop being babies. She'll be out soon. She'll feel awkward if we started without her, wouldnt you?" Patrick asked the other two.
"No" they stated in unison.
Patrick breathed out heavily. It was useless. Plus she was taking kind of long. He looked around still in the bathroom "Alright, whatever, just eat" He said defeated. All three grabbed a doughnut.
"Are you sure? cause we can wait if you want" Joe said with his mouth full of half chewed doughnut.

Tyler sat on the bathroom counter reflecting on the past - she looked at her watch - 15.5 hours. She still couldnt believe she was sitting at Timmy Ho's with the members of Fall Out Boy./ i think I really like Patrick. He's so-/ Tyler's thoughts were interupted by 2 girls entering the bathroom.
" NO WAY! that was totally just Fall Out Boy stuffing their faces out there!" one girl practically screeched.
"Nuh uh, NO WAY!" The other girl shook her head. "There's like 4 boys in that band!"
"You're right. Where's Randy?" the girl asked her friend.
"Randy? oh right, him. i dunno." the girl shrugged her shoulders. Tyler let her laughter leak out while the girls killed her with their eyes. "You better watch it, Fall Out Boy's out there" Tyler sat there for a moment and tried to figure out what that had to do with their stupidity and decided on something to say.
"OMG. NO WAY!" she mimicked their voices, and walked out of the bathroom. Tyler saw the boys sitting at the table. Andy had returned. She walked over and took a seat. "Hey Randy" she said while taking a masssive bite of a doughnut and burst out into a fit of laughter. She coughed and choked pieces of doughnut out everywhere while her eyes teared from laughing.
Andy leaned in close to Patrick and whispered "Run away, right now."
"Hey i heard that" she managed to say between laughing and coughing. The boys all looked at her confused with the wrong name she had called their drummer until they heard rather loud attempts at whispering. "Oh my god. Randy's back!!" they looked and saw 2 girls.
Hearing this, the entire table joined Tyler who was still struggling, and began to laugh and choke. Tyler of course, still laughing the hardest. She fits in perfectly the boys all thought at the exact same moment.

Patrick and Tyler walked hand in hand. He had offered to walk her home, it was 2:30am and extremely dark. He had wanted an excuse to have some alone time with her, while at the same time wanted her to arrive safely. In return, she offered the band a place to stay for the few weeks they were in town. Andy, Joe and Pete went to pick up the van and whatever else they needed while Tyler and Patrick got a head start by foot.
"Yeah, it gets lonely sometimes" she told Patrick "I would love the company. It must be nice to always have 3 best friends everywhere you go" she looked up at him awaiting his answer.
"Yeah it's pretty great. But just cause i always have people around, doesnt mean i dont get lonely" he looked back at Tyler. Both hadn't realized they had stopped walking. Patrick brushed her bangs out of her face. "Your eyes are amazing" he whispered and kissed her on the forehead. Tyler snuggled into him and he wrapped his arms around her protectively holding her in a hug.
When he let go, she smiled and stared at him. "I wish you didn't have to go back on tour" she said a little sadly. She didn't know him well enough to let him go yet.
"I still have a few days here. Let's not think about it okay?" he said matching her sad voice without even trying. He really liked her. Still looking into her eyes, he leaned in closer to her face. "I think i'm going to kiss you n-"
"HEY LOSERS! GET IN!" Pete drove up in the van honking his horn. The two closed their eyes in frustration and Patrick muttered profanity under his breath. "LET'S GOOOOOOO" Pete yelled honking even more. Tyler looked at Patrick and began to laugh. He smiled at her lighthearted attitude and grabbed her hand dragging her into the van.
Tyler inched off her seat a little in order to see out the windshield. "Turn..." she held out both her hands in 'L' shapes and thought for a second. "Turn LEFT at this corner" she smiled approvingly to herself.
there's that smile again Patrick thought, and smiled along with her.
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