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Misunderstandings stand misunderstood.

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Patrick meets a girl, and her cup of coffee.

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Beep, Beep, Beep A half awake Tyler threw her hand out from under the covers and landed it on the top of her alarm clock. Raising her head she looked at the time- 7:00am. It was Wednesday, which meant she had her business course. Tyler wanted to start her own business; she wanted to open her own chain of cafes that featured local bands every night. She absolutely loved places like that. But first, she had to understand the world from a business point of view.

It had been 2 days since the boys left, and 7 days since she met Patrick. Tyler remembered holding back tears because she didn't want him to think she was too attached, Patrick was doing the same. They ended they're days together with an exchange of phone numbers, emails and a kiss goodbye.

"I promise I'll call you every night, and whenever else I have free time." Patrick looked into her eyes for some sort of a sign that would tell him she would answer and make an attempt to do the same. He saw nothing.
"If you can't keep a promise, you shouldn't make it," Tyler said barely above a whisper. She wanted to believe him and she wanted him to call her as much as he could but she couldn't bring herself to show him that. "Do what you can." She said even quieter and looked at the ground.
He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head up so she was looking directly at him. Her eyes glistened and he could tell she was holding back the same tears that threatened to roll out of his eyes. "You know I will," he said reassuringly.
Although it seemed Tyler was being cold, she was really trying to be strong. Truth is, she had done this before. She had dated a musician and it didn't work out. Touring is a demanding and tiresome job. Every time they had time together he just looked so exhausted and Tyler couldn't bring herself to make him use his breaks, on her. She understood and they broke it off. She looked at Patrick who looked a little hurt but was hiding it well. She closed her eyes and allowed a tear to roll down her cheek. It was wiped away by his thumb. "Be safe," was all she said after he kissed her.

Tyler hadn't realized she was crying while brushing her teeth until she looked into the mirror after she remembered what happened. He hadn't called, not once since he got onto that bus. Maybe it was better that way. Sure, they had a lot of fun those 5 days. She had every single one of those memories tucked away in a box full of pictures of the 5 of them. But this way, they wouldn't get too attached before it was broken off which, Tyler was sure, would eventually.

She stepped out of the shower and immediately heard the phone ringing. She hesitated for a minute and ran to the phone.
"Hello?" she said breathlessly
"Hello?" the other person began "Tyler? It's Professor Stanley. I have a letter here addressed to you from Harvard University. Will you be coming to class today?"
"Yes, Professor Stanley, I'll be there today," She said overdramatically holding back a giggle. "If you could hold it until I arrived, I'd appreciate it." her heart raced. This professor had convinced her to send a transfer letter to Harvard and almost guaranteed her she would be accepted.
"No problem, see you soon" with that, he hung up.

One traffic jam later, she pulled into the parking lot of the University of Toronto. Packing and leaving for the USA wasn't a problem. Tyler came from a wealthy family that paid for everything for her. They offered to buy her a decent sized house but she refused, "I don't like living by myself in big spaces" she left it at that to her parents. Instead she saved up her own money and bought a condo pretty close to everything she needed to get to.
It was the maid that raised her and her younger sister, who was now in San Francisco. She promised "Auntie" Mina that she would find her a nice place to live, somewhere warm when her business took off. She was like her mom, and Tyler felt she owed her everything. She was her mom, her friend, playmate, cook, and maid all at once. She was family.
Not that Tyler's parents didn't love her, they would give her everything to make her happy. But they were 'high class' and had a 'reputation' to live to. Therefore, Mina lived with them because her parents were rarely home. Social parties and business vacations were routine. When Tyler had nightmares, it was Mina's bed she would climb into. Or when she couldn't sleep, it was Mina that made her PB&J sandwiches and sat beside her telling stories. She smiled remembering those times. Lord, she really hated being alone back then. Actually, she isn't too fond of it now either.

*HONK* a car from behind her snapped her back to reality. She looked in her rearview and waved. "Sorry" she mouthed. Pulling into a parking spot, she got out and jogged to her class.
"Sorry I'm late. I got held up" she looked at her professor who had a ridiculously goofy smile on his face.
"I'm sorry, I couldn't wait. I know it's invasion of privacy, but I opened it" they were really formal towards each other.
"That's fine. But if it's bad news don't tell me." Tyler said stepping back a few steps.
"Alright I won't tell you," he said. His smile gave it away though.
Tyler screeched "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" she was jumping up and down. "IM TRANFERRING TO HARVARD!!!!!!!!!" now they were both jumping and screaming. It's unfortunate her business professor was gay. He was really good looking. He had an abnormally high-pitched scream though.
By the end, they were both out of breath. "So, when are you going to pack?" he asked breathing in and out heavily.
"I'll probably start tonight. I know this is a little late notice, but can you help me. Dave? I'll buy you a coffee," she asked batting her eyes.
"You know damn well I don't fall for those eyes," he said jokingly. "Make it a green tea latte with soy milk and you got a deal" he replied.
"Great. My place tonight?" she said before she started heading out the door."
"Yeah, but Tyler, you have my class right now, where are you going?" he asked a little puzzled.
"Davey, I don't need your class anymore, silly." She laughed and stuck her tongue out while dodging a crumpled piece of paper aiming for her head. She ran out the door and to her car. When she got home, she called her parents and Mina with the condo phone, her cell was nowhere is sight. And she didn't feel like looking for it now. After telling them the new she looked at the time.
"Enough time for a bowl of soup and a movie" she said to herself and she settled in.

Dave was driving to Tyler's when her phone started vibrating. She left it on his desk and he thought he'd be nice and bring it to her. Hesitating, he picked it up. It could be her calling to see where it was and who had it.
Keeping his eyes on the road, David flipped it open with his teeth. "Hello?"
The person hesitated and then replied. "Hello? Who is this? Where's Tyler?" the person asked a little confused.
"This is David. Tyler left her phone in my room so I'm bringing it to her condo" he replied happily. He was doing a good deed. Click the person on the other line hung up. David looked at the display. Patrick. "Well, Patrick. You are one rude fellow. I wouldn't date you, that's for sure." David said to himself while still driving.

"Dude, what's wrong? I was only joking about the 'call-her-before-someone-else-grabs-her' thing, man. Chill out." Joe said a little worried that his friend was angry about his comment on Tyler being 'one hot piece of the pie'
"I know. I called her" Patrick replied quietly.
"And?" Pete looked up from his laptop "Was she happy?"
"I dunno." Patrick said back "aguyanswered" he jumbled his words together and said them super quiet almost like he was embarrassed to tell them.
"What?" Pete asked bewildered at the last part.
"A GUY ANSWERED" Patrick yelled angrily and stormed into the bunk area and buried his face into his pillow.
"Shit son." Was all Andy managed to say.

Dave arrived at Tyler's and they already started packing. 30 minutes in, he remembered her cell phone and whipped it out of his pocket. "I almost forgot. You better be careful where you leave that or someone less nice, and less good-looking than me will pick it up and take it home" he joked.
"Thanks Davey" she elbowed him gently. "Any calls?"
"Yeah, from a 'Patrick' fellow. He was totally rude though. You better not be dating him because I was telling myself in the car that no matter how good looking he might be, he's rude and" David looked around and Tyler was gone. "Well, I guess they do indeed fit nicely together. They're both the same" He huffed and continued packing.
Tyler was calling Patrick. It's been ringing for a while./ doesn't matter, I'll get his voice mail/
"Hello?" Tyler was taken aback. A girl answered. She hung up immediately and covered her mouth in shock. "Ouch" she said quietly hung her head. She walked into the bedroom "Dave, let's pack another time, I don't feel so good" with that, she crawled into bed and buried her face in her pillow

Patrick was ashamed at what he did. He felt like a jerk. And if he found out someone had done that to Tyler, he knew they'd be on the ground in a second. So why had he done it to her? He felt sick to his stomach. what the fuck kind of a person would do that to someone they cared about?
He paid the girl "Thanks" he mumbled.
"Hey Charlie!!" he could hear the homeless girl behind him as he walked away. "This kid just paid me 20 dollars to answer his phone!" she sounded ecstatic. Too bad he wasn't. He had purposely hand picked the worng idea, and jammed it into her head. But it doesn't matter i guess. Her new toy, David, would help her through it.
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