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Not Too Troublesome

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Shikamaru's tired and talking to someone whom he barely knows. A glimpse into the mind of everyone's favorite Nara.

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Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters do not belong to me, although I have fun pretending. In reality, they belong to Masashi Kishimoto-sensei, who is unbelievably talented. Please do not sue me and crush my fragile dreams.


I like being called lazy. Good word for the people like me. People who have gotten so used to inactivity that life itself is really too much trouble to bother with.

No, I'm not suicidal. I just tend to be a bit...introspective. After what happened with Akatsuki, people tend to just leave me alone.

Yeah, they talk about me behind my back. You want to know what they say?

They say that I've cracked. They say that the geniuses always do in the end. It happens quicker for some. Kakashi-san has managed to make it all these years without killing himself, and by now he's just a little odd, a little perverted, a little old for a job that requires young minds and young bodies to be its human sacrifice.

Oh great, I'm getting depressing again. Feel free to leave.

No, it's not too troublesome if you stay. I don't use that phrase anymore. Not after Akatsuki. He said I could be Hokage. He said...

No, I'm not going to tell you what no one else knows. Not even Chouji and Ino know, and they're the only people who care enough to get close to me anymore.

Yeah, Naruto would have been here with me if he'd known. If he hadn't gone off after Sasuke again.

Temari? Ha. No, I'm not going out with Temari. Never have, never will. She's too...I suppose she'd be troublesome if...Well, I think you know what I'm getting at.

So that just leaves Chouji and Ino. And Kurenai-san, I suppose. She came over after we got back and asked to know what he said before he died. It hurt to see her after I told her he didn't say anything about her, but I think she knew that he was ninja, and there were things more important than love.

I think she knew that he loved her anyways, and that words from the mouth of his student were unnecessary.

That's what I tell myself anyways.

Okay, back to the questions.

Am I shooting for Hokage? Hell no. That's Naruto's job. I...I suppose I'm going to go on being the dutiful little ninja. Loyalty to village and to country. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh yes, and loyalty to the mission.

Can't forget the mission.

You know what? I think Naruto had a point.

I think it's time to be a ninja my way.

And if Akatsuki happens to lose a member or two....Well, they'll just have to deal.

Because I'm not going to back down.

That is my ninja way.

Thanks for coming by. I feel a lot better now.

When you write my story, don't put my name.

Just call me...Just call me Lazy. Call me Vengeance. Call me whatever you want.

Just make sure everyone knows me. Knows my story. So that they can look at themselves, and wonder what we're doing wrong.
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