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Tyler's re-occuring dream.

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"Finally! Christmas Break! I've been waiting forever for this to come. 2 weeks of freedom!" Tyler threw her arms in the air and jumped around with her face towards the sky. David trudged along in the snow behind her shaking his head.
"So what are you doing here if you aren't coming with us to Florida?" Their families were close, and that's how they knew each other. David babysat for Tyler's parents when Auntie Mina wasn't feeling well. Both families, minus Tyler, were to spend 2 weeks in sunny heaven.
"I'm not sure. I'm going to take a shot, and say it involves a lot of sleeping around." Tyler slowed her pace and was walking beside David now.
"Ew, don't tell me that, you sicko." David made a face and Tyler playfully punched him.
"Not like that, you dirty minded child" she laughed and threw some snow at him. They laughed and talked until they reached a Starbucks. When Tyler had her coffee and David had his green tea latte with soymilk, they took a seat and began talking.
"So, David, is your boyfriend going along with you guys to Flor-" her cell phone vibrating, indicating she had a text message interrupted her. She flipped it open and read it. She looked confused and that pushed David to ask her what happened. "Nothing, I just got a text message"
"From?" David was getting frustrated from the built up curiosity.
"Um, this guy I met, Patrick." David recognized that name but didn't say anything.
"What did it say?" he asked instead.
"That he wanted to see me over the holidays" Tyler was still trying to puzzle this out. They hadn't spoken for more than 3 weeks. Why all of the sudden?
"So, what's the problem?" David asked
"Um, nothing. Can I take a rain check on our trip to the mall?" she asked getting up.
"Mhmm, I'll see you later." David waved goodbye.

"Pete?" Patrick asked him still half asleep. "What are you doing with my cell phone?"
"Nothing buddy, I... I thought I heard it ringing," he lied, "go back to sleep, false alarm."
"Kay" Patrick answered already dozing. Pete clicked send and put the cell phone back on Patrick's pants. There was no way he was going to let his best friend go on feeling all depressed like this. Pete was surprised Patrick even fell asleep tonight. With one quick glance at the screen Pete left the room. All the boys were crashing at Andy's pad that night. They were back home for Christmas.

Tyler felt her phone vibrate for the third time that day. She flipped it open and looked at what was written.
See you tomorrow night. Tyler put her cell phone back on her nightstand and shut off the lights.

'Are you sure you want to do this?" No matter how much he wanted this, he wanted her to want it more before he continued.
She locked eyes with him "More than anything right now" she gave him a sly smile.
"There's something about you" he began trailing kisses along her neck and shoulders. He was hovering over her on her bed. "And I don't know what it is," he slid the strap of her tank top off one shoulder, followed by the strap of her bra so he wouldn't miss a single inch, "but it turns me on more than you can believe" his voice was hoarse and low and it made her anxious. She started unbuckling his belt when it became too much. 5 minutes in and she was already impatient. He grabbed both her hands with one of his and whispered "not yet, Ty" he raised both of her hands so they were over her head and pinned them there. He continued kissing everywhere.
Tyler tried to wiggle her hands free but failed miserably. Patrick smiled at her attempt but continued his kisses and used his free hand to lift her shirt and bra over her breasts. He cupped his hands over one sucked on the other. He stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were closed. "Are you going to be good and not interrupt my thing? Or do I need to keep your hands pinned?" he tried not to laugh to ruin the moment. She nodded and he let go. He grabbed her tank top by the bottom and lifted it over her head and took her bra off during the process. He cupped both of her breasts and kissed her deeply. He kissed back hungrily and pushed her body up to meet his. He could feel his arousal grow by the second.
Tyler shifted her body weight when Patrick was deep into the kiss and rolled so she was on top now. She took his shirt off and began working on his belt again, while Patrick stroked her hair and watched her concentration. When she finally got it off she worked on his jeans. He moved his hand lower and undid the button on her pants. Luckily, she wasn't wearing a belt. When they were both left with nothing but their underwear and boxers she straddled him. He leaned up and they kissed each other again with even more heat then before. She began grinding against him while they were kissing and she could feel Patrick let the kiss go immediately and started breathing heavier.
She smiled and slipped her hands under the elastic of his boxers. She could almost feel him growing in her hand. Patrick was gasping as she stroked him up and down. She slid his boxers all off as he lifted his hips and allowed her to do so. She took him entirely in her mouth and it took everything for Patrick to not push her head down. The warmth of her mouth could be electrified throughout his entire body. He stroked her hair and closed his eyes. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge.
He grabbed her hands and pulled her up to him and made her lay down. He put a pillow under her hips to allow better access and inserted a couple fingers. She gasped and closed her eyes. She started rocking her hips to try and get his finger deeper while he licked her to heaven. Patrick knew she was getting extremely close and he stopped. She opened her eyes and saw him staring at her. She smiled and he positioned himself in between her legs. With a hand on each side of her hips he pushed into her all the way. He let out a low moan and she held back a scream. He held it there for a few seconds while Tyler rocked herself. To be honest, he could probably get off just staying inside of her like this. She was totally tight enough. It was perfect
Despite his theory he began moving back and forth as she met him with her own thrusts every time. She was a screamer, that's for sure, but Patrick wasn't too quiet himself. They were positive the entire building could hear them, not to mention the other three in the same condo. Patrick has his head in the crook of her neck. Both were breathing hard, moaning and screaming and they could tell they were so close. The sweat was beading off of them and with one last thrust from each their orgasms came crashing down on both of them, Patrick collapsed onto Tyler and they laid there a tangles mess of nakedness. When he finally pulled out of her and rolled so he was beside of her instead of on top, he pulled her close and kissed her head, she smiled and closed he eyes.

Tyler jerked awake in the morning. She looked beside her and the bed was empty. Letting a breath out she mumbled. "Ugh, no more food before bedtime." She got up and shook her head to rid herself of the memory and headed for the kitchen when she remembered. "SHIT. I'm meeting him today!" She glanced at her clock. "4 hours".
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