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Building Walk

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Criss attemts his most dangerous stunt yet...the Building Walk

Category: Criss Angel Mindfreak - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure - Published: 2005-10-02 - Updated: 2005-10-03 - 341 words

It starts out as a hot day in Las Vegas, but as the day goes on the wind starts to pick up. Figures, this is the day Criss Angel will attempt his building walk. Not just any building walk. One in which he will perform without a net, safety harness, or anything to protect him if he falls.

"Criss are you seriously going to walk down the side of the Aladdin Hotel today?" asks his brother JD.

"Of course I am, come on your not going to try and talk me out of it are you?" Criss says.

Jd does not love these demonstrations Criss performs. They are way to dangerous and way to out of the ordinary. He worries about his brother. I mean the guy has already been sumerged in a tank of water, tied up to a chair, picked up a taxi, hung from fish hooks, levitated himself, set himself on fire, drove a car blind folded, and not to mention pulled needles out of his belly button. Why walk down the side of a building?

Before Criss attempts his walk. He decides to head across the street to freak some people out. He ends up meeting 2 girls and wants to show them some demonstrations. Of course they are up for it, I mean it's Criss freaking Angel. So he not only shows them the chain around the neck trick but he shows them the walking through a plate glass window trick. How in the hell is this guy doing it. Then it's back to the hotel for his big adventure.

Criss starts out slow walking down the side of the hotel with no shoes on. He looks like spider man.

"That's not humanly possible." screams a spectator.

As Criss gets closer to the ground he makes his move and stands straight up. Once again Criss has done the unthinkable. What will be next on his wil adventure. What exactly is going on in that head of his? I guess you'll have to stay tuned. Until next time.
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