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A tag for 'The Woods'. Scotty's thoughts as he waits. Very short oneshot

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Disclaimer: Do I look rich? Huh? I own none of it.

My first Cold Case fic so forgive me. I was gonna write it with hints of L/S and I suppose if you squint there's a little in there, but really, there's only friendship. For now. Hmm...


By Chaimera

Scotty watched as Stillman marched away from him, a determined look on his face. A part of him wanted to stop him, knowing that George could kill Lilly at any moment if he even thought that someone was coming into the house. The other part of him wanted to follow. To storm the small attic room and beat the crap out of the sick bastard who had his partner, his friend at gun point barely a minute away.

His eyes were fixed on the window that looked down on the front garden from the attic as he waited, tensely for any sign of activity.

An almost imperceptible shiver ran through him as he remembered George's voice on the end of that phone. He had sounded so smug, so pleased with himself and in the background, Scotty could almost hear her. Heavy breathing, the catch of a sob stuck in her throat. It wasn't like Lilly to cry. Over anything. He didn't even want to think about what that bastard could be saying to her, doing to her.

The thought of her alone with that psycho made his stomach turn. His thoughts jumped back to when he had first been transferred and met one Lilly Rush. Rude, brash, stubborn, brilliant woman that she was, they hadn't gotten on great at first. She was sore over loosing her old friend but after awhile of working together she had warmed and so had he. And he had found out that working cold cases wasn't so boring.

The wait was killing him. They had been through so much together and they'd just made up to. The argument over Chris was one of the stupidest he could think of. He cringed inwardly that he'd fallen for her act. Of course, Lilly had been right once again. Christina had screwed him over and then disappeared. He was just glad he had managed to salvage his relationship with Lilly.

The loud rapport of gun shots jolted him from his thoughts and he dashed towards the house with only one clear thought in his mind.


Yeah, I know. Really short but that's how I intended it, especially since its 1am. Reviews and constructive criticism are craved.

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