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a slightly angsty revengeish poem

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Dedicated to Libby; Miriam, Kaitlyn and Julia... again

Alyson was running

An Outcast at 15

Running, Running, Running

Through the portal

Across the worlds

Finally landing

Her old life is gone

Did they even believe

The accusations they made?

How could they think she would do such a thing?

Did he believe?

She saw the look on his face

That guilt ridden look

Was he the informant?

Alyson was searching

Searching her memories

Hating, Hating, Hating

Hating him for betraying her

Hating them for believing him



Everything was slowing

Everything was clearer

Waiting for someone

Waiting for something

She was waiting for the moment

For Revenge

Alyson smiled
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