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another angsty poem, companion to Alyson

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Dedicated to Libby; Miriam, Kaitlyn and Julia; you inspire this pen

Prowling, always prowling

Homeless, Ragged, Alone

Revolting her people

Disgusting her parents

Evicted because of cruel intent

Stalking, ever stalking

Watching, Wishing, Hoping

Four years to wander

Four more to go

Until a change might occur

In the way she lived

If she lived

But what would happen if she did not

Would it drive her to the ground?

Screaming, never screaming

Yet the mental link drove her mad

Could she kill again?

Like she had before

Making a living of her torment

Listening, always listening

Waiting for the chance to strike

The Grey Wanderer

And the screams of dying men

Haunted her in her head

And she could not drive them out

Prowling, Always Prowling

Martina, the lonely child

Sketches of Martina can be found at
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