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There's an Alien in the Shower

by Chaimera 1 review

A little short with a moral. Nine

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Once again, should have been studying. Didn't study. A littledrabble to wile away the time.

There's An Alien in the Shower
By Chaimera.

Jackie looked up as her daughter growled and began to pace in the living room.

"Really Rose, what is the matter?"

Rose frowned at her mother.

"I've got unidentified gunk in my hair, I stink and there's an alien in the shower WHO IS USING UP ALL THE HOT WATER!" She shouted the last half of her sentence over her shoulder at the bathroom door.

"Alien?" her mother asked absently as she put the kettle on.

Rose was about to answer as she turned but instead, came into contact with a hard, well toned, slightly damp chest.

The Doctor secured the towel around his waist and grinned down at her.

"Can I use your room to get changed?"

She nodded mutely.


Rose nodded again. "Um... Right... shower."

Jackie smiled at the counter top as the two figures disappeared from the living room.

"Alien?" she asked again as the Doctor emerged from Roses room fully dressed.

He smiled at her and took the offered cup of tea. "It's a nick name."

As he said this he leaned over and turned the hot water tap. There was a squeal from the bathroom and a crash.

"God damn alien. Doctor, I'm gonna kill you!"

The Doctor chuckled and switched on the telly.


And the moral of the story: Don't rush someone when they're in the shower. You'll get burned(or really cold depending on which tap they turn).

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