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100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, Paraphased

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Spoilers for vol. 7: Suman betrays the Organisation. This is the fallout.

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100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, Paraphased

"Ninety-nine exorcists on the waaaaall~, Rhode-sama, I can't remember the next line?" The Akuma cringed, bulgy toad eyes huge.

Rhode-sama swung her legs and sighed. The evolved Akumas lost some human skills when they changed, including the ability to follow a melody line. That did not mean, however, she was forgiving about the lack.

"Try again," Rhode instructed, eyes narrowing.

The Akuma gulped and shook the small bloody lump with no arms. "What's the next line, human?" It gurgled wetly, and mumbled something.

"It's in the wrong order, Rhode dear, not to mention that most of them are really just members of the Dark Religious Organisation." Lord Tiki Mick said, fastidiously stepping over a body. "You're supposed to be counting down, Rhode darling. Are we done yet? I'd like a bath now."

"You told me to keep track," Rhode pointed out. There was really nothing left to do now, except play with the dying, and Rhode had little interest in toys she had already broken. "I suppose we should go -- I still have homework to do."

Lord Tiki Mick extended his arm, and she just as gravely took it, twirling her umbrella. The way home opened before them.

"Oh, wait," she said, "I'd forgotten something." The umbrella went point down. The man could not scream, since she'd removed his tongue, nor flail his arms and legs since he had none anymore, but he still writhed like a pinned bug. She removed her umbrella.

"A hundred exorcists," said Rhode Camelot with satisfaction. "Sing it for the Earl for me, will you?"

Obediently, the Akuma begun once more.

"One hundred exorcists on the waaaaall. Taaaake one down, pass it around, ninety-NINE exorcists on the waaaaall~"

The Akuma delivered the report in its entirety. The Millenium Earl continued to knit through the whole song, though he joined in the last line.

" exorcist on the wall,
take one down and pass it around,
no more exorcists on the waaaaall~"
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