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The Wonderful World of Schizophrenia

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This is a Secret Window... thing. Unfortunately, there is no Secret Window catagory. So here ya go.

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AN;; Like I said earlier, this is a Secret Window thing. So if you haven't seen the movie or read the book, don't. Read it. o.0 It won't be funny.

Anyway, this was originally just a paper for my health class. After I got it back, my friend read it, said it was great, and told me to post it on the internet.

So I did.

Disclaimer;; If I owned Mort Rainey, I would be in heaven. But I don't, so life is hell.
Happy Stephen King?

The Wonderful World of Schizophrenia

About one percent of the United States' population has schizophrenia today, and movie characters are no different. Good morning class. Today we are going to be talking about, yes you guessed it, schizophrenia!! And Mr. Mort Rainey from the movie Secret Window is gunna help us out, alright?

So! Let us begin.

First off, what is schizophrenia? Well, lucky for you, schizophrenia is a brain disorder! In other words, you can not and will no catch it. Also, even though the two are closely related, and you may have both, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are two different things. Huzzah! Schizophrenic people usually have a feeling that someone is 'out to get them,' or may exhibit other things that suggest that they are paranoid. Schizophrenia may develop at any time, and before anyone asks, yes. Schizophrenic people, like Mort, do talk to themselves.

As we dig deeper into the symptoms of this disorder, we will see that schizophrenics have a loss of contact with reality. These behaviors are easy to spot in a person and include hallucinations, thought, and movement disorder. Our visual aid exhibits only the first behavior, with his constant sightings of a mythical 'John Shooter.'

"You know. I can hear you."

Yes, Mort, you can. But we care not.

The second catagory of symptoms is harder to spot, and could be brushed off as simple laziness. These things include neglect in hygiene and reduction in emotion and behavior, such as the inability to convey plans or emotions and the inability to find pleasure in everyday life. For example, Mr. Rainey here goes days without taking a shower and wears the same clothing week after week. He also sleeps more than a cat and has more or less given up on his once great writing career. Furthermore-

"Okay, this is getting annoying. And do they even know who I am?"

Probably not, but do not fret, Mort! We are almost done with the presentation!

"For your sake, I hope you're right."

Our last set of symptoms prevent people from living a normal life, and may consist of a bad attention span, bad memory, and the inability to plan and organize. For the sake of my health, I will, at this time, lay off our visual aid.

Contrary to popular belief, schizophrenic people are not generally violent. Like Mort, schizophrenics prefer to be left alone, and if they do commit a violent act, it will most likely be toward themself (suicide) or to a family member/close friend. But chances are, if a schizophrenic is not violent before being diagnosed, and does not abuse drugs or alcohol, they will not become violent and are more or less 'safe.'

"Just tell them how they get it so I can go home."

... Killjoy. Fine; you are more likely to get catch schizophrenia if someone in your family has it, and you are most likely to get it if you have an identical twin with the disorder. As stated in the begining of this speech, one percent of this country will just 'get it.' Scientists also think it could be the fault of faulty brain chemistry.

The causes of schizophrenia are still unknown, so things like antipsychotic medication and psychological treatment work on fixing the symptoms instead of the disorder.

"Well that was anticlimactic."

You asked for it, schizo. Anyway, class, this concludes our presentation on the face of schizophrenia. Don't forget your papers and cupcakes are due tomorrow, and have a nice day!
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