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Grass Stains

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I do not own Anna Nicole Smith, Trimspa, CinemaX, Starz and HBO

Chappeh 3: Grass Stains

I stared up at him, his thumbs still pressing roughly into my wrists. My hands were starting to feel numb, a tingling sensation slowly spreading throughout my fingertips.

His eyes were murderous, black and pointed. His cheeks were slightly flushed, tinged with a hint of soft pink due to our previous wrestling. His blond fringe was messy and disarrayed, strands of hair entangled around his face. I found my mind reeling back to his previous statement. My anger refueled again, but i managed to suppress it. All that escaped was a hefty glare of my own.

"So obedient," he whispered, his eyes glaring daggers at me, only to soften down into a heated stare. I shifted as his breath hit my skin. It smelled of cherry flavored cigarettes. I turned my head to the side, his stern glare finally getting the best of me. He sure knew how to make someone feel uncomfortable.

Why was I even in this predicament? I mentally sighed, trying not to blame everything on Sheryl downstairs. I shifted again, his weight sitting in on my stomach. I was really starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Get off," I said through clenched teeth, my eyes trying to settle on something other than his perilous, black eyes. He leaned closer into my face, the very tips of his fringe gently brushing against my cheeks. I wrinkled my nose, it tickled.

The simple contact was like fire though. It trailed up my throat, scorching my neck and heating my already flushed face. Why I was acting the way I was currently acting, I had no idea. All that I knew was that these feelings were new; foreign...and I didn't like new very much.

"Just a little longer," he said huskily, his breath tickling my face again. My eyes snapped open. My brain had clicked into full gear, finally realizing the position we were in. One time, I remember, I was was flipping through the movie channels, like HBO, Cinemax and Starz. I was deciding on the perfect movie to watch since I was fairly bored and it was already into the wee hours of the night. I had accidentally stopped upon one channel in particular, Cinemax I believe, and what I saw nearly made my eyes pop out. There were two people, in almost the same position that I was in, naked and moving very rapidly. Of course, I quickly changed the channel, but I had been curious.

I grew even more uncomfortable and embarrassed just thinking of the past experience.

"Get off!" I said loudly, shifting roughly underneath his seated body. All he did was smirk grimly, then he withdrew from me. To my dismay, he didn't get off my stomach, merely withdrew from my face. He leaned back, his body starting to crush my own frail one even more.

"You're all red," he stated, that wry smirk of his indented into his lips. He cocked his head to the side, his black orbs carefully studying me. What now, was he going to eat me? I was flustered, tired, uncomfortable and angry and all I wanted was to go home and forget that I ever met him.

"You're so vulnerable right now, there's so much that I could do to you," he drawled on. He moved his hands towards my abdomen, his black fingernails playfully tapping onto my stomach as if he were merely bored. My eyes widened a fraction, my stomach area undergoing a familiar tickling sensation due to his tapping. I focused on his earlier statement though. That always meant trouble, always happened in the movies, books, happened everywhere and it undoubtedly spelled chaos.

"I could even cut you if I wanted, dissect you as if you were nothing but a rotting animal."

I felt disgusted at that. This boy, something was mentally wrong with him. I didn't watch Oprah with Mom for nothing. What was he spewing? Did he even know what he was saying? I tried not to panic, trying my best to harden my glare and clamp my jaw shut. I wasn't going to make him think I was giving in, there was no way that I could be that weak.

"Unfortunately, all our kitchen utensils are still packed in boxes," he continued, sighing heavily as if he had lost a very important game. I took this chance to speak out.

"Would you really cut me?" I asked, my nerves wracking like crazy and my anxiety growing into inevitable panic. It was a simple and clean question, immature and inappropriate, but then again...I was only nine. It was in my nature. I watched him tilt his head again as if he were truly contemplating my question.

"That depends," he said, his smile growing wider. "It would be more fun if you were writhing and screaming." My mouth nearly fell open but I quickly caught myself in time. This. Guy. Was. A. Freak. The bile almost rose within my throat, threatening to spill out all over his bed. His gaze hardened, sensing my distress. Was he for real?

Suddenly, as if nothing had ever happened, he perked up, his dark eyes alighting with a mischievous fire. He quickly threw himself off me, landing on his feet atop his carpeted floor. I laid there in shock, obviously not believing that he had given up that easily. He just jumped right off me, as if I were meaningless. What happened to all that dissection stuff he was talking about?

He padded his way towards his closet, sliding open the mahogany doors and sticking his hands in. I watched him as he carefully shuffled through the rows of hangers that hung on the pole supporting his clothes. He withdrew with a thin, black sweater hoodie and draped it over his arm. He then walked over towards his bedroom door, where his black chucks were currently parked. He threw the thin sweater at me, the light fabric draping over my face. I let it rest there for a while, taking in the scent. It smelled like Febreaze.

I felt the sweater pull off my face, the light from his ceiling bulb burning my eyes. I liked it better when it was dark. I finally pulled my self together and sat up, my legs curling towards my chest. I didn't care if I got his bed dirty with my shoes. For all I cared, the creep deserved it.

I silently watched as he went about his room, taking the black pack of cherry cigarettes from within his desktop drawer and stuffing them into the back pocket of his tight jeans. He had his chucks on, the red shoe laces laced to the top. He unzipped the hoodie and stuck his arms through the sleeve holes, draping the garment over his lithe body. I was amazed at how perfectly it fit him, like a girl with a lean body. My mind quickly dozed off to a TV commercial. I remember Mom explaining to me about this woman person who used this thing called...Trimspa was it and she told me how that woman had gotten skinnier by using it. I think the woman was named Anna Nicole...something, of course she was dead now. Did that mean that he took Trimspa too, was he going to die? I smiled at the thought. I wouldn't mind if he were to keel over right about now.

"Come on."

I perked up, my eyes widening at his command. What did he want me to do? I watched as he strided over towards his bedroom window. He drew forth the curtains, pulled up the shutters and clasped the window pain, pulling the window up. A fresh wave of cold air swept in, filling the stuffy room with much needed fresh air. I was starting to get dizzy from all that Febreaze saturation.

He halted, his head turning slightly to look back at me. He simply stared, as if he were waiting for something to happen. I cocked my head and lifted an eyebrow. I looked back from the window to him, trying to put two and two together. Then it hit me. He wanted me to go with him...outside.

"I'm not going with you," I immediately said, prying off his soft bed and heading towards his bedroom door. I just needed to get out of here, away from his freaky self. I didn't mind that if I left his room, I'd be bored out of my mind downstairs with Sheryl and Mom. I just wanted to stop feeling so flustered and uncomfortable.

"Where are you going?" I heard him ask. I stopped in my tracks and turned around, facing him from across the room. His eyes were pointed, staring at me with a hint of suspicion. I lifted my hand and pointed to his bedroom door, signaling my exit.

"I'm gonna' go downstairs," I replied stifly and made to turn to grab hold of the brass doorknob.

"I can do anything to you," I heard him say slowly, his voice low and smooth. "I can make your life hell. Why not be just a good little girl and play along." I halted, my hand fidgeting around the doorknob. Why wouldn't my fingers move?! Of all the times to be suspended with mock fear, right now had to be it?! I wanted to bolt out of there, to leave him and all his strangeness behind, but my body held against my volition. He sounded serious, what with his low tone of voice. Plus, he was older than me, more cunning. He could probably thing up of ways so torturous that I wouldn't be able to take it any longer. I always wondered when I heard about life threatening situations, when the people are too scared and frightened to do anything to there captor that they don't function properly. Some may yell and scream, show unrelented fear and anger to supposedly scare off their captor. I always thought differently though. If I were in their situation, I'd try my best to go with the flow. To provide a false air so that I could be trusted, then make a brake for it when the time came. I suppose now was better than ever to actually use my own advice.

I released my hold on the doorknob, turning around to straighten my posture. My arms fell limply to my sides, dangling in mid air while I averted my gaze to the ground. I wasn't the type to take bull from anyone, but I suppose I just had to swallow my pride and go along with it.

"Hurry," he commanded and I immediately scrambled over to him, all the while giving him my best glare. He in return smirked, then his lips resumed their placid frown. I stared at the open window, the gentle breeze of the oncoming night tickling against my flesh. It felt good, too good, yet now wasn't the time to give into such pleasures.

He motioned for me to sit down. I went to the window and threw my legs over the window sill, sitting upon it. My eyes widened as I viewed down from the window, marveling at the extreme height. Did he expect me to jump all the way down? I snapped my head back, searching his eyes for some sort of answer. As if he had read my mind, he leaned forward, his chin resting upon my right shoulder.

"Jump," he whispered, his breath sending me shivers as it tickled my neck and ears.

"I can't jump from here!" I shouted incredulously. "It's too high, I could die!" I jumped slightly when he sighed into my shoulder, withdrawing from me.

"You're not as dumb as I thought," he muttered. He sounded angry. Of course, I was shocked. He had wanted me to go first so I could die? The panic started to rise within me as I knew that right now, I was in a very vulnerable position. He could just simply push me off, leaving me to plummet towards the impending ground. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. I silently reprimanded myself. Note to self: do not take advice from self.

I felt arms wrap around my stomach, a body leaning over my own. He had pressed into me, his face near my shoulder and face. I could hear him breathing, smooth and steady.

"Want me to help?" he asked softly. I tensed, his voice sending me shivers. It felt very odd, to be touched like this. He kept on doing unexpected things and I found it to be quite discomforting. I shifted in his hold, trying to tell him that I didn't want his arms around my stomach anymore.

"Move," he commanded. I obeyed and withdrew from the window sill, settling down back inside his room. I watched as he climbed through the window, sitting on the sill. He scooted over, leaving a space to the right of him. Without looking at me, he tapped the empty space with the tips of his fingers, motioning for me to go over and sit there. I cocked my head and wondered at his intentions, but I went along with it.

I walked over to him, my mind still unsettled. What did he want me to do now?

"Once I tell you to, get on my back," he commanded and made to move down the outside wall. His fingers gripped the edge of the window sil tightly as he lowered himself. After a moment of adjusting to his new position, he called me. His black eyes were all that I could see as his lower body was covered.

"Now," he said quietly. I nodded silently. I placed my foot on the window sill, heaving myself up. I crouched since my body wasn't short enough to fit through the window. I stared down. He was hanging, his feet positioned on a supportable crevice in the wall. How was I going to do this? One false step and I could be down there on the ground, neck broken and paralyzed. I shivered at the thought.

"I-I," I stammered, my nerves getting the best of me. My fingers tightened around the frame of the window, my body shaking slightly. "I-I'm scared." There, I said it. My face flushed, embarrassed at my statement. I was never scared of anything, nothing...nada. Yet, one could get easily rattled when forced to do something at such an extreme measure.

I heard him grunt, his black orbs shifting towards mine. They squinted, showing that he was not at all pleased at my little confession.

"I don't care if you're scared," he hissed at me and left it at that. I gulped, flinching at his hard tone. Why'd he have to get all mad? I fixed myself, regaining my calm. How dare he talk to me like that! A new sense of confidence filtered through me, sending my brain messages of strength. I'd show him. Just say it and I'll do it.

I fixed my jaw and pursed my lips. I glared back at him, our eyes challenging each other. Then I made to move. I grasped the window sill, using it to support my wait as I began to lower myself down. I shifted over to him, finding a big enough crevice in the wall to place my foot in. I swung over to his hanging body, my chest thumping against his back as my legs quickly scrambled to wrap around his waist, my fingers still gripping the window sill. Once comfortable enough I released my grip and wrapped my arms around his neck. I shivered at the touch. He was surprisingly cold.

Wordlessly, we descended down, fitting his fingers into little slits on the side of the wall. We made it down without trouble as he jumped and landed onto the grass.

"Ah!" I yelped as his fingers pried my arms loose and I throttled to the ground. I stared up at him, mouth agape and eyes widened. What the hell was wrong with him?!

"Why'd you do that for you-!" I hollered but was quickly silenced by his heavy glare. I stared up at him, my eyes storming with a sea of rage. He didn't have to drop me like that, he could have just told me to get down. I huffed at my logic. As all the teenagers would say, as if. He was so unreasonable and unpredictable that I couldn't figure out what he would do next. I looked around him, my eyes scaling the length of his house. At least he hadn't dropped me while we were still up there.

I stood up when he began to move his feet, my eyes watching him as he walked towards the middle of the street and edged further away. I contemplated my next move as I dusted myself off from all the loose grass that had attached to my jeans. Was it going to be this easy? He practically just left me here to stare after him, surely he would have thought that I would try to escape? Maybe that was it, maybe he already knew that that's what I was thinking. I smacked myself in the forehead. I watched too many sitcoms.

I stared back at the house, the faint glimmer of artificial light leaking through the windows. What would Mom do if she were in my situation. I sighed to myself. Knowing Mom, she'd probably run after him. She was always set for a new adventure, no matter how illogical.

I looked back at the boy. That's right, I still didn't know his name. His form was growing fainter, his slim figure blending in with the backdrop of black. I sighed once again and moved my feet.

Just this once, just for tonight, I'd travel along with this new excitement.

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