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Make it stop. Make it end.

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Lizzi has it all. but at what price?

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Sorry I haven¡¦t updated in ages.
I¡¦ve been doing my Panic! Fic.
Hope you like it. fº

Who knew Pete was such a sweetheart? He was so nice. So caring. I saw a totally different side to him. I side I liked.
I like him. He¡¦s cute. Kind. And well Pete Wentz.
One problem though. I REALLY like Adam.

Lizzi heard footsteps come up behind her and quickly closed her diary.

¡§Morning Gorgeous¡¨ Greg sneered. Giving Lizzi saliva filled kiss.
She squired. Too scared to fall out of his grasp.

¡§So. I have a friend who wants a favor. And I told him you¡¦d be happy to please him¡¨ Gregg grinned.

His smile repulsed her. She wanted him dead. Out of her life.

¡§He¡¦ll be here soon¡¨ he shoved a box of Lingerie at her a told her to get changed.

10 minutes later. She was changed. Into a sleazy thong and stockings with a lace bra. Gregg barged in did the introductions and left Lizzi alone. With a man, only about the same age as her brother.

A man she recognized only too well.


¡§Hello, Lizzi¡¨ he smirked. Coming down on her frail body like a ton of bricks.

He quickly undressed himself.
Then moved on to her.

Lizzi flinched in pain. As she felt him inside her. She closed her eyes. Praying for it stop.

After five minutes of more hell. Brent left. Without saying a word.

All Lizzi ever wanted was a good life.

Even if this was the way to get it.
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