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That Immortality Meant Never Dying

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I don't know what you would class this as - I would guess it was another set of thoughts. Written ages ago and then I forgot to post...

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That Immortality Meant Never Dying

On a day that should never have had to happen

In an office in the middle of New York

With an ear shattering crash as metal and soul tear into glass and innocence

As a plume of smoke rises into the sky

As the sight unfolds before thousands of eyes

Murder painted across the dull backdrop

Then silence.

Then screams.

Then anger.

Then hate.

Murder is the call as phones begin to ring

Voices echo in buzzing ears

Which fall on shattered hearts

As bodies rain from the sky above

Falling, crushed onto the pavement below

Then the wail of sirens serenade above the carnage

As the search among the wreckage begins for the bodies of the dead

As one man among millions begins to sing in his head

A song that will shape his life

And the lives of millions to come

As terror runs riot in the streets and the murderers celebrate their killings

But didn't count on the hope one group of people could bring

So hail out the black and the masked Parade

And carry on changing lives till the day immortality gives in
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