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A Joey Jordison love story pt.3

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Getting your new job, meeting Jackie and Joey!!!

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The next morning you wake up and the nurse hands you clean clothes that your mother left you. You change then meet your mother outside of the hospital. You get in the same black jeep libertay that you've had for years. While you and her drive home you talk about the amazing views and all of the moutains. You arraive home and walk into the kitchen, then into the living room then up to the stairs to your bedroom. It looks exactly how your mom decribed it. You g into the bathroom, take a shower, get out, put underware on, wrap a towel around you, dry and brush your hair, brush your teeth then go back into your bedroom. You put on an old baggy slipkniot t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a black stud belt.(you always wear flare jeans, I hate strightleg). You put your hair up in a ponytail and walk downstairs. You see your mom sitting next to a woman that looks to be the same age as your mother. "Kate honney this is Jackie, Jackie this is my daughter kate" your mother says. "nice to finally meet you"she says adn you shake her hand, "yeah you too" you say then poor your self a cup of coffee. your sit down at the table and take a sip when jackie says to you "I have a son thats only a year older than you", "Is he cute?", "yes, very cute", then you finish your coffe. "well I've got to get going, I ahve to go apply for a job"you say, then you walk out the door, anna is already at work. The bookstore is only a block away so you can walk there. About 10 minutes later you arrive there to be smuthered in hugs by anna. She lets go of you when a tall guy with red hair and glasses comes over to you. "Ray this is kate, Kate this is my boss ray" you shake is hand."well the only position left is to work behind the counter,so does it sound good?", you nod and then anna shows you around the bookstore so you know where everthing is. You hug her goodbye then leave. Your still a little tired from being in the coma so you go home and change into pajamas and then go to sleep.(jackie is joeys mom, rose knows this but you clearly dont. they plan to hook you and joey up but they dont want to rush into anything.) The next morning you wake up to your alarm clock buzzing in your ear, your reach over and turn it off. You get up, take a shower and do the morining routine. You put on a black, purple, grey, and white plaid mini skirt with a black and purple corset that strapless and has the bones in it to hold you up. You go downstairs, have a cup of coffee and a muffin for breakfast then meet anna at the door."looking sexy for our first day of work." she says with a smirk on her face. you nod then walk to work with her. You get there, grab a cup of coffee and a ramdom revolver magazine off the shelf, you do behind the counter and sit at the stool. You take a sip of your coffee and then look at the front cover to see slipknot. you open it up and read it for about 20 minutes when somebody walks up to the counter, you dont look up because you quickly finish reading the article "do you have any journals here?" your hear come from a familiar voice. You lool up and choke on your coffee to see JOEY JORDISON. He looks down at the artice and smiles."Im sorry" you say, "no, dont be id rather have that reaction than you screaming in my face telling me who I am."he says and you both laugh."Ill lead you to the journals", you get up and start to walk to the journals and you can scence him staring you up and down.You reach the journals when he says "I really like your oufit" while staring at your chest."thanks" you reply and give him the evil eye. Soon later you walk away and go back to your shift. You finnish your days work and then leave. Anna has to stay late. You run home, run into the house and slam the door shut."Is everything ok?" your mother and jackie ask you looking at you concerned."OH MY GOD, MOM I MET JOEY JORDISON TODAY AT WORK!!!" you say, then sit down at the table. by the time you arraive home its 5:30."Oh kate jackies son is coming over for dinner" rose says then walks out onto the porch with jackie. You go and fix your makeup then go back downstairs and pour yourself a glass of water. You smile to yourself thinking of what happened today when the doorbel rings. Rose and jackie come running in with smirks on their faces."what?" you say, they shake their heads. you get up and open the door to reveal.....
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