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A Dinner With Legends

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Spoilers up to the end of the series. Julian Mintz and Wolfgang Mittermeyer have dinner together.

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The fallen heroes hung over their meal like a shadow of death.
"What did you fight for, Minister?", the question was a simple one. Wolfgang took a sip of his wine and thought for a moment.
"The same thing you fought for, Admiral. An ideal."
The young marshal of the Free Planets Alliance shook his head. "Only I didn't. Yang did. Kaiser Reinhardt did. But, I didn't fight for an ideal, and I don't believe you did, either."
"That's what makes them heroes, and that's why ordinary men like you and I will be forgotten by history.", Wolfgang thought about it. He wasn't sure that he agreed with Admiral Mintz.
"This is where I disagree with you, Minister. I fought for my family. Had they been on your side of the conflict, I would have fought for you. But I believe that history is blind to reasons and ideals. History acknowledges those who make the most change, and you and I have definitely done so."
"I too fought for my family, as well as my lord. I would have done anything for them. Even die. For someone like me, there is no way to change history.", Wolfgang pictured his wife, his child, his dearest friend Oscar, and the man who he admired more than any other, Kaiser Reinhardt von Lohengramm.
"But there is...", Mintz smiled. "Reinhardt and Yang are credited with the changes they made to history, but without you and I, nothing would have happened."
He paused a moment, before continuing. "Now that I think about it... family is an ideal as well. An ideal far more powerful than democracy or unity."
Wolfgang nodded. He was convinced. "It's the ideal that ended the war."
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