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A Walk in the Rain.


A poem...made my friend cry. Don't really know why.

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A walk in the rain

The dark clouds move in
It's silent
Then the pitter patter of rain is heard
It sounds like a pulse
The rain is alive
I walk outside
The rain falls like icy daggers
And burns my skin
But I don't care
I keep walking
Bare-footed on the road
The rain falls fast every minute
My body is numb
But still
I move on
I reach the last bit
Of winter snow
Frozen in place by ice rain
I step over it but slip
Now on the ground
The rain not letting up any time soon
I can't move
For fear I might fall again
I lay there
I can no longer feel
I close my eyes
Tears freeze on my face
No warmth left in the world
Then I wonder:
Why did I leave home in the first place?

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