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Part II

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Representing the New Watcher's Council, Buffy and Dawn meet with Oliver Queen in Metropolis.

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Part II

Like most of the bigger cities in the world, Metropolis, Kansas, was one of the cities lucky to have a clock tower. Unlike most cities in the world, their second billionaire did not reside in the clock tower.

Stepping out of the elevator that lead into what Oliver Queen claimed as his office, Buffy could see why he chose this room as his office above the others. This room was big enough for Oliver Queen to have some exercise equipment in here, his work desk, some other items, and there was still plenty of space to walk in between them. Plus, there was also the fact that this room was located behind the clock itself.

"Mr. Queen, the representatives of the New Watcher's Council are here." Oliver Queen's secretary said. She had insisted on escorting Buffy and Dawn to their appointment with Oliver Queen. Buffy suspected that even though she knew they were from the Council, she didn't trust them to wonder about on their own. 'And she has no reason to,' Buffy thought.

"Thank you," Oliver Queen said. The secretary nodded and left. As soon as she saw him, Buffy stopped walking and just stared at him. Though she knew that Olive Queen- the CEO of Queen Industries- was around her age, she had not expected him to be so... handsome. With his athletic-looking build and spiky-blonde hair, Oliver Queen did not look like the CEO of a billion-dollar company. Without looking at her, Buffy knew Dawn was thinking the same thing.

"Thank you for meeting us," Buffy said when she snapped out of her daze.

"Not a problem," Oliver Queen as he gave Buffy and Dawn a smile. "Please, have a seat." He said. Once Buffy and Dawn sat down, he offered them some coffee- to which both Buffy and Dawn declined. "So, what can Queen Industries do for the New Watcher's Council?"

Dawn hesitated before she spoke. "What do you know about the Watcher's Council?" Dawn asked him. Another part of Dawn's coming to Metropolis was that she was much better at these sorts of talks than Buffy was.

"I did do some research," Oliver Queen admitted. "What I did find was the Watcher's Council has been around for more than a few centuries. However, I never did get a full picture of what the Council does. From what I could gather, you do a lot of research; am I correct?" Buffy and Dawn nodded.

"Yes," Dawn said. "The Council is most known for it's extensive research. We also have an extremely large library to help with our research."

"Okay," Oliver nodded. "It's strange, for being around for quite some time, there's hardly any information about it." He said thoughtfully. So, what can Queen Industries do for you?" He asked, repeating his earlier question.

"The New Watcher's Council is interested in becoming allies with Queen Industries." Dawn explained to him. "While the Watcher's Council had been around for quite a while, we haven't really had a whole lot of friends. Since recent change in management, we've been trying to change the Council's previous image. We're willing to share our library resources with our friends and allies."

"And that's not all," Buffy added.

"All right," Oliver said. "But why come to the newest billionaire in Metropolis? Why not ask the original billionaire resident?" He asked.

"To be honest," Dawn admitted, "we did do some background check on both of your companies." She admitted. "We found that the Luthor's are... more like bullies- both of them are."

Oliver nodded. "Lex gets that from his father."

"Don't you and Lex Luthor have history?" Buffy asked, suddenly remembering something she had been told.

Again, Oliver nodded. "We do," he admitted. "That's why we don't get along." The three of them spent some more minutes talking.

"So, do we have a verdict?" Dawn asked when they were done talking.

Sometime later, Buffy and Dawn left Queen Industries with their mission accomplished.

Well, that's all I could fit in this chapter. I did want to have more of a conversation between Buffy, Dawn and Oliver, but since this is a 20-min. chapter, I didn't have the time to do so.

This is going to be the last chapter for this 20-min. challenge.
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