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Moving On

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Yuki chooses Zero and leaves Kaname in despair. Ichijou Takuma's distant relative and a Pureblood, Kaoru Tsukushi arrives at the Cross Academy and joins the Night Class. Can she make Kaname move on...

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Author's notes: This is a Kaname -x- O.C. fic.....
(waaaa... please don'r hate me KanameYuki fans.... x_x
I promise that this story will be good even thought it's not kanameyuki.... )

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was an ordinary day at the Cross Academy. It was already time for the Night Class and
Day class to switch. The girls from the Day Class did their usual thing, waiting in front
of the gate of the Moon Dorm, waiting for the gorgeous students of the
Night Class to go out of their dorm.

After a few minutes...

"Here they come" a girl said in a loud voice making all the
girls of the Sun Dorm look at the gate and they saw the Night Class students.

They were screaming their hearts out for the students that
they admired so much. They were about to approach them but
a boy with silver hair blocked their way.

"That's enough for all of you" Zero Kiryuu said but the
other girls still got through but a girl with brown hair suddenly appeared before them.

"This is as far as you go" Yuki Cross said

The Prefects held the Day Class girls back as the Night Class Students passed.
Yuki saw Ruka, Shiki-kun, Rima-chan, Kain-senpai, Aidou-senpai, and Ichijou-senpai.
She also saw the other Night Class students but there was someone missing
,the president of the Moon Dorm,Kuran Kaname.

It was strange that the President wasn't attending class for 3 days straight.
She got worried and ran to catch up with Ichijou.

"What's wrong Yuki-chan? Do you need something?" Ichijou said with his carefree smile.

"Ichijou-senpai, why isn't Kaname-sama here? Is something wrong with him?" Yuki asked in a worried tone.

"Well you see... come here for a second" Ichijou said and dragged Yuki near
a tree that was close to the classroom.

"What's wrong Ichijou-senpai?" Yuki asked as she looked at Ichijou.

"Well you see... I wanted to ask you what happened the other day... because he
barely went out of his room lately. He only went out of his room today to attend
a meeting for two days and all of the students of the moon dorm are quite worried... even me." Ichijou said

Yuki looked at the ground.

"Did something happen, Yuki-chan?"

"Well sort of..."

"What happened? Don't worry I won't get angry at you" Ichijou said then smiled.

"It happened 3 days ago...


Night Time...

"I'm sorry Kaname-senpai, but I love Zero." Yuki Said

"I can't believe that my dear girl fell in love with someone but it wasn't me" Kaname said as he caressed his hand on his
dear girl's cheek but Yuki brushed it away.

"That's the problem Kaname-sama! You always treat me like a child!
I'm not a child anymore! Why do you keep me calling your dear girl?!" Yuki said making
Kaname's eyes widen at every word that she said to him.

"I'm sorry if I have offended you this much Yuki, don't worry I shall not be a bother
to you anymore, good night to you miss prefect." Kaname said with a forced smile and
turned around and as he headed to the Moon dorm some tears fell from his pale cheeks.

~End of FLashback ~

That's what happened..." Yuki said then Ichijou looked at the sky.

"Yuki-chan, do you know why he calls you 'my dear girl'? It's not because his
treating you like a child or a sister... it's because he cares a lot about you and
he loves you more than anything in this world. For him even giving his life for you
isn't important and he'll do it to make you happy and safe." Ichijou said then looked at Yuki who was crying.

"I'm so stupid; I said all of those things to him without thinking." Yuki said as her
tears fell and Ichijou patted her head.

"It's okay Yuki. You didn't know. It's just a mere misunderstanding" Ichijou said

"Is he there in the Dorm?" Yuki asked still crying.

"I'm afraid he's not there today until tomorrow, he went to
an urgent meeting you see" Ichijou replied

"Well you could..."Ichijou said but was interrupted when Kain called him

"Yes? What is it?" Ichijou said

"Let's go everyone's waiting for you, you're gonna take Kaname-sama's place right?" Kain said trying to let Ichijou remember that he is the Vice president of the Moon Dorm.

"Oh no! I forgot, sorry Yuki-chan but I have to leave you now, bye!" Ichijou said as he was in a hurry Chibi Version and Kain followed.

Yuki turned around and walked back near the gate of the moon dorm where a worried Zero Kiryuu was walking in circles for looking for her.

"Yuki!" Zero said and ran to her and hugged her.

"Zero, I ..." Yuki said but was interrupted

"Don't go near those monsters when I'm not with you... understood?" Zero said as he was hugging Yuki and looking at her straight in the eye.

Yuki nodded and hugged him back.

Yuki was still bothered of what she did to Kaname. She felt guilty for making her Kaname-sama sad and hurt for three days. She was confused for she didn't know what to do because she was already in love with Zero and he can look at Kaname now just as a big brother.

The hug ended and the two guardians went back to their dorms. Zero kissed Yuki on the forehead and left her in front of her room.

Yuki entered the room and saw Yori-chan, her roommate, asleep on her bed with a book open beside her. She changed into her sleeping wear and went straight to bed. She had difficulty in sleeping as she thought of telling Kaname that she was sorry for the words that she told him ,her savior from when she was still a little girl, the reason of her still living, the one that brought her to the Cross Academy and was able to meet Zero Kiryuu.

After that she finally dozed off.

In the middle of the night...
At Chairman Cross' office...

"She'll be arriving tomorrow evening? Yes, his attending this school too. Okay, I understand. Everything shall be prepared before she arrives so please don't worry. Okay, a pleasant evening to you to Tsukushi-sama." Chairman Cross placed the telephone down and looked at the window.

"This will be quite interesting" He said then went to his room.

Chapter End

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