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Musta Been Outta His Mind

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On a tour bus from Brighton to Birmingham Gerard is hit by the memories one new song brings back.

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A/N: Why do I never seem to be able to write anything happy? If I remember rightly MyVengefulRomance said that in 'Hi My Name's Gee' so this is dedicated to her for not being able to write happy stuff either!! This was supposed to be a nice fic, but it turned out depressing sighs I think it may come from being ill and cooped up at home. Oh well, yeah anyway for the Used fans or not I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer: Don't own, never owned.

Musta Been Outta His Mind

On a tour bus from Brighton to Birmingham, with a hyper active Frank and three half asleep band mates with very short tempers. Gerard yawned as he leant back against the sofa; they weren't the only ones who were tired. Sighing to himself he smiled as the laptop finally decided to load and looked around to make sure Frank wouldn't come bowling down the corridor and knock it off the table again, as he had last time Gerard had tried unsuccessfully to check his email. His smile grew wider as he realised that for once the connection was working fine as well - must be his lucky day; no one to kick him off, no faulty connection and the laptop actually working without kicking him out. Miracle.
Logging in he clicked on the mail symbol and closed his eyes in defeat as he took in the number of unread messages he had. Clicking on the inbox he smiled as he saw the top one was from Donna, but his smile faded slightly on seeing the next one down.

The Used Hear The New Single From The Used Now On AOL

He chewed his bottom lip for a minute as he hovered the curser over the link. He and Bert had come to the silent and slightly stormy conclusion to 'agree to disagree' and just leave it from there but... He'd actually forgotten he'd signed up to having the newsletters, it was possible he didn't even sign up - Quinn might have done it for him years ago but as he'd hardly checked his mail he wouldn't have noticed. Gerard sighed as something in his mind told him to open it and listen, after all what harm could it do? It wasn't like the song was about him - to get a song like that he would have to go and listen to 'Handsome Awkward' he mused, almost laughing at the irony of it all.
Sighing to himself he gave into the little voice and clicked the link, searching his black hoodie pockets for his i-pod headphones before he did anything else. He didn't really want Frank's curious probing into why he'd been listening to the Used. Plugging them in his hazel eyes scanned across the page as he read through the newsletter.

"The Bird And The Worm," the first single from The Used's CD Lies For The Liars (coming May 22), is now streaming exclusively at AOL Music. Click here to check it out.
You'll also be able to buy your very own copy of it on digital retail stores like iTunes and more tomorrow.

"Oh well," he figured silently as he clicked the word 'here' and was taken to the AOL page, "No harm in it..." Smiling to himself as he noted that they were sharing a page with Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez he clicked the 'First Listen' link and got yet another new page. Thoughtfully chewing his bottom lip again he ran a hand subconsciously through his now short and jet black hair as he waited for the page to load. It had already turned silvery grey and the AOL logo was beginning to come up. Why did the damn things always take so long to load? He wondered as the play box finally decided to come up. Still slightly unsure he clicked on the link and breathed a sigh of relief as it decided to work.
Still chewing his nails he hastily shoved the headphones in his ears and sat back against the sofa, making sure Bob hadn't turned the volume up again - not really feeling like blasting his eardrums out past Pluto. The beginning was weird - but then again what had he expected from Bert and the guys; a creaking door and plucked strings instead of power cords and strumming. Relaxing slightly as the vocals started he closed his tired eyes and just listened, not aware that Brian had come into the games room from the front of the bus. The manager smiled as he caught enough of the song from Gerard's headphones to guess what he was listening to and then leant up against the door and waited. Gerard didn't notice until the track finished as the past caught up on him like a ton of bricks with every word and every giggle that emitted from Bert's mouth and into the equally stormy mix of emotions and instruments in that song.
"You okay?" Brian asked quietly as the song ended "It's not like you to be listening to the Used of all people."
Gerard sighed and nodded, removing his headphones "You've heard the song then?" He murmured, exiting the webpage and closing the laptop a little too quickly.
"Yeah," Brian mused "I like it, but I would, I mean I did tour manage them for a while." He shrugged "Do you?"
Gerard bit his lip before nodding again "Yeah, I guess I do." He sighed "Just reminded me of stuff." He sighed and stood up. "I'd better go find Frankie, it's too quite." He smiled - but it was too plastered to be real.
Brian smiled at him sadly as he left the room and then let out a sigh as the door closed and he went and sat down where the vocalist had been seconds earlier. Opening the laptop he noticed Gerard's i-pod, still sitting on the side and without thinking turned it on to see what he'd been listening to.

Under Pressure [Bonus Track]
The Used and My Chemical Romance
In Love And Death
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