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Sasuke the Hero... Or the Bastard...

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Sasuke is only on his way to the market to run some errands, when he gets a not so nice surprise. Sasuke/Naruto

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Hey everyone!!! This is my first Fan fiction so be nice okay:D
Summary: Sasuke is only on his way to the market to run some errands, when he gets a not so nice surprise.
Paring: Sasuke/Naruto
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, but this plot is mine!!!(If not someone else has it before me, what I don't think there is)
Warning: Slight Lime (I think. Don't know what to call it), some violence and Yaoi (means boyxboy)
"Blah blah" Talking.
'Blah blah' Thinking.

Sasuke the hero... Or the bastard...

Sasuke walked down the street. His usual fanclup, there were with him everywhere, ran after him, from corner to corner, thinking that he hasn't seen them. He didn't care. They could run after him all they wanted, but in his heart and mind there was only one person.


They had been together in three weeks now. Unofficially of course. Naruto didn't want the entire village to think lesser of him, then they did. Personally Sasuke thought Naruto was too worried, but accepted it anyway.

As already mentioned Sasuke was on his way to the market to make a couple of errands, when he suddenly heard some noise from an alley.

"Demon brat!" Someone yelled, and Sasuke figured out that it only could be one 'Demon brat' that there was yelling about.
'Naruto!' He thought and ran for all he was worth in to the alley. And just as he had thought, Naruto was in there.

"Kill the demon!" Yelled one of the men there was surrounding Naruto. Naruto looked scared, not because he could not defend him self, but it seemed like all the southing was going under his skin. (An: I know Naruto would not do something like that, but it's my story right now, so this is how it is.)

"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled, getting everyone in the alleys attention.

"What do you want Uchiha-brat!" One of the men growled.

"Leave Naruto alone!" Sasuke tried to get control of his voice, but it was hard, when he was as mad as he was. It shivered with anger, and was baking up his eyes, saying 'Go against my wish, and die!'

The men hesitated a little before one of them smiled and said, "You are not in a position to give orders, Uchiha-brat!" Well he was right at that point.

Here he was, standing in an alley, confronting five men, properly ninjas of a high class, to give over a demon they really wanted to get rid of.

He really wasn't in a position to give orders, but at the same time he couldn't, wouldn't just watch while his boyfriend was beaten and properly killed.

"I'll only say it one more time. Leave Naruto ALONE!" Sasukes voice was now so demanding and angry that some of the men started to look uneasy, even the guy that looked like their leader.

Then suddenly the leaders uneasy face changed to an angry one and he yelled, "Take him boys!" before all the men attacked Sasuke.

"SASUKE!" Narutos voice was getting clearly trough the sounds of fighting, and attracted attention from others, like Kakashi.

Sasuke was now fighting the five men, and doing a great job with getting beaten up. Naruto throw himself into the fight to help his boyfriend, but only getting the men's attention again. The punches hit Naruto hard and were nearly making him lose consciousness.

Sasuke got to his feet to help Naruto, but wasn't fast enough before a silver haired male went into the fight, making it stop and the men run.

"You two should think twice before running into battles with someone. Then you might have a small chance to get out a life." Their silver haired jounin teacher, Kakashi, said, while reading his pervert book, Icha Icha Paradise.

Sasuke didn't even listen to Kakashi, but ran strait to Naruto, when he was on his feet.

"Are you alright Naruto?" Sasuke asked with nervous voice, all different from the normal 'ice-prince-Uchiha' voice he normally used, which surprised Kakashi enough to look up from his book.
"I'm fine Sasuke. Don't act like some mother-hen will you!? You're sounding like Iruka-sensei." Naruto says with irony in the last two sentences.

"Don't kid around with it dobe! You could have been seriously hurt back then!" Sasuke says back, this time demonstrated a perfect 'ice-prince-Uchiha' voice.

"Don't Call Me That Teme!!!" Naruto yelled back, and pushed Sasuke in his shoulders, barely hard enough to make the Uchiha sway.

Sasuke just smiles one of the 'I'm-an-Uchiha-that-means-I'm-better-than-you' smiles, which makes Naruto want to kill Sasuke. Or even better, kiss him senseless.

If not Kakashi was standing right beside them, Naruto might have chosen the last one, and make sure the 'I'm-better-than-you' smile would disappear.

Suddenly, Naruto felt a pain running down his left leg, from a big blue mark, one of the men had given him, doing it painful for Naruto to walk.
"Are you okay dobe?" Sasuke asked softly, sounding real worried.
"Does it look like it!?" Naruto answered a little harsh, but didn't cared at the moment, to busy finding out how he was injured.
"You should go to the hospital and get a check up on those injures, Naruto." Kakashi said, still amused that Sasuke was so worried about Naruto.

"Nah..." Naruto said. "Kyuubi will heal the wounds in no time."
"Well you should make someone look out for you, until it is done, so going to the hospital would..." Kakashi was interrupted by Sasuke. "I'll look after him! That dobe is too stubborn to go to the hospital anyway." "And that should come from you." Naruto mumble, but was happy that he could be with Sasuke, alone for some time.

"With that settle I think I'll be of. See you to later." Kakashi said and disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.

Sasuke and Naruto started to go to Sasukes house, considered it was the closes. Sasuke was helping Naruto to stand on his left foot as little as possible, making a near body contact; Naruto couldn't help but blush at.

When they were at Sasukes house, the Uchiha Mansion, Sasuke laid Naruto carefully down on the sofa, so he didn't hurt him.

"God Naruto! Your entire body is filled with bruises." Sasuke suddenly outburst, seeing Narutos arms now closely, without having to worry about the public, Sasuke could see how bad injured Naruto really was.
"It's okay, it doesn't hurt at all." Naruto said, sending Sasuke one of those 'don't-worry-about-me' smiles, he was quite skilled at.

Sasuke carefully took Narutos arm in his hands, and started to let his hands running over the bruises. Naruto gasped of the sudden pain going up his arm, and clenched his hands to dull it a little.
"Doesn't hurt at all hn?" Sasuke said with a shake of his head.

"Well maybe it hurts a little." Naruto admitted, but suddenly got at sexy smile on his face, when a thought ran through his head. "But that might disappear if someone would wet them." He said without losing the sexy smile, that very fast turned Sasuke on.

"You think so?" Sasuke asked getting the idea.
"Yea, but I hate facecloth, so I don't know how to wet my wounds. Have any ideas?" Naruto said, smile widening, when he saw the glimpse in Sasukes eyes.
"Maybe..." Sasuke answered with a superior sound in his voice, as he lean down and start licking Narutos arm.
Naruto enjoyed the feeling of his lovers tongue against his skin, and the mix of the sensation and pain made him hunger for more, which Sasuke fast complied letting his hand dive under Narutos jacket and shirt to play with his nipples, still licking his left arm.
Naruto couldn't hold back a moan of pleasure when Sasukes cold fingers made contact with his nipple. He started to feel his pants a little too tight for comfortable, and his lust for more then just Sasukes hand on his chest and his mouth on his arm. Naruto would rather have those twos attention some other place.

Naruto bitted his lib to hold back a moan, when Sasuke started to, instead of licking his arm, was going over to nipping on his neck. He tipped his head and closed his eyes to give Sasuke more space to work at. And he did just that. Nipping, licking and kissing every nerve on Narutos neck, to drive him even more wild then he was beforehand. At the same time, Sasukes hand was going from Narutos nipples down to his belly, teasing it with moving his hands in small circles around his navel, before going down to the waistband of his trousers, dipping his thumb inside before...

The heat suddenly vanished, and Naruto gave a whimper of protest, of the sudden lack of pleasure, and open his eyes to see what Sasuke was doing.

"Hey where are you going!?" Naruto yelled frustrated, when he saw Sasuke on his way out of the door.
"You have to rest dobe. Besides you interrupted my visit to the market, so I have some errands to run." Sasuke said in a matter of factly and waved his hand before he disappeared out the door.

Naruto started to yell all the not so nice words he knew after Sasuke but soon realised he could not hear him.
'Well,' Naruto thought as he tugged himself in. 'One time a bastard always a bastard.'
The End...

That was it hope you liked it: D
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