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Chapter One: Discoveries and Memories

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Alexis is now seven-teen. Her friend pursuades her to goto a MCR concert. Alexis finds the singer oddly familiar.

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Thirteen years later...

Music was blasting in Alexis' earphones as she laid in bed, waiting for her mom to tell her it was time for school.
Alexis' room had posters of Fall Out Boy, HIM, Panic! At The Disco, everything a music crazed, seventeen-year-old would enjoy. The bedroom walls were blue, soon to be dark purple; the floors were hardwood, and a cd or two here and there.

"Lexi, get ready for school!" Alexis' mom yelled from downstairs.
Alexis swung her legs to the side of the bed and yawned, as she did everyday.
She stood up,accidently steping on her black and white cat's tail.

"Sorry!" she said as the cat ran away.
Alexis walked to the bathroom across the hall. She removed her earphones and placed them on the counter. She looked into the mirror.
Alexis had shoulder-length, dark brown hair, dark brown mysterious eyes, and a fair complection. She made odd expressions in the mirror. Its something she did everyday. It was suppose to reduce wrinkles, or so she read. Whatever, she goes with the flow.

After she was done in the bathroom, she went to her closet. She chose dark blue jeans, a green t-shirt and a dark purple hoodie.

"Lexi! The bus is coming!" her mom called.
Alexis jogged downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Hurry and get your pop-tart!" her mom ordered.
Alexis putted her bookbag on her shoulder, grabbed the strawberry pop-tart and dashed out the front door. Alexis leaned against the fence that surrounded her house. She took three bites of her pop-tart before throwing it to the wet ground. She saw her bus come thru the light fog and stop in front of her.
She walked up the short steps and sat in the very back with her friend, Britney.

"Hey." Alexis said as she adjusted her bookbag strap and sat down.

Britney searched thru her black, leather purse, not answering Alexis. Britney pulled out two tickets.

"Look!" she said, holding the tickets in Alexis' face.
Alexis squinted her eyes.

Alexis read to herself quietly, "My Chemical Romance & The Black Parade with Muse, William and Mary Hall, Saturday April 28, 2007 8:00PM."
Britney pulled back the tickets.

"Your going to a My Chemical Romance concert?" Alexis asked.

"Your coming, too!" Britney corrected her.

Alexis shrugged. "I don't know. I'm just not into them."

"Pleeeease! I don't want to go alone, I may never get the chance again!" Britney pleaded.

Alexis stared at her friend, who was staring at the tickets with a dreamy look.
'What the heck, I guess I can go, even though the lead singer creeps me out. I'll do it for Britney.' Alexis thought.

"Okay... I'll go." Alexis said with a defeated voice.

"YAY!!! Thank you, Lexi!" Britney cheered as she gave Alexis a half-hug.

Britney carefully placed the tickets back into her purse, it was like if she dropped them they would explode. Alexis smiled and shook her head.
The two best friends got off the bus and went into their High School.

"I didn't study for my Science test." sighed Britney.

Britney never studied, she wasn't the... smartest person. Britney had ear-length dyed red hair that was splitted at the end, she had dark blue eyes and a nose ring.

Alexis waited beside Britney's locker as she stuffed books into it.

"This is MCR." said Britney as she pointed to pages ripped from magazines that was pasted to her locker's walls.

"MCR?" asked Alexis.

"/M/y /C/hemical /R/omance." informed Britney as she defined each of the beginning letters.

Alexis rolled her eyes. "Oh."

"Anywho, thats Bob, Ray, Mikey, Frankie and Gerard." Britney pointed out.

Alexis raised her eyebrow as she looked at the lead singer. He had short-really short blonde hair. He looked like someone, someone she once knew. From a dream possibly? An old friend?

Clinga, the Author: Haha, I wrote this chapter at school, also. Sorry if its not what you wished; I have to discribe my characters first, ya know? And get the plot ready, give you a visual picture. I'm sure every good author has to make a chapter like that. Thanks for the awesome reviews ya'll have left me! Okey Dokey... erm, words fail me... runs away, as usual :D
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