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The Seduction Series, Chapter 7

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A cross-over of season 3-4

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The Seduction Series Chapter 7

Disclaimer: The following chapter may be offensive to some readers, not suitable for Children, Content may be filled with Strong Language, Sexual Content, and may be offensive to some reader: Viewer Discretion Advised fº (Rated R)

As Christian slowly returns to consciousness the song, ¡§Ring of Fire¡¨ still echoes in his mind. He slowly opens his eyes and is shocked to see himself enclosed in an actual ring of flames. As his vision clears he realizes that the fire ring is that of candles. Following a second glance he also realizes that he is not at McNamara/Troy but at Spa De La Mer.

He slowly turns his head in the direction of trickling water and focuses his eyes on a beautiful cascading water fountain in the background. He inhales the aroma of incense which he assumes is coming from the aura of candles surrounding him.

The mattress of which he is lying on no longer feels of stiff starched sheets but that of satin and is cool to the touch. ¡§Hmmm, this must be a high thread count quality,¡¨ he mused. He grasps the sheets suddenly, lifting them up to see what he is wearing underneath and notices that he is not wearing his gown. He is completely naked underneath and slowly shakes his head wondering if the setting is all but a dream¡K..

His vision returns unclouded as Julia unexpectedly walks into the room. She is walking towards the bed with an article of clothing in her hands somewhat trying to hide it. She then quickly hides it in the drawer of the nightstand beside his bed.

Christian surveys the sight before his eyes and notices that Julia is wearing an almost-transparent gown. The cool temperature of the room clearly reveals her already-hardened nipples. She approaches his bedside in a seductive manner and slowly leans down next to his ear and gently whispers in a soft voice ¡§I see we are awake¡¨.

Her breath was hot on his ear making his arousal clearly noticeable under the sheets. He breathed in her perfume. Her scent was exhilarating to him. ¡§This was everything he had ever wanted, Julia all to himself¡¨, he pondered in his mind.

Slowly she crawls on top of him, straddling his lean muscular body. ¡§What are you doing Julia?¡¨ he asked curiously. ¡§Ssssh Christian!¡¨ putting her index finger over his bottom pouty lip. Surprised at what was happening he froze instantly. ¡§But I thought you¡¦d be mad at me for yesterday¡K..the threesome with Sean and Kimber¡K.¡¨ he replied as his voice cracked.

¡§I¡¦m not mad at you Christian, I¡¦m turned on by you¡¨, she continued as she slowly pulled the sheets back over his body. She abruptly stopped when she came to his narrowed V-shaped waistline teasing his aching erection hoping that she would go farther.

Julia reached over to the nightstand drawer for the article of clothing that she had previously hidden and pulled out a black Speedo. She continued to pull the sheets back further and his throbbing erection sprang back causing him to gasp, his head instantly fell back on the pillow.

While struggling to get his legs arched in order to put the Speedo on she could hear him moan with pleasure. ¡§Be quiet and cooperate!¡¨ she ordered him as she slapped the side of his leg, the sting of the slap causing him to jump. ¡§Alright! Alright!¡¨ he giggled. She slid the Speedo up over his manhood, letting the waistband snap against his waistline. ¡§Ouch!¡¨ he winced.

¡§Come follow me!¡¨ instructed Julia as she slipped off the bed. She lured him to the Jacuzzi room, her hands tugging on his waistline. ¡§You¡¦re coming with me!¡¨ she said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

¡§You¡¦re tormenting me, Julia!¡¨ Christian replied sulking. ¡§Where are we going?¡¨ he murmured. More candles were lit down the hallway that they were walking. The aroma of the candles and Julia¡¦s scent were driving him crazy. His erection poking through his Speedo, only adding fuel to the fire¡K.

Julia swayed him to the Jacuzzi where a chandelier dangled up above the circular-shaped tub. The many candles circled the deck of the Jacuzzi. The breeze of the flames caused the glass of the chandelier to tinkle. A light spray of mist engulfed the room.

Christian became overwhelmed by the atmosphere. He wanted Julia NOW, not caring where or how.

¡§C¡¦mere,¡¨ she said, coaxing with her one finger, motioning for him to follow her to the steps of the tub. She led him down the steps into the hot, steamy, foamy water.

Julia wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning him closer to her, and wrapped her long, slender legs around his waistline.

Christian pressed hard against her delicate frame. He noticed that there were two wine glasses sitting on the deck, properly situated near a bottle of champagne.

¡§Hmmm,¡¨ he thought to himself. ¡§The same stuff we drank the night that Matt was conceived.¡¨

¡§A night down memory lane, Julia?¡¨ he quipped. ¡§I thought it would be appropriate for the occasion Christian¡¨ she responded. ¡§And I¡¦ve missed you since the last time we kissed just before you almost married Kimber¡¨ she said dreamily.

He each grabbed the two wine glasses as they continued to stare at each other. ¡§To us, Julia¡¨ he whispered, lifting both glasses, and handed one to her.

¡§To us, Christian,¡¨ she replied as they touched glasses.

The song, ¡§Lay Your Hands On Me,¡¨ by the Thompson Twins began to encompass the steam-filled room.

Julia took Christian¡¦s wine glass and along with hers placing them gently back on the deck. She took his hand, leading him back up the stairs onto the deck where she began to peel the Speedo down¡K.realizing that it was now difficult as the Speedo was now drenched, which made it tight to his skin.

Water was dripping everywhere off their bodies, the steam suffocating them in the heat of the moment.

When it almost seemed too much I see your face
And sense the grace And feel the magic of your touch¡K

Their breathing becoming hot and heavy as they both tried to remove each others swim wear from each another until they were both naked in front of one another.

Oh, lay your hands
Lay your hands on me
Oh, lay your hands Whoo-o-oo-oo
Oh, lay your hands
Oh, lay your hands on me¡K¡K¡¨

Christian then cupped one of Julia¡¦s breasts, her breath inhaling as he squeezed one of her nipples, and began to suckle on her breast.

His mouth began to nibble down her chest, and continued to head farther down, she immediately stopped him, waving her finger at him, motioning him to stop¡K¡¨ Ah ah ah, Christian!¡¨ ¡§not yet¡ treat first!¡¨

Julia slowly and gently cupped his balls in her one hand, and gently pressed his chest in a manner of which he understood to lay down on the deck beside the candles. He gently complied to her request, lying down. She slowly began to kiss him in a gentle teasing manner which continued to ignite the heat within him.

Christian¡¦s body began to writhe in ecstasy as Julia¡¦s hand continued to caress and massage his balls. Her hand would occasionally move up along the shaft of his manhood and ever so slowly back down below the base of his c*.

Christian could hardly stand it any more and his moaning became more pronounced. ¡§Oh God, please don¡¦t tease me any longer like this!!¡¨ he begged. ¡§Patience lover,¡¨ she purred, as she slowly lowered her head down his chest towards his aching member. ¡§I¡¦ve waited for this moment for a long time¡¨ she smiled wickedly. ¡§

Now you made me feel so good,
Yea, like I never ever thought I would
You know you make me feel so strong
And now our laughter just goes on
So c¡¦mon lay your hands on me
¡¥Cause close to you is where I really wanna be
I see your face
And sense the grace
And feel the magic in our touch¡K

Her hand slowly made way as her tongue slowly reached out at his balls and began licking upward to the tip of his ever-pulsating c*.

Christian closed his eyes anticipating the greatest moment in his life as her mouth reached ¡K¡K¡K.

To Be Continued
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