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The Still Before

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Sano, Kenshin. ficlet. "Two predators that had never forgotten that they had once been prey..."

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It was by no means a quick and easy analysis. The young man was brash, yes, loud, but there was something there deep in those almost disdainful eyes, a hard edge that dared you to underestimate him...

...A feral, forceful shadow that sent sympathetic gooseflesh down Kenshin's arms, sent his fingers twitching for his sword with a familiarly unpleasant intent.

Two predators that had never forgotten that they had once been prey, they faced each other silently, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

Underestimate this Zanza? Kenshin let a small smile dance across the concentration keeping his lips in a thin line, feeling his pulse jump at the answering, cocky smirk that displaced Zanza's initial expression of arrogant intensity.


No, he wouldn't underestimate this Zanza, it would be suicide to ignore the fact Zanza was just as fierce a persona as the Battousai had been.
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