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oh wesley harder oh and coffee

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well umm errr coffee is good but i like wesley better

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gerard's pov

i got out of bed and looked around ray was snoring he was above me i looked at bobs bunk where anamarie was and she wasn't there so i woke up bob

"bob where's my baby" i asked
"she went outside" i think bob said
"oh okay" i said and walked twords the door

i peeked my head outside the door she was sitting there talking on her cellphone
"i miss you too"
"i love you"
she hung up and turned around and saw me standing there
"good morning dad" she said
"good morning princess"
"can we get coffee?" she asked
"you drink coffee?" i asked
"french vanilla latte" she said
"starbucks" i asked
"starbucks" she agreed

she kissed me on the cheak and went back on the bus

anamaries pov

i got up it was around 8:45 i got off the bus and called wesley
ring ring ring
me: hey
wes: hey angel where are you
me: im not sure
wes: the day you left i was with josie when i went to your house it pissed her off so she dumped me
me: im sorry wait no im not
wes: why
me: cuz i hate her
wes: i miss you
me: i miss you too
wes: tell me that you love me
me: i love you
wes: i love you too now i gota go bye
me: bye
i got up and turned around to see my dad stairing at me
good morning dad i said
good morning princess he said
can we get coffee i asked
you drink coffee he asked
french vanilla latte i said
starbucks he said
starbucks i agreed
i kissed him on the cheak and went back on the bus

gerards pv

i went back on the bus and anamarie was sitting on bobs lap and he was saying sumthing about not taking shit from anyone

i dont take shit from anyone she said
mikey was on the floor hypervenalating he was chanting
" i need coffee i need coffee i need coooofffeee now"
then he screamed
"i need coffe now"
then frank ran out and said
"did you say coffee"
to starbucks ray yelled

at starbucks

anamarie got her latte which she was very happy about mikey stoped hypervenalating the guys were kinda happy too

so anamarie whens your birthday i asked
actully its this saturday she said
today is wednesday frank said
who were you talking to this morning i asked
wesley she said with a smile
you love him i asked
yep she said
aww thats cute when we get home hes gunna have to come over mikey said
yay she said

skip to saturday anamaries birthday

anamaries pov

we got home on friday and i met donna she was happy to finally have a grandchild my chemical romance just wrapped up a tour warped tour starts next week i got up and got ready for the day

i was in the middle of putting on eyeliner when i poked myself in the eye not on purpose uncle mikey was yelling for me to come down

i walked downstairs and there was a wagon with a big thing wrapped in wrapping paper

gerard: ripped apart

i went up to the thing and ripped off the wrapping paper
hey beautiful wesley said
wesley i yelled
he kissed me fully on the lipps
we got awws and grunts from the guys and my dad
well since were all better now we can get down to bisness wes is going on warpt tour with us and so are you now no funny bisness on the tour bus my dad said
okay i said
i got some news my dad said
i legally adopted you so your my new daughter gee said
yay i said
were going to do let you two get reaquanted bye my dad said

as they were walking out frank said
dont do anything i wouldnt do
and mikey yelled use protection and gerad hit them both and said happy birthday

wes: lets me see what i missed
me: lets go to my room

anamarie's pov

i grabbed wesleys hand and went to my bedroom

he kissed me hard and i fell backwards onto my bed

he took off my shirt and undid my pants and slid them off reviling my black bra and panties i pulled off his shirt and undid his pants than he crawled on top of me

Gerard's pov

i cant believe you left her alone with him mikey said
you have condoms in the bedroom right frank asked
yeah i said
your gunna let him fuck her bob asked

she done it before i said

what they all said in unison

when i went to go get him we were talking about his 13th birthday he said they did it and he said they would probably do it again but it was up to her i said

what about that josie girl frank asked

he said he was only dating her for a month or two

so him and anamarie were dating before that ray asked

no they were friends with "benefits" but he wants to be with her i said

there fuck buddies frank said
yep i said
and your okay with it mikey asked
yep i said
why mikey asked
we were all the same way when we were 13 i told them
gee's right i fucked sum girls when i was 13 frank said
well you were a babe magnet when you were 13 ray said
always was frank said
i don't wanna go home for a while we still gotta get her a birthday present bob said
i dont wanna walk in on them mikey said
sure you walked in on me and clair having sex before i said
i said i was sorry mikey said
where is clair frank asked
dono dont care i told them
what are we gunna buy her bob asked
i dono ray said

anamarie's pov

wesley was about to slip into me the he got up

hold on one sec he said

he went to my dresser and went to the top drawer and pulled out a condom

god dads good

he put it on and slipped into me
he pumped slowly then quickened his pace i began to moan his name then he began to cum over so he pulled out

you wanna shower he asked
sure i asked

i started the shower and when it got hot we got in
he started kissing me
we pulled apart
do you know how much i love you i asked
how much he asked
i pushed him up against the wall of the shower and kissed him
your very aggressive he said
i know i said
will you be my girlfriend he asked
yes I said
we actually showered and got out
i wrapped a towel around me and walked out he did the same and went to my room

it smells like sex in here i said
yeah it does he said
i got dressed and he went threw all my clothes and picked an outfit out i brushed my hair and pulled it up into a ponytail
wesley shock his head and water went everywhere

i went to the living room and laid down
anniemarie come here wesley said with his arms wide open
I laid back on his chest and soon fell asleep
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