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Chapter 2: Black Forest

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Project Epsilon is a failure and Ein must suffer the consequences when he is left for dead in Germany's Schwarzwald. With no memory, Ein learns to trust a family that takes him in.

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Chapter 2 - Black Forest

"But we've tried everything sir." The woman spoke onto the cell phone as the limo driver escorted her to her destination. "Project Epsilon is a failure. This ninja is not like the female; her blood was compatible with our chemicals. Yet this one is just one of those ordinary ninjas."

"Ordinary?" The voice replied back. "Lisa, I thought you told me it was her brother."

"Yes it is, sir. My only hypothesis is that he didn't acquire the same genes. That's all I can think of."

"So are you definitely sure he is useless to us?"

"We could try a few more tests, but I doubt I'll have any good news for you."

The other end of the phone was quiet as Lisa waited for an answer, finally the commanding voice spoke. "Never mind. Just get rid of him."

"Should we re-wipe his memory?"

"Don't bother costing me anymore money. Just kill him, that's more effective."

"Yes, sir. Where should we dump the body?"

"I don't care." His voice raised. "Figure it out on your own and make your way to meet me at the Japan location in the morning."

"Yes, sir."

The man hung up without even saying his goodbyes. Lisa flipped the phone closed as she muttered to herself. "Jerk."

She pushed a button to roll down the inside dark tinted window so she could see the driver. "Change of plans. Donovan wants us back at DOATEC." She said as Hayate's face popped in her head and an evil smile crossed her face. "There's one more matter of business that needed to be tended to."

The limo pulled up to DOATEC almost half and hour later as the driver exited the vehicle and opened the door for Lisa to make her own exit. She rushed to the door showing her badge to the guards watching the entrance. She was well-known at the labs, but out of habit, she enjoyed showing off her corporate powers by flashing her work badge at any time she could.

She rushed to the elevators. "3" was the button she pressed as the elevator obeyed and brought its passenger to the 3rd floor. The doors opened and she immediately rushed down the hallway.

She walked into one of the buildings break rooms where many of the guards were taking their 3 a.m. break. Of course, they were laughing and talking amongst themselves.

"Ahem." Lisa cleared her throat loudly to catch the attention of the people in the room.

Everyone quieted and looked in Lisa's direction and a devious smile formed on her face.

"You, boys, looking to have a little fun tonight?" She said seductively.

Two of the guards smiled as one pulled out his baton. "Always." He spoke.

Another needle pinched into his skin.

"Why me? What have I done?"

He spoke but his voice didn't carry.

His vision blurred.

Many people dancing and laughing over him.

He couldn't move.


He yelled. No one answered


Again. Still no answer.

Documents, chemicals, water, what's that?

"That's me. A twin?"

The second man smiled. The second man frowned.

The second man cried. His tears burnt and melted away his body.


The second man was gone and dead.

The people dancing stopped. They were angered.

A woman yells.


His face is grabbed. He sees the yelling woman.


It's Lisa.



Hayate awoke to the sound of the elevator doors opening. He awoke panting hard and his hair wet from his own sweat.

"What was that all about?" He asked himself trying to interpret his nightmare. But the images he remembered were too scrambled for him to make anything out of it. After all, who was that twin that melted in front him?

He looked a mess. His hair was everywhere; his face was dirty, and....

He tugged at this arms but he couldn't move them. He looked to view his restraints and to his surprise, he was strapped in a straitjacket.

"How long have I been out?" He asked himself.

Then he heard a knock at his prison bars, he looked up and saw the woman that had been taunting him as long as he could remember, which was not very long.

"I have a proposition for you." Lisa spoke through the bars with 7 guards behind her.

Hayate stayed quiet as he stood leaning his back against the wall.

"My boss has decided to set you free, but for your freedom there's only one condition."

Hayate gave her a puzzled look.

Lisa took her keys and unlocked the prison bars. Hayate stood to his feet and watched as she opened the door and each guard began to take out their baton and began taunting the lost ninja by slapping the end of their weapon against the palm of their hands.

Lisa looked at Hayate with another devious smile. "Have fun, boys." Was her signal as the guards rushed inside the prison cell.

Hayate immediately went on the defensive using his legs to try to kick away his adversaries. He was successful with the first 2 or 3, but the restraints were too much for him to cope with the numbers.

All it took was one good hit from one of the guard's batons to his stomach, to send Hayate bending over to his knees. Then immediately, he was covered with guards as he felt the hard slams against his back, ribs, even his jaw. He felt sucker punches hitting his face. He felt kicks slamming into his stomach. He even felt the baton ram against his head and even his legs.

The guards were having their way with him and there wasn't anything he could do about it but take the punishment for a crime he knew not what he did. All he could hear were the guards joking around as they beat him and Lisa outside yelling. "MAKE SURE HE'S DEAD!"

As the beatings continued, the walls of the prison cell began to become decorated with Hayate's own blood. His white straitjacket was soaking up the puddle of blood that formed on the ground and pain and stinging sensations filled his body as he completely blacked out.

All the battered ninja could last hear was Lisa yelling, "DON'T STOP UNTIL HE'S DEAD!"

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