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Just When You Thought The Car Crash Was Over...

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As a teen, Isabella was best friends with Gerard Way. After a fight, they never quite talked to eachother. Until now, when Isabella's job brings her to, where else? Back with Gerard and his band on...

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"Aragosta Imburrata Con Un Lato Dei Verdi Freschi E Di Un Rullo Fresco? What the hell, don't they have menus in fucking English, for Christ's sake?" Frankie hissed.

"No, they don't. And that means it's buttered lobster with a side of fresh greens, and a fresh roll."

"What the fuck are fresh greens?"

"It's salad, you asshat*," I fired back. We all had taken a booth by the window, Mikey and I sitting next to each other and Frank sitting across from us.

"It's nice to know you haven't known each other for more than an hour and you're already fighting," Mikey quietly chimed in. "And while we're still translating, what is this?" He pointed to a line on the menu.

"Minestra del pomodoro con una miscela speciale delle spezie e di tre grissini means tomato soup with a special blend of spices and three breadsticks," I expained. "And we're not fighting, it's a playful war-of-words."

"Whatever. I'm getting that." Mikey commented.

"I think I'm getting the /Ravioli del formaggio e salsa di pomodori con le verdure bollite/. Frankie, you might want to get what me or Mikey is having. Otherwise you're ordering snails, squid or something too expensive for my wallet," I said.

"I'll have what you're having," he grumbled. "But I'm still pissed about the salad."

"Oh, don't start with me," I giggled. I couldn't help but notice how adorable Frankie was turning out to be. Sure, I had only known him for an hour, but something about him had me convinced that he wasn't all about the bad-boy image he and the rest of the band put out.

The waitress, Carolina, came then.

"Hi, Bella! Good to see you, as usual." She smiled. "Who are your friends?"

I swear, Carolina could be so blind sometimes. Her and I were pretty good friends, and we always talked about my job and who I was on tour with next. Just last week I told her I was with MCR, and I exen showed her who they were in my issue of Rock Sound.

I smiled back though, and tried to hold back the urge to roll my eyes at her. "Oh, this is Frank, and this is Mikey. Remember, I told you about them last week?"

"Oh! You must be the guys from the band Bella's touring with!"

"Yeah," Frankie mumbled, and gave me a look, like, who the hell is this kooky?

"Well, great to meet you! Now, what can I get you guys?"

We placed our orders, and Carolina disappeared.

"Oookay then," Mikey commented.

"Yeah, that would be Carolina. I think she has short-term memory loss, 'cause I just told her last week who you were," I replied.


"Whatever. She's really nice though."

My cell phone rang from my bag. I pulled it out, and checked the screen.

/Tony Baby/, it read. I sighed and dropped the black Razr back in my purse.

"My assistant," I explained. Frank just nodded.

Carolina came back with a basket of warm rolls and a small dish of butter. We all dived in. I laughed with a mouthful of bread when Frankie grabbed two rolls and held them at the sides of his head.

"Oh Princess Leia, you're here," Mikey laughed.

"I was thinking more along the lines of those weird Danish girls who run around with tulips," Frankie replied, "But Princess Leia works too."

"You two...are so weird." I giggled.

"Oh please, you're just as weird," Frankie shot back, and kicked my shin under the table.

"Ow!" I cried out.

"That didn't hurt, haven't you seen me and Gerard fight?" Frank smirked.

"No, but I suppose I'll have to," I replied.

"You probably won't unless he steals my Blow Pops or my Twizzlers*," Frankie said, "And he mostly was only in a fighting mood back when he was an alcoholic." Mikey winced slightly, and Frank must have noticed, because he didn't say anything else about it. I knew it was a touchy subject, especially as his little brother, watching him fall apart like that.

"It's in the past now, bro," Frank reassured him.

What must gave been Mikey's phone rang just then, because it was on our side of the table and it wasn't my "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy" ringtone. Mikey pulled it out of his hoodie pocket, and flipped it open.

"Hey," Mikey said. What sounded like a girl's voice came out of the speaker.

"When? 5:30?" A reply came from the speaker.

"Yup, I'll be there," Mikey replied, and snapped his phone shut right away.

"Alicia?" Frank asked.

"No, someone else," Mikey replied reluctantly. "I don't want Bella to get upset about it."

"I won't be upset. Who was it?" I asked.

"Actually, Isabella, that was..." he said slowly. "It was Stephanie, Gerard's girlfriend."

That slipping feeling came back to me, just like before in the car. Another moment of terrible realization...

*Twizzlers are a reference to Teenagers (For lack of a better title) by the wonderful Miss Kristian (aka pinkkissypetefreak).
*Asshat is another reference to Kristian's story. I LOVES IT.
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